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Sublimation ink is the main accessory of the sublimation process and has exceptional management. Its lasting depends on the sublimation procedures—correct sublimation results in long-lasting sublimation ink. But unfortunately, if we forget a step, we have to face incomplete print transfers and a short sublimation ink lasting. At the same time, they will cause a less bright colour.

The properties of every substrate are unique from the other. It means we have to adopt the methods based on their natures. If we want to increase the lifespan of the sublimation ink, then we must follow the critical points of how long does sublimation ink last on paper. I only recommend reading this article to learn the lasting of sublimation ink, its nature dependence etc.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Unopened Sublimation Ink?

If the sublimation ink is present in the sealed cartridges, its shelf life is two years. According to Sawgrass printer, the shelf life of the ink is two years. At the same time, the Epson support is also following this shelf life. The shelf life of the sublimation ink depends on the temperature involved in its formation. About 70 degrees of temperature is taken in unopened bottles, which live in it for two years. At the same time, the resulting sublimation ink is used in forming third parties because of its low rate.

How To Get The Good Results From The Sublimation Printer And Ink?

If you are interested in getting good results from the sublimation printer, then don’t leave it and continue its use. Cleaning the print head nozzle and ink lines guarantee the smooth working of the printer and ink, respectively. Note that the Sawgrass printer maintains its working through its minor cycle daily. At the same time, we don’t have to add ink to them like the other printers. In the case of the Epson printer, we must clean it every week. Despite it, it will produce substandard outputs if you do not prefer the printer’s cleaning.

how long does sawgrass ink last

What Is The Lifespan Of Third-Party Sublimation Inks?

Sublimation Ink Cosmos

Sublimation ink cosmos is mainly designed for converted Epson printers. At the same time, it is stored in sealed bottles instead of cartridges. The Cosmos Ink support says that their shelf life (9-12 months) will not change whether they are present in a cold, sandy or dark place. Moreover, this shelf life remains constant in both opened and closed bottles.

Sublimation Ink Hiipoo

The third-party sublimation ink we can explore on Amazon is called the Sublimation ink Hiipoo. It has vital customer service that is increasing its popularity. Note that the Sublimation Hiipoo Ink will remain in the sealed bottles for 2 years or more. But in the case of open bottles, they live just for 1 year.

Sublimation Ink Cobra

Sublimation Ink Cobra is a third-party ink whose lasting behaviour for Epson EcoTank is given.
Sublimation Ink Cobra remain in sealed bottles for 18 Months.
Their lasting range in the unsealed bottle is about 1 year.

How Long Does The Epson Ink Lasts In An Opened Form?

Epson support has provided various information about the T49 Sublimation Ink. According to them, if the sealed tank is strong, the ink present in it will survive for a long time. At the same time, the ink in unsealed bottles will remain for about a month.

How Long Does The Sawgrass Ink Lasts In An Opened Form?

The insertion of the cartridges in the sublimation printer is essential. When applied to the Sawgrass Inks, the clock will be in motion. Note that the expiration date of the cartridges is mentioned on them, which tells how many times you can use me. But if you use such cartridges against the expiration date, the Sawgrass Ink system will be destroyed. While some users conclude that the expiration date of Sawgrass ink is only for the formality, and we can use it after the expiratory date. Moreover, sometimes this expiry ink results in the following defects:

  • Deattaching of sublimation dye particles.
  • Drying out of the sublimation ink.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Mugs?

Ceramic mugs have print durability because of sublimation, and their sublimation is always of high quality done by the sublimation printer. That’s why their prints live longer than standard prints.

How Long Does 100ML Of Sublimation Ink Last On Fabrics?

Sublimated colours don’t leave the fabrics for a short time. In my view, you should hire the people that will do sublimation transfers in your absence. It must be someone with basic knowledge about sublimation because professional sublimation workers don’t perform anyone’s work. So when the printing job is perfect, you can sell such printed items into the market at higher prices. Note that printing dark colours on the shirt is impossible, but the ink may be unclear.

Disadvantages Of Sublimation Printing

  • Sublimation printing is only possible with polyester materials.
  • It does not give bright colours with the different materials.
  • It is not favourable for the large printing volume.
  • It shows fading in the sunlight.

Final Verdicts

Sublimation is considered the best way of printing by printing experts. Its ink shows durability and has so longer lasting period. So there is no need to ask how long does sublimation ink last on any material. The sublimation ink period is written on the ink. So when you use ink in a printer, don’t forget to read their time. If you put the ink in the printer for more than the given time, the printer will highlight the head blockages. At the same time, the sublimation ink is compulsory for the sublimation. Using fresh ink means your prints’ life will be high.

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