How To Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error (With Details Reasons)

Sometimes, an HP printer gives error messages due to its empty cartridges. Before the appearance of these problems, let us read how to bypass hp printer cartridge error. If you have don’t remove the protective strips, cartridge error will be in your front. The enabling of HP cartridge protection is also a reason for this problem.

But if you apply for an internal memory reset, the cartridge will never show the errors. The removal of the printer’s metal contacts is a wonderful solution. While the cartridge replacement and software updating are also friendly:

Reasons For HP Printer Cartridge Errors

The incompatibility and errors of HP print cartridges are dependent on various reasons like low ink, rubbish material, etc. Let us observe some of the popular causes in the below portion:

  • An HP printer is perfect for the resetting and installation of internal memory as well as new cartridges. But due to overload, it can be late in the checking of memory reset. That’s why we may have to face HP print cartridge errors
  • The communication between the toner cartridge and the printer depends on the metal contacts. So if the dirt enters these metal contacts, the communication between the printer and cartridge will be weak
  • Fireware software enhances the printer’s work. But if we enable the cartridge protection, the firmware becomes incompatible with the printer. Then “Turn Off” this Icon and keep yourself safe from the cartridge errors
  • Sometimes, we forget to add the ink cartridge into the perfect slot which results in HP cartridge errors. While the purchasing of non-suitable cartridge models is another huge cause of this fault
  • I have noticed that the updating of HP printer software damages Chip’s data. The software updates indeed fix the bugs. But here everything is the opposite as the compatible printer’s cartridge becomes incompatible
Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error

How To Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error

To fix HP printer cartridge errors, make sure to clean the metal contacts as well as update the firmware. Hopefully, these tasks will be enough for your problem. But if the issue is not resolved, use the following measures:

Reset The Printer Memory

Resetting the printer’s memory is the central solution for HP printer cartridge errors. Let us go through the removal and replacement of the old cartridge. But if your HP printer is not recognizing the print cartridge, obey the given instructions:

  • Order your printer to take out its cartridge and leave it in a smooth place
  • Make sure to switch off the HP printer
  • If the power source is there, disconnect the printer from it
  • At this time, the printer should be off
  • Again connect with the power source
  • Add a new cartridge to the printer
  • Switch on the printer through its “Power” button

Clean The Metal Contacts

The metal contacts have a circuit board shape and are present on the opposite side of the ink cartridge. If you keep them clean, the cartridge error will die before their appearance. Thus clean the metal contacts through the following steps:

  • First of all, remove the printer’s connection from the wall
  • Go for the removal of the toner cartridge
  • Find the cartridge as well as the metal contacts
  • Explore the position of the connection point
  • Remove the contacts of the printer and cartridge through a dry cloth
  • Get rid of cartridge residues
  • Start the cartridge replacement

Update The Firmware Of The HP Printer

The cartridge issues also appear because of the older version of the firmware. But if you update the firmware to the latest version, such errors will not come. Let us update the firmware by taking the guidance below:

  • Participate in HP’s printer official page
  • Prefer the “Upgrade Now” option after choosing a printer model
  • Explore the “Firmware” latest version
  • Use the Download tab
  • Keep the file in the desired place
  • The Control Panel gives a preboot menu for firmware updating
  • Make sure to select the “Administrator” option
  • Choose the Download option through the list
  • Lastly, apply on the “OK” tab

Check The Paper

If you want to avoid cartridge errors, ensure to check the paper and load it smoothly. Also, take the below steps for effective paper insertion:

  • Place the paper on its print side because the paper manufacturer logos are present on the non-print side.
  • Take the paper which should be independent of the wrinkle
  • Print the text documents through the combination of paper and ColorLok technology
  • I suggest you use Advanced Photo Paper for high-resolution graphics


How do I bypass ink cartridges not recognized?

To bypass the non-recognized ink cartridges, you will have to replace them with an older cartridge.

How long does the HP setup cartridge last?

HP setup cartridge is durable and covers 5% of 300 pages.

Is there a reset button on ink cartridges?

Yes, the reset button of an ink cartridge is present on the top of the circuit board.

Can HP printer work with only one cartridge?

Yes, the working of an HP printer is also possible with only one cartridge.

Can you reset HP cartridges?

No, you can not reset the HP cartridges because of its data encryption.

The Final Conclusion

If you read this guide: how to bypass hp printer cartridge error from here, you will not have to find the reasons and solutions anywhere else. Our content writer has described all the things about HP printer cartridge errors beautifully. So avoid the memory resetting and remove the protective covers quickly.

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Also, make sure to install the toner cartridge perfectly. Besides that, give proper time to the cleaning of the metal contacts. If there is low ink in the cartridge, start refilling the cartridge. I am sure that the above solutions will completely remove the HP printer faults.

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