What Is The Difference Between Sublimation Ink And Regular Ink?

Recently, I have seen people who want to learn what is the difference between sublimation ink and regular ink. So they do not have common sense about both inks. At the same time, some people, without knowing anything, use regular ink and attain odd results.

This highlights their ignorance about the ink’s benefits, losses, and applications. So this post will give a great clarification to them. Undoubtedly, many options can be taken during ink usage, but the preference for cheap and superb quality ink is best from all angles. Thus enjoy the reading of the guide below here:

Sublimation Ink

The ink which has a specific role in the sublimation process is known as sublimation ink. Its mechanism is unique. At the same time, you will observe a change in its nature through heating or cooling. The sublimation printer and the heat press machine print it onto the sublimation paper.

major types of sublimation ink

Shirts and pillows are two substrates, and the sublimation ink sticks them completely. During its transfer, it attains the gaseous state but colling again makes it solid.
Besides that, it stays on the substrate for more than 10 years. At the same time, the other inks leave the substrate just for a short time.

  • It joins the substrates permanently.
  • The sublimation printer does not get affected by it.
  • Sublimation ink is awesome for sublimation printing.
  • It works friendly with the sublimation paper, heat press machine, etc.

Uses Of Sublimation Ink With Other Printers:

Sublimation ink has many applications, but you have to take it according to the manufacturer’s advice. For its use, select a printer that replaces the ink cartridges. Also, you have to exchange its cartridges with the other inks. Before cartridge replacement, perform the test prints to remove the useless inks. While you also should obey the other guidelines.
Pros And Cons Of Sublimation Ink:


  • Its colors are bright.
  • Water can never remove it.
  • Sublimation ink results in durable prints.
  • All types of printers can use sublimation ink.
  • Producing high-quality results is their main job.
  • It has excellent work with polyester, cotton, and wood metals.
  • Sublimation ink joins the garment effectively to clear the unwanted layers.


  • Sometimes, it lacks working with the other inks.
  • A few brands are costly, and only affordable people can buy them.
  • Some sublimation inks do not work with random printers.
  • There is no white sublimation ink, but it permits printing white colors.

Regular Ink

Regular ink is not effective in sublimation printing because of its immature manufacturing. So we should not use it in our printing process, which guarantees time and money safety. Like sublimation ink, regular ink does not work with sublimation paper. While the sublimation printer also hates it. So avoid its use to maintain the working and warranty of your sublimation printer. Then prefer the sublimation ink and get marvelous results. Its shows

  • Damaging for the sublimation printer.
  • Regular ink resists sublimation printing.
  • Cheap results that fade only with the water glass.
  • It has incompatibility with the sublimation paper, heat press machine, etc.

Perfect Platforms For Sublimation Ink Purchasing


Amazon is the #1 place for shopping where things are purchased online. It contains lots of products as well as sublimation ink. Hopefully, you will get your desired sublimation ink through its rate list. Nowadays, Amazon provides other sublimation accessories so that the sublimation lover will not have to worry about anything.


The second online shopping platform is named Etsy, where you will see a large number of artists. It gives many sublimation products like sublimation inks. The branded products are expensive, and you must collect a lot of money for them. In comparison, the open boxed products don’t cost very much.


eBay is a favorite platform for poor people. Here, many accessories like sublimation ink are available, and you can use them in sublimation printing. But all such products are not genuine and have been used many times before you. That’s why their prices are not heavy. The products of this platform are best for experimental purposes.

Cosmos Ink

Cosmos Ink is a specific platform for sublimation inks, and you can get almost all ink brands.
While its system also highlights many new options, if your printer needs a specific ink, then explore the ink generation from this platform. But note that here most inks are genuine and expensive. While for third-class people, cheap sublimation ink brands are also there.


Q: Is sublimation ink waterproof?

Yes, sublimation ink bears all water effects with its correct sublimation.

Q: How long does sublimation ink last on shirts?

Sublimation ink has a long duration on the shirts due to its quality.

Q: Does sublimation ink expire?

Yes, sublimation can also be expired, written on the ink’s output.

Q: Why is my sublimation ink faded after washing?

In general, the fading of sublimation ink is impossible. But if it is fading, you have missed any task during the sublimation.

Q: Can you use regular ink for sublimation?

No, regular ink can not be used for the sublimation because of its incompatibility with the sublimation paper and heat press machine.

Q: What is the difference between sublimation ink and regular ink?

Many differences between sublimation ink and regular ink are available. While the most common is that sublimation ink suits the sublimation process. At the same time, regular printing is against the sublimation process.


Have you ever thought about the difference between sublimation ink and regular ink? If not! Then I will explain to you the necessary things. Sublimation ink is waterproof and comprises effective colors. We do not have to use a specific printer for sublimation ink because it ever works. It also removes the useless layers to give stunning results. This is due to its compatibility with all sublimation papers and other things. In comparison, due to its incompatible nature, regular ink does not have the best role in the sublimation process.

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