Can You Sublimate On Faux Leather? (Complete Details And Tips)

Can you sublimate on faux leather is a new sublimation phenomenon that comes with various patterns. It increases the business of sublimation lovers. Besides it, faux leather is excellent for the production of keychains. It has no cost and is mainly used in small businesses. However, it will also work if you can’t afford a small business. Its required materials are White Faux Leather, Cutting Machine, Heat Press, Butcher Paper, Sublimation Paper, HTVRONT Sublimation Vinyl, and Heat Resistant Tape. Let’s use faux leather and produce some new materials:

  • Take a sublimation printer and print the design on the sublimation paper.
  • Start trimming the white faux leather, whose size must be 8.5×11. This can also be done with the Cricut and a ruler.
  • The essential things for the Cricut Maker are deep point blade and grip mat.
  • If you see a smooth side, then put it down.
  • Use AutoPress to place the butcher paper and faux leather on it. While the size should be constant at all times.
  • The vinyl should be on the top, and a heat-resistant tape is best for security.
  • If you want to secure your press, apply the second sheet of butcher paper to it.
  • Now press the vinyl and ensure cooling for the carrier sheet.
  • At this time, the butcher paper should be with the faux leather and vinyl side.
  • Again use a heat press on it.
  • Make sure the press for 50 seconds and reveal the design with the heat.
  • At last, you have achieved vibrant colors and leather grain.
some tips to sublimate on faux leather

Tips For Can You Sublimate On Faux Leather:

During the sublimation on leather faux, obey the given tips one by one:

Tip 1:

First, buy a leather scrap bag from the craft store because their leather works as a substitute.
Faux leather only comes in a light color and lacks other colors. But sometimes, they show dark colors. While brown color is compulsory for their sublimation because of its light nature.

Tip 2:

Start the sublimation by cutting the small leather scraps.
The suitable temperature for substrate pressing is 340F which you have to adapt.
After it, use parchment paper and press it with a small substrate.

Tip 3:

Make sure to cut the Silhouette at a slow speed so that you can give maximum pressure to the material. But the new users say that the cutting process is a bit complicated and do not complete in one try. It means we have to repeat the process in failure. While the results will be instant if you don’t make their small outlines.

Tip 4:

If cutting is 100%, use a leather punch for the stable movement of the wires.
Only make moderate holes to avoid the pair post during the process.

Tip 5:

Now select the designs from the event which has stunning designs.
Leather supports patriotic designs that come in use with the printer. Note that these designs only work with small cut-out earrings.

Tip 6:

Start punching the holes at a suitable temperature and pressure. Through this, you will be safe from the deformed earring risk. If the holes are not complex, they will separate in no time.
Allow the 340F temperature just for 10 seconds. Let’s take the tool for the removal of leather pieces. Lastly, I prefer the room temperature that will cool the products quickly.


Q: Can you sublimate on leather wallets?

Yes, you can sublimate to leather wallets by keeping pace with the substrate nature.

Q: Can you remove the sublimation ink?

Yes, sublimation ink can also be removed through cleaners and vinegar.

Q: How long does faux leather last?

The lasting time for faux leather is from three to five years.

Q: Can you use low pressure for leather sublimation?

Heavy pressure is a basic need for leather sublimation, so you can never use low pressure.

Q: Can you sublimate on faux leather?

Yes, you can sublimate the faux leather because of its excellent nature.


Can you sublimate on faux leather is an excellent topic that completes in a few methods. So follow these methods and choose brown leather for superb results. Faux leather contains various designs which are adequate for jewelry purposes. The market price of such leather is minimal compared to the others. So faux leather is affordable and can be used in all businesses. The accessories found in the process are Heat Press, Butcher Paper, Cutting Machine, Sublimation Paper, Heat Resistant Tape, etc. At the same time, their size is 8.5×11, which stays the designs from three to five years.

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