How to Add Printer In Windows 7 (Top 3 Methods)

The query about How to Add Printer in Windows 7 indicates the weaknesses of the people. But the troubles of such people will not be more as I am introducing a huge guide on it. The printers are installed on windows 7 only with a USB port and this method is not complicated.

A driver is the main thing that connects the printer to the computer. Without the driver, the computer and the printer can never become compatible. Thus always use a correct printer driver to link with the computer operating system in seconds:

How to Add Printer In Windows 7

Some Places For A Printer Driver

  • The main location for a printer driver is the computer’s operating system
  • Let us get the most updated driver through the DVD portion of the computer
  • Make sure to select a printer driver from the printer’s official website
  • Windows updates also ensure printers driver

Methods About How to Add Printer In Windows 7

Network Printer’s Installation

  • First of all, install a network printer through the guidance of the network administrator
  • The network printer must be on
  • Join the left side of the computer to use the start button
  • Also, tap on the “Devices and Printers” option
  • “Add Printer Wizard” will come with the click of Add a Printer option
  • After it, the screen will indicate three options Add a network, Bluetooth printer, and Wireless. Thus select one from them
  • Choose a printer through the available list
  • Make sure to tap on the “Next” tab
  • later, the computer will say you about the driver’s installation, just focus to install the printer driver
  • If a powerful internet connection is with you, write the administrator password
  • In last, use the “Finish” button and shut off the Add Printer Wizard as the driver has been installed

Printer’s Sharing On Homograph Network

  • Move inside the computer option
  • Join the computer’s bottom to choose the Windows logo option
  • Your next click should be on the “Control Panel”
  • Enter into the search field of the Control Panel Window to write the “Homegroup”
  • If “Homegroup” is in the obtaining results, tap on it quickly
  • The Homegroup is a vast section as it contains the “Share Printers”. Let us ensure to click on it
  • Use your mouse to Tick the mark for the printer
  • Now save all changes with a tap
  • Join the other computer for printer sharing
  • Touch the start button given on the screen
  • Open the Control Panel for other tasks
  • In the Search Box, you have to write the Homegroup
  • Get the Homegroup by the results
  • Install the printer with a single click
  • Join the dialog box for the driver’s installation
  • Thus use the printer because of its stable connection with the dialog box

Test Page Printing

  • Start choosing the “Devices and Printers” option
  • Do a right-click after the printer’s name establishing
  • Choose the Printer Properties option
  • Perform the Test Page Printing from the General Heading tab

A Remote Never Do The Windows 7 Printing

  • Enable the printer sharing option
  • Take place in the computer’s remote to activate the Control Panel, Devices, and Printers tab
  • Prefer the “Remove Devices” for the printer icon
  • Add the Printer through the screen’s top option
  • Be ready to choose the “Add a Network Printer”
  • If the printer’s list is empty then use the “The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed” tab
  • After this, click on the “Select a Shared Printer By Name” option
  • However, if you are still unaware of the correct printer name, use the host computer for test page printing.
  • Mostly this option stays in the front of “Computer Name”.
  • Thus get guidance from the dialog box in the case of “Print Test Page”.


How do I manually select a printer port?

For manual printer port selection, use the printer icon and printer properties.

How do I manually add a printer?

For printer’s manual addition, prefer the Start Button, Settings, Devices, Printers, etc.

Why is my printer offline?

Incorrect settings of the printer make it offline.

How do you bring a printer online?

If you want to start the online printing of the printer, apply the Settings, Printers, and Use print online options.

Why my printer is not showing in Devices and Printers?

Sometimes, our printers don’t give the devices and printers option because of driver issues. But the Devices and Printers options will be with us through the driver updating.

How do I find a network printer?

With the help of the netstat tool, you can get access to the network printer.

Why can’t my laptop find my printer?

If your laptop is not finding your printer, it has router issues.

Final Verdicts

How to Add Printer in Windows 7 is awful for the laser printer’s users. But the HP printer users take it easy due to the DVD drives of HP printers. Sometimes, our printers can become offline with incorrect settings. Then we must use the printers and scanners option so that our printer will work online.

While we can connect the printer with a network by the windows updating. Moreover, the netstat tool helps us with the printer’s connection. Let us open your computer with its start button and apply the Devices and Printers option. Lastly, the printer’s list will give you a suitable printer.

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