Can You Use A Canon Printer For Sublimation (Complete Overview)

The failure and success of a business always depend on the quality of a printer. If you use a low-quality printer, you can not become a successful businessman. While the use of high-quality printers will give you 100% results.

On this behalf, many small business owners think that which printer is best for them? They also ponder that can you use a canon printer for sublimation. That’s why some issues about it are present below. Let’s become the master to handle this situation in a short time.

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Keep in mind that the common canon printer has a key role in the printing of paper. The sublimation process uses different schemes at different times. And it is declared that you can not use a canon printer for the sublimation because it is not manufactured.

While the canon printer contains a vast range of sublimated printers. For those people who are worried about the printing of canon printers, here everything is explained in full depth. So continue reading and remember us in the comment section.

What Is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is a printing process that is applicable for small batches. And there it plays an effective role. The sublimation on a t-shirt is permanent and can not be removed easily. While the sublimation on a paper is temporary and is removed with the transfer of water. So saying the sublimation on t-shirts is more effective than the paper will not be wrong. That’s why all small business owners use this method for improving their business.

Can You Use A Canon Printer For Sublimation

How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

Sublimation is a chemical phenomenon by which we can get the gaseous form of a substance. In the gaseous state, many pigments are present and these pigments enter into the material. Sublimation is a safe process and you can perform it whenever or wherever you like.

Keep in mind that the sublimation on fabric can not be performed directly. At first, it takes place on a transfer paper. Because the transfer paper has a strong capacity and the ink remains solid on it.

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After it, the attaching of the transfer paper and fabric material is performed. And a heat press is given, which makes a strong bond between both of them. Then a roller is used, which changes the solid form of ink and converts it into liquid.

This liquid ink has a strong penetrating capacity. That’s why the design is highlighted on the fabric material. In traditional printing, the colours start fading and the image becomes dull. While here you will not see any issue like that.

Can You Use A Regular Printer For Sublimation?

In sublimation printing, the different mechanism appears from time to time. Due to this, converting an inkjet printer to a sublimation printer doesn’t become possible. The sublimation printer uses a genuine technique which is named Piezo technology.

While the appearance of sublimation also happens to the types of printers. Low-quality printers don’t show a permanent sublimation. So avoid using inferior quality printers. And use the branded printers for achieving the permanent sublimation on the shirts as well as on the paper.

Can You Use A Canon Printer For Sublimation?

Generally, Canon printers prefer inkjet technology over sublimation printing. In the inkjet printer, you will not see the transfer of sheets and heating like the sublimation printing.

And here it is proved that the converting of inkjet printers to the sublimation printer is impossible. However, the Canon printer can use sublimation printers. Therefore, a few reasons for the printing of Canon printers with fabrics are given below:

Use A PIXMA With Iron-On Transfers

If you want to achieve the printing on the fabric then take a look at the Canon PIXMA series. Canon PIXMA series are the types of series by which you can make designs and start printing on the iron transfer paper.

But this printing will not stay for a long time. Since you can use it in your small businesses. So at first, take the iron on transfer and hang the printer with it. Get an overview of your fabric and then select a light or a dark transfer.

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Then click on the button “print” and start printing the design on paper or a shirt. After it, remove the wasteless substance from the designs. And keep only the useful substances in the designs.

So that your design will look awesome. Now start peeling back the transfer sheet and put the left sheet on the fabric. Use iron and parchment for the covering of the design. Allow pressure and transfer, so that can you use a canon printer for sublimation.

Use The Canon SELPHY CP1300

Have you ever used a sublimation printer? If not then try Canon SELPHY CP1300. This sublimation printer is best for creating designs on paper products. Canon SELPHY CP1300 uses sublimation technology and takes part in the creation of photographic images. This sublimation printer does not perform sublimation on the clothes. But it shows sublimation on the paper. So before performing sublimation, read all the basic instructions about it.

Final Conclusion

Mostly home printers don’t convert into sublimation printers. And due to it, they cannot use piezo technology. Canon and HP printers also of them which don’t have this golden opportunity. On this occasion, saying can you use a canon printer for sublimation is 100% right. While the Epson printer uses piezo technology and its results are always colourful.

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Now many ink manufacturers are trying their best to create the best sublimation inks. And soon these ink will have excellent profiles of colours. So for the conversion of office printers, you have to buy sublimation ink. And it will show the incompatibility with the sublimation printing.

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