Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer 2022 Latest List

Durable and economic transfusion of creativity on the fabric, ceramic, sheets, and papers is an ultimate attribute of the Best Sublimation printer for heat transfer. The scarcity of pure sublimation printers gives rise to the need for heat transfer printers. The selection of suitable gadgets can prevent you from the hassle of damaging the resources and losing the incentive to proceed in the field.

To display art or creativity, one needs a high-tech printer that represents near-to-original colors and sharp images with long-lasting results. Sublimation printers and heat press bundles have premium outcomes that withstand water exposure and do not fade with time. However, the selection is based on the requirements and specification alignment.

Below we have compiled all you need to know about the best sublimation printer for heat transfer. Here is a quick review of each product to help you select the best sublimation printer for heat transfer. Further, you can get more details about the top trending printers, so the selection of your desired machine will be easy.

According to my personal experience following are the best machine

epson ecotank et-4700 review Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Check on Amazon
hp photosmart 5510 wireless setup HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 Check on Amazon
Brother Business Color Laser Printer HL Brother MFC-L3710CW (Sublimation Compatible) Check on Amazon

Top Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer-Review

1- Epson EcoTank ET-2760

epson ecotank et-2760 review


  • Brand: Epson
  • Feature: Auto-Duplex
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Model: ET-2760
  • Connection : Ethernet/ USB
  • Compatible : Home/ Medium Office
  • Printing Output: Color

A home appliance must be easy to use and low maintenance. Non-professional handling can damage the complicated system. Therefore Epson Eco Tank with non-cartridge technology and an easy-to-refill ink tank is the ultimate choice for novice printer users.

Besides, saving you from the hassle of filling the eco tank and provides prolonged action time with a standard printing job. The Ecotank technology is a way to reduce the landfill portions of non-renewable waste, i.e., cartridges.

Although the cost per print and maintenance is affordable, it does not compromise the printout quality and compatibility with sublimation sheets. Mostly, printers with sublimation technology are either expensive or unavailable with restricted features. But the best Epson sublimation printer for heat transfer offers quality and superb features.

The package includes two years of ink refilling in the reservation. Often people find it challenging to find compatible inks. Therefore, two years in reservation helps you get the best suitable ink for future use.

Moreover, the Epson printer with inkjet technology is compatible with sublimation sheets. Using the heat-press, one can quickly transform the prints into the desired print medium.

  • Saves 90% of annual ink cost
  • Premium Quality Colored and monochrome prints
  • Auto-duplex printing
  • Memory Card Compatible
  • Missing Color Display screen
  • Printing action for colored and b/w takes time
  • Specifications

The Epson printer is highly recommended for the sublimation printing business. These printers are compatible with versatile printing media. In addition, Precision Core technology ensures high-resolution outcomes. Sharp and admiring colored print quality is the identity of the Epson Brand.

2-Epson EcoTank ET-4700

epson ecotank et-4700 review


  • Brand: Epson
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity : Ethernet/ Wireless
  • Compatible Devices: Laptops/ PC
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Scanner: Sheet-fed

Epson made your printing experience exceptionally to another level. The quality, quantity, and reasonably economical outcome make the printer suitable for all kinds of tasks. Whether it’s about bulk tasks or occasional printing jobs, the performance is all that matters.

Printed documents and stiff media printing are the demand of modern times. An instant, compact, and ready-to-set-up printing machine is an utmost need from student to official life.

The Epson eco tank is an inkjet printer and an est sublimation printer for heat press. Although it can’t sublimate ink directly on the medium, it can print on the sublimation sheets transformed with heat press systems.

Now you can display your organization titles on the mugs, shirts, and stiff material. Nevertheless, it is highly economical, and the cost per print is meager than sublimation printing.

However, it does not have a supportive fax system, but a high-resolution scan and auto document feeder enables you to perform bulk tasks without any hassle. Such features are saviors for last-minute students.

Moreover, the cartridge-free technology makes it suitable for infrequent printing tasks. Usually, cartridge-based printers are good enough for consistent printing jobs. But for occasional use, the ink tank is the right option. So, the printer is highly recommended for home and personal use.

  • Premium scanner with high resolution and auto feeder
  • Low cost per print and economical maintenance
  • Maximum yielding ink tank
  • Reasonable photo print quality
  • Lacks external storage

The user-friendly interface with primary setup and premium output makes it a suitable printer for sublimation printing tasks. One of the best printers for sublimation and heat transfer in the market with the least cost per print and quality printout for text format.

3-HP Smart -Tank Plus 551

hp photosmart 5510 wireless setup
  • Brand: HP
  • Model Name : 6HF11A#B1H
  • Compatible with : PC/Laptops/ Smartphones
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi/ USB/ Bluetooth
  • Print technology: Inkjet
  • Output: Color
  • Alexa compatible

Since inkjet printers are convertible and support the heat press sublimation technique, what is the best inkjet printer for heat transfer? HP smart-tank plus 551 is a high-yielding inkjet printer in a compact size. Easily portable and supporting various media forms, printing enables you to print at media on-site.

Further, wireless connectivity enables the user to send a print command and get the prints without moving from the seat. Moreover, you don’t need various printing machines. Instead, you can connect via networking.

Such features are remarkable for indoor and community offices. Besides, wireless connectivity, compatibility with smartphones (Android and iOS), and digital devices also enable you to print any media directly from your mobile device.

Low-cost and maximum yielding ink reduces the cost per print. Eventually, the ink tank with almost a year of reservoir ink bottles prevents the hassle of refilling and replacements. Even after years, the mess-free refill is quite simple. Moreover, an integrated ink tank with ink sensors indicates and sends ultimatums before running out.

Regarding compatibility with sublimation, it can print versatile media formats. It can print comprehensive designs as well as sublimation sheets or cards. Later you can use the sublimation sheet for transferring the graphics or text from intermediate sheets to desired mediums.

  • Wide connectivity wireless and dual-band wi-fi
  • Hassle-free refillable ink tanks
  • Speedy and instant prints
  • Compact and portable


  • Lacks fax-system
  • JPEG and PDF formats are a bit problematic

The model is compatible with versatile networking and operating systems. The compact design is easy to accommodate anywhere with premium quality, low budget, and instant prints. Refillable ink is high-yielding and exhibits clear and sharp images on the medium.

4-Pantum M7102DW Laser Printer

pantum m7102dw laser printer review


  • Brand: Pantum
  • Printing Technology: Laser
  • Unique Feature: Auto-duplex/ Vast Network
  • Connectivity : Ethernet/USB/ Wi-Fi
  • Output: Monochrome
  • Print Media: Paper

Accommodating various machines in a confined office space is quite tricky. 3 in 1 printer, copier, and scanner in a single machine is a great advantage to choosing Pantum for office types of equipment.

However, the gadget performs several tasks at an optimum level but does not occupy enormous space. Instead, desktop space is enough for the best sublimation printer and heat press bundle.

Manual scanning is a chaotic task and often causes orientation confusion. Consequently, it damages the resources like paper sheets and ink. However, the ADF scan ensures perfect and high-resolution prints of versatile sizes. Therefore, whether it is about ID cards or large banner prints, it generates the same photo.

Versatile connectivity options and a ready-to-use setup enable quick printing. High-speed USB and wi-fi compatibility with smartphones (iOS and Android) tabs and PCs are Pantum App friendly.

You can now send a print command through any modern updated device with an internet connection regardless of your device. You can browse the Pantum App and official page to download the software and compatible tools according to your purchased model number.

Additional drum toner and cartridge with a capacity of 1500 pages provide long-run action time. The control panel display has a unique and ergonomically comfortable structure that eases task handling. Stable performance in a short time and energy-efficient laser technology makes it the sublimation compatible device.

  • Wireless printing action
  • Compatible with digital gadgets
  • Swift printing action with ready-to-use print
  • Least maintenance and low cost per print
  • Needs frequent paper loading
  • Auto-turnoff is quite hassle

The compatible software and programs are readily available on the official website. An ergonomic control panel with active navigation and duplex printing enhances the printing speed. Although the system is not portable, the vast networking and wi-fi connectivity make it suitable for small office and home users.

5-Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000


  • Brand: Epson
  • Connectivity : Ethernet/ Wireless
  • Compatible : PC/Laptops/Smartphones (android and iOS)
  • Print technology: Inkjet
  • Duplex feature: Auto Dual Side-Duplex Printing
  • Model: XP-15000

How about vocal out “Print,” and your printer follows your voice command? Epson exactly knows the demands and manufactures gadgets, especially printers, according to user ease. Alexa compatibility helps you command through your mobile or digital device and initiate the printing action.

Although the device is compact and portable, the HD photo quality and compatibility with several print media make it the best sublimation printer for heat transfer 2021. Most fashion designers and event organizers need to spot high-definition prints and graphics over various mediums. You can easily print the sublimation sheets and then transfer the pictures using the heat press over stiff mediums.

Further, borderless printing and wide-format printing are essential for sublimation. Therefore, for graphical sublimation tasks, the printer is a perfect gadget. The rare paper tray with a more prominent media capacity of variable sizes and thicknesses enables you to get the prints over intermediate sublimation sheets.

  • Ultra HD graphical photos
  • Compact yet wide-format compatible
  • Auto-dual side document print
  • Ink level tracking with dash replenishment
  • Ink replacement and head cleansing consume ink
  • Not compatible with screen films

The printer is suitable for sublimation printing via heat presses. Moreover, the professional printer is compact, lightweight, portable and compatible with a versatile OS. Therefore, the best sublimation printer for heat transfer is used to sublimate at the site of execution.

6-Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDW

Sublimation printer and heat press Bundle


  • Brand: Brother
  • Printing technology: Laser
  • Connectivity : Ethernet/ Wifi/USB
  • Model Name: HLL8360CDW
  • Compatible : Laptops/ PC / Smartphones
  • Output: Color

Brother manufactures the best professional printers for bulk tasks to maintain quality and cost. Consistent printing action is a daily routine in offices and press businesses. Brother printers are highly sublimation-compatible printers, and the outcomes are durable and water-resistant. Surprisingly, compact size is not impacting the printing job. Instead, the portable printer takes up the least space on the desktop yet provides volume printouts.

Besides heavy action compatibility, the cost per print remains the lowest. You don’t have to compromise over the price of the printouts. The overall operating cost is due to the high-yielding page replacement toner cartridge. Further, it prevents the chaos of running out of paper in the middle of the action. You can pile up a paper cassette with 250 sheets per tray.

The printer has integrated an NFC card reader to identify the personal badge for confidential printing tasks, whether bidding quotes or promotion lists. The printer is also compatible with mobile devices. You can directly send commands through your mobile phone while connecting via wi-fi.

  • Highly secure printing for sensitive jobs
  • Adjustable paper tray
  • Compatible with various OS
  • Auto-Duplex technology
  • Converting to sublimation ink nullifies the warranty
  • Toner and cartridge integration often gives wrong information

The user-friendly interface and digitally advanced control panel display is a unique features. The color display is quite essential and provides maximum output in the meantime. Moreover, the compact design is perfect for both office use.

7-Canon TR7020 All-In-One

best printer for sublimation and heat transfer


  • Brand: Canon
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Feeding: ADF
  • Model Name: TR7020WH
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi /USB/ Bluetooth
  • Sheet Sizes: Variable up to 8.5×14
  • Printing Output: Color

Canon and photography have ancient connections. From Canon cameras to ultra-modern sublimation printers, all products have been worth the fame. In addition to the beautiful design and compact size

The ergonomic and easy-to-use setup makes it students’ and professionals’ favorite. A portable printer with sublimation compatibility and heat press availability makes any printer touch the top-rated lists. ADF and scanner cum printer make your printing job much more manageable.

Besides portability, multiple and vast networking is also an essential feature. The Canon TR 7020 has high-end compatibility with various devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, PC, laptops, and tabs. Morphia print, Apple AirPrint, and Canon print appX.

Mainly printers support rectangular photo formats. However, the model is highly recommended for square-shaped pictures. Perfect 5×5 and 3.5×3.5 photos are ideal for room décor with LED mini bulbs. Such features are alluring for the event organizer and on-site photographers.

Nowadays, event organizers love to throw theme-based parties and need sublimation-compatible printers. Canon printer with inkjet technology is compatible with running heat press machines over intermediate sheets and converting them over desired materials.

  • 3-in-1 machine with a compact body
  • Premium quality photo printing
  • The variable size printing medium
  • Compatible with modern digital devices
  • Bit expensive compatible sublimation ink cartridges
  • It takes time to initiate the first print

The compact-sized and the best printer for sublimation heat transfer system is a masterpiece of Canon. Whether you are running a printing business or need a printer for home/personal use, the Canon printers explicably performs with ease.

Buying Guide

The digital representations of the graphics are replacing the physical forms. Yet, the digital pictures and texts on the materials surrounding us are also a trend and need. Wearing the same uniform at the workplace requires the best sublimation printer for heat transfer shirts and fabrics.

Above, we have mentioned a significant number of printers compatible with sublimation printing. Depending upon your distinctive requirements, you can choose the one that meets your demands.
Below are a few quick buying hacks and selection criteria for opting best sublimation printer for heat transfer.


The first and foremost factor is to evaluate the price of the printer and the available budget. You can’t buy optimum and best sublimation printers with a meager printing budget. In contrast, a printer compatible with sublimation inks and sheets can make your work easier with few limitations.

Regarding budget, it is about the printer’s price, the cost per print, and the annual maintenance routine budget of the gadget. For instance, purchasing a cheap sublimation printer but paying extra for each photo is not wise. Instead, selecting a bit expensive, yet the low cost per print printer is much more economical given the quality of the printout remains sound.

According to my advice, I will only recommend you buy a normal budget heat transfer printer first and then after experiencing it completely go further for bigger gadgets. I don’t avoid you buying a powerful gadget but first, it is necessary to take normal steps even if you have a good amount of money.

Sublimation and Heat Press Compatibility

As we already know, all inkjet and laser printers are not sublimation compatible. Since mismatch is not only with sublimation ink but also not suitable for heat presses, be cautious about selecting a printer with sublimation and heat press compatibility.

Compact and Portable

Usually, sublimation printers are pretty bulky and can not easily be ported to the event spots. Therefore, a portable printer with high-end specifications is a rare combination. Compact printer is also a need of time due to low space availability at home and workplace.

Cartridge VS Inktank

The cartridge and eco-ink tank preferences depend on upoxn daily usage. Infrequent usage demands a building system. But for bulk but inconsistent prints, the cartridge is suitable.


Can we replace the ink cartridge without professional assistance?

Although most of printers have manuals to direct the user to refill or replace ink sources, initially, you must ask for professional support

Is iron replacement of heat press?

The heat press has controlled pressure, temperature, and time allotment. A slight mistake can destroy the printing medium. However, home iron is not recommended, but professional handling can do the job.

What is the difference between sublimation and heat transfer?

Printing with a light-colored medium is suitable for sublimation. However, the heat transfer sublimation sheets are good enough for colored fabrics.

Final Verdict

Evaluating the detailed reviews about top-class sublimation printers for heat transfer systems might confuse you with choosing the right one. There are only a few models available in the market with solo sublimation techniques. However, heat presses allow you to create the same impact on the sheets as we saw on circut sheets.

All printers mentioned here are available on Amazon. All you need is compatible dye and printing mediums. Moreover, the selection depends upon your choice and need! If you are still confused about heat transfer printers then check now on how to choose the best printer for heat transfer.

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