What Is The Best Program To Use For Sublimation Printing (Top 8 Softwares)

Sublimation printing is a dashing activity. Everyone is using it, from household needs to offices. Sublimation makes pretty designs on shirts, mugs, and fabrics. The success of the sublimation process always depends on the best sublimation programs.

People are exploring the best sublimation software with low prices and an affordable budget. So here I will tell you what is the best program to use for sublimation printing in detail. Don’t disconnect and learn the best sublimation programs present below:

Top 8 Best Design Software for Sublimation Printing

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has high-quality graphics; therefore it is considered the best program for sublimation. And Adobe Inc is a world-famous company that has developed and published this sublimation software.

You can use Adobe Photoshop in every place and every time. But you have to pay 20.99 dollars per month. Image editing, video editing, and pdf editing are unbelievable. There is also an option of the 7-day free trial, by which you can check the quality of this sublimation software.

adobe photohop softwear for sublimation printing

Adobe Illustrator

The second best software for sublimation printing is Adobe Illustrator. You won’t believe that Adobe Inc is also its developer and publisher. There are many editing tools for vector graphics. And it would help if you used them for making good sublimation printing.

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The typesetting is very remarkable that will help you in designing logos. So in this way, you can earn good relationships with the company’s owners. Adobe Illustrator is also best for adjusting layouts. For personal use, It demands US$9.99, and for enterprise, you have to pay US$33.99.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the third best program for sublimation printing. It has a charming user interface. You can use it for image and graphics editing. And its results are consistently excellent. It has a significant role in the maintenance of posters and magazines. There is a variety of designs for the users.

And they can use it for posters, postcards, and layouts. Adobe InDesign is part of Adobe Creative Cloud. For monthly subscriptions, you have to pay US$20.99. Same as the Adobe Photoshop 7-day free trial option is also present here.


The old editor used for vector graphics is CorelDraw. Here, many image manipulation tools are present. Also, there is a library where you can save your designs and photos. It is the best sublimation program for the students. Here, lagging never appears, and you can become an expert designer.

You can use CorelDraw for the exporting of 48 formats of content. It is an effective program, and its results are always shocking. So be ready for the monthly paying $16.50. But if you want to use it for a lifetime, spend $474.

best software for sublimation designing


Have you ever used online editing software? If not, then Pixlr is only the best choice for you. Although ancient, it is still a powerful program for sublimation printing. This editing program is linked directly with the browsers. So you can convert all the images in the browser to the mobile.

For small business companies, Pixlr is a lifetime package. It offers tons of tools by which printing on t-shirts, mugs, and cushions becomes possible. You can edit all sorts of images. Pixlr also has a free version, but if you want to use it with money, pay $ 4.99 or $14.99.


The sixth best program used for sublimation printing is Sketch. Its user interface is unique from all other sublimation software. Here, you can use different tools for editing purposes. The designs you create in Sketch are also exported to the other browsers.

Many mirror designs are present for the users. By which users can experience the editing. Also, different screen templates are current. It has an autosaving option which is very useful. So if you want to use it, pay US $99.


GIMP is known as the free image-altering software used at all times. The environment of this program is terrific, and the newcomer feels happy. It supports Windows, OS X, and various items. Here, you will also see an option of changing of source code. The fantastic thing is that you can use it for multi-purposes.

For designers, illustrators and photographers, it is all in one program. There is no need to panic. Because all the functions are straightforward and beneficial, use various tools for designing items and learn what is the best program to use for sublimation printing.

Affinity Designer

If you are exploring an expensive program for sublimation, then Affinity Designer is only created for you. Different options of the grid system and object lock are present for editing. There is also a zoom feature that will give you the most petite sizes of the images. It has a friendly environment.

That’s why the user creates beautiful pictures without any lag. It is best from Adobe Illustrator because of its multiple tools. The other name of Affinity Designer is all-in-one printing software. Let’s pay US$ 54.99 for windows, and Ipad users have to pay US$21.99.

best software for sublimation


Q: On which product sublimation printing can be done?

Sublimation printing can be done on T-shirts, mugs, fabrics, cushions, and many other items.

Q: What files do you use for sublimation?

You can use PNG, JPEG, EPS, PSD, and TIFF files for sublimation.

Q: Is GIMP suitable for sublimation?

Yes, GIMP is one of the best sublimation software which can be used at all times.

Q: What is the best program to use for sublimation printing?

The best program for sublimation printing is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Pixlr, Inkscape and a few other.


What is the best program to use for sublimation printing is a most disturbing question. So I have conducted some research on this matter. In my opinion, many programs can be used for sublimation printing. And these are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Inkscape, GIMP etc.

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Every program has unique characteristics from one. Some are expensive, and few are cheap. So use the programs based on your budget. And improve your small sublimation business. I hope you have got everything mentioned in this article. Thank You!

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