Do You Need A Special Printer For Sublimation (Easy Detail)

Are you want to learn? Do you need a special printer for sublimation? If yes, then the answer to your question is also yes. Sublimation always needs special printers which have compatibility with it. Sublimation is printing t-shirts, mugs, shoes, and various items.

And the printers that show compatibility with the sublimation are known as sublimation printers. There are various types of printers, so learning the best printer for sublimation is difficult. But don’t be worried as I have to clear all your problems. Move below to get new ideas:

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Sublimation printers perform a specific role in the sublimation process. They are also involved in trading shows. Many sublimation printers are present around us. Most are expensive, and the users get fantastic results from them. While a few are cheap and give poor results to the users.

The excellent quality printers are Epson and Sawgrass printers. And they give more than one print to the people. Always judge the printer before starting the sublimation process. And make sure that the printer you are using contains digital printing technology.
Some Special Printers For Sublimation

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are one of the cheapest printers used to print different materials. They are very effective for the sublimation of paper and clothes. But sometimes, they do not work accurately due to their downsides. In the printing process, inkjet printers utilize only the liquid ink that gives us desired results.

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Here, heat and pressure are used, and feed rollers transfer the images on the paper. At the same time, the Inkjet printers with faded colors will give you inferior results on the image. If you print the images and press paper to the other materials, then the inkjet printers will work.

HP Printers

HP printers don’t convert for the sublimation. Because when they use the thermal heat press, the ink starts dispersing. The ink that they use is not compatible with the paper. So here, you will not get clear images of anything. Besides this, they contain a line of printers supporting sublimation and UV ink.

hp printer for sublimation

By using this particular line, you can directly print on the fabrics. These HP actual sublimation printers have high prices and are specially designed for office work. The entry-level of an HP printer is USD 7,000 without any ink.

Brother Printers

Brother printers have Piezo printing technology, and few people use it for sublimation. But the problem is that Brother printers have no sublimation ink and ink setup. This poses a severe effect on the quality of the print. During the sublimation, the users have to use the end products so that they will look vivid.

Due to this, Brother printers don’t have any ideality. And they always produce fuzzy designs. Thus if you want to get the Sub-Par-Results, then the Brother printer works with the sublimation. Hopefully, the use of this printer will give you the answer to Do you need a special printer for sublimation.

Canon Printers

Canon printers have thermal printing technology that affects the sublimation ink. Due to this, they are not used for the sublimation process. However, the formation of the dye sublimation printer by the canon disturbs the people.

These Canon dye sublimation printers are not sublimation printers. And they are only the most incredible desktop printers. They also use a built heater to sublimate the desired pictures like sublimation ink. While here, you will not get insert paper and print-out options. Thus Canon printers are not suitable for sublimation.

Epson Printers

All the Epson printers contain Piezo print technology, which is converted into sublimation ink printers. It has two main types ACTUAL sublimation printers and CAPABLE sublimation printers. Let’s purchase the sublimation ink because there is no sublimation printer except for F-150 and F-570.

There are many models of Epson printers as WF3540, WF3520, WF7519, WF7520, and others. Also, Epson printers retire their old model numbers with the arrival of new models. The sublimation community will significantly support you if you purchase a disconnected model.

epson printer for sublimation

Final Verdicts

If you are searching Do you need a particular printer for sublimation, then wholly read this article. Sometimes, different printers in our homes do not show sublimation well because the Piezo Print technology does not support such printers.

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At the same time, the printers that support Piezo Print technology are always the best. Here some of the special printers needed for sublimation are mentioned in full detail. These printers are HP, Canon, Brother, and a few others. Be attentive and uniquely get complete information about them.


Q: Can any printer be used for sublimation printing?

The printers that have Micro Piezo print technology can be used for sublimation printing.

Q: What printers work with sublimation?

Epson and Sawgrass are the two branded companies that allow printers for sublimation.

Q: Do you need a special printer for sublimation?

Yes, sublimation always needs special printers like standard inkjet or laser printers.

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