How To Change Ink In HP Printer | Replacement Of Ink Cartridges

In the case of poor prints, cartridge replacement is essential. All the printer owners are demanding a detailed blog on how to change ink in HP printer to raise their knowledge. A printer decides on the ink cartridges installation and runs with good ink. If you don’t have suitable ink, cartridge replacement is impossible. So, first of all, you have to explore the perfect ink for HP printers. Thus read the fundamental points without delay and change the HP printer’s ink now:

General Information About Ink Cartridge Replacement:

  • Make sure to adapt the following steps for ink cartridge replacement:
  • Every time achieve the perfect ink cartridge
  • Buy an ink cartridge whose serial number is available.
  • If the ink level has a dip, change the ink cartridge quickly.
  • Moreover, the product type must be favorable to the cartridge number.
  • Thus now you are ready for HP printer ink replacement.

How To Change Ink In HP Printer:

  • Activate your HP printer.
  • Access the print cartridge door and exterior lid of the printer.
  • Now the printer will come into its Idle Mode.
  • Force the old cartridge so that it will leave the printer’s slot.
  • Get the new cartridge and remove its plastic tape.
  • Keep your distance from the copper-colored ink nozzles.
  • The new cartridge must be in the perfect space.
  • Make sure to push the cartridge.
  • Exchange the new cartridge with the Black slot.
  • Shut the exterior lid of the cartridge.
  • An output tray extender should be in the correct line.
  • If the printer control panel is loaded with the ink levels, do the printing.

What Should I do If My HP Printer Won’t Print After Ink Cartridge Replacement?

HP inkjet printers can document printing because of their substantial ink tanks. They have unique designs which help them in printer insertion. If you choose different ink brands, compatibility issues can also appear. Your HP printer will not print anything after its cartridge replacement. Before this, you should also have an idea about how to bypass hp printer cartridges error that will also help you in cartridge problems and replacement. Let us take the following troubleshooting methods to handle this problem:

Remove The Plastic Tape

If the plastic tape is present with the new ink cartridge, remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the printing tasks will be clogged, and the electrical connection will be destroyed. Thus go for the test page printing to analyze the problem, whether it is present or gone.

HP Printer’s Software Update

Sometimes an HP printer does not usually work, which delays software updates. If the system is not indicating the update, get guidance from the HP support website:

  • Explore the printer model from the “Locate your Product to get Support” box.
  • Start the installation through the available software.
  • Go to the system reboot and finish the configuration.
  • Prefer the alignment page printing and analyze the HP printer functioning.

Start Learning The Cartridge’s Slot

  • First, switch off the HP printer and clean everything with the ink cartridge detaching.
  • Remember that the cartridge slot is full of dust and copper-colored external components. That’s why the cartridge does not usually work. During the new printer cartridge installation, this is the most common problem.
  • Remain the cartridge and use the cotton ball to stop leakage.
  • Now turn on the HP printer and then put the cartridges into it.
  • Get an overview of the printer’s functioning through page printing.

How To Change Ink Cartridges Of HP 2140 Fax?

For HP 2140 Fax ink cartridge replacement, HP 701 Black Inkjet cartridge is compulsory:

  • First, open the printer.
  • Ensure pulling the cartridge compartment cover through the cartridge access button.
  • Go for the old cartridge replacement.
  • Take out the tape from the new HP 701 Black Inkjet cartridge.
  • While the copper-colored must be in front of the rear end.
  • Shut off the cartridge compartment panel.
  • Put the new cartridge into a specific order.
  • Access the Printer’s Control Panel for the start button.
  • Install the new cartridge by just pressing 1.
  • Now the alignment page will be printed by the printer.
  • Make sure to type the code after the printout review.
  • In last, use the OK tab and finish the realignment.


Q: How to change ink in an HP printer?

To change the ink in an HP printer, start the printer, fill the empty slot with new cartridges, give some force, and then power off the printer lid.

Q: How many pages does an ink cartridge print?

Generally, an ink cartridge print 220 page at a time.

Q: Why is my HP printer printing blank?

An HP printer prints blank because of empty ink cartridges.

Q: When should you change HP ink?

If the printhead is not cleaning anything, quickly change the HP ink cartridges.

Q: How do I know which ink to change?

By the test page printing, you can know the replacement of all ink cartridges.

Q: How do I check my HP printer ink levels?

To check the ink levels of an HP printer, you should use the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Q: How do you know when to change printer ink?

You should change the printer ink if there is lightness or streaks on the printed pages.

Final Verdicts

If someone gets ink warning messages, he should immediately prefer the ink cartridge replacement. Thus be happy as a massive note about how to change ink in HP printer is available now. Good ink is essential for the printer’s functioning, resulting in ink cartridge replacement and installation. Otherwise, none can be successful in cartridge replacement. It would help if you changed the ink cartridges of the HP printer in the case of dip ink levels. Thus enable the HP printer, add new cartridges into the empty slot, and cease the printer lid.

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