How To Clean Printer Heads

The printhead of a printer is clogged due to the dust or ink cartridges drying. A clog occurs anywhere else if you notice faint or spotty prints. In this case, Cleaning is the best way to return the original functioning of the ink cartridges. Improper use of cartridges can also clog the printhead. Don’t delay printing; otherwise, you will have to replace the cartridges. By printhead cleaning, cartridge life will further rise, and cartridge replacement will not be needed. Thus be attentive and know how to clean printer heads manually right now: You may also check how to clean printer rollers which will also help you a lot in the smooth running of your printer.

printer heads cleaning steps

Methods To Clean Printer Heads:

There are various methods to clean the printer heads, but self-cleaning on windows and mac is above all:

Self-Cleaning On Windows

  • Open windows and then choose the Windows logo.
  • First of all, write the control panel.
  • Use the Control Panel, which is already highlighted by the Start window.
  • Tap on the Devices & Printers option.
  • If the Control Panel uses the categories view, select the View Devices and Printers link.
  • Touch the printer’s menu option, then put the printer name for Cleaning.
  • Are you noticing a drop-down menu on the screen? Let us touch the trackpad.
  • Select Properties from the drop-down menu beneath.
  • Go to the window’s top for the Hardware or Maintenance tab.
  • Raise your hand on the Cleaning tab and get two more cleaning options: Clean Heads or Clean Cartridges.
  • If your printer is not supporting the “Clean Printhead” option, get guidance from the online documentation.
  • Obey all the screen prompts and do the basic steps for cleaning.
  • A test page option also informs you about the cleaning process.
  • If the printheads are clogged till now, make sure to clean them printheads manually.

Self Cleaning On Mac

  • Start the Apple menu and touch the Apple logo.
  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple drop-down menu.
  • The System Preferences will provide you with the Printers & Scanners tab.
  • Go to the windows left side for the printer’s selection.
  • Get Options & Supplies from the windows mid.
  • Now select the Utility icon.
  • After that, you must tap the “Open Printer Utility” tab.
  • Access the Cleaning option. The Location and Structure of this option rely on your printer quality.
  • Pick the Cleaning from the drop-down box.
  • If your printer does not support the Cleaning option, self-cleaning is not endorsed by it. For confirmation, you should visit the printer online documentation.
  • Use all the necessary steps of cleaning to do the printer’s self-cleaning.
  • Check the working of the cleaning process through the test page print option.
  • Thus get rid of the printhead clogging just by manual Cleaning.

How To Clean Printer Heads HP?

  • First of all, use the Start button.
  • Get the Printers & Scanners menu from the Control Panel.
  • Pick the Printer icon for the Properties selection.
  • If you notice the smudging print jobs, then printhead cleaning is compulsory.
  • Now you will have to click the Printing Preferences and the Service tab.
  • Let us prefer the Printer Services.
  • Activate the “Clean Printheads” option to clean the printhead of an HP printer.

How To Clean Printer Heads Epson?

  • To clean the Epson printhead, you must take the water bottle and a lint-free cloth:
  • Unplug the printer so that you will not get any damage.
  • Find the cartridges by just opening the printer and then removing them.
  • If the cartridges are present in any tray, go for tray removal.
  • Put some water on the cloth.
  • Now use that wet cloth for foil brushing.
  • If the printhead contains dry ink debris, ensure their removal.
  • After the print head unit removal, place the cartridges into the shallow water bowl.
  • For moisture removal, the paper towel must be beneath the printhead unit.
  • Observe the nozzle as everything has been cleaned.

How To Clean Printer Heads Canon?

  • Turn on the power.
  • Flash the Alarm lamp through the Stop button.
  • Now the printhead cleaning will be started by the machine.
  • If the ON lamp is glowing, the Cleaning has been completed.
  • Leave everything on the device and wait for 1 minute.
  • Observe the print head condition through the nozzle pattern.
  • If the Cleaning is not done successfully, repeat the process.
  • For further information about canon company check their wikipedia page.


Q: How many times can I clean printer heads?

You can clean the printer heads more than four times.

Q: How long does a printhead last?

The lasting duration of a printhead is 1.5 – 2 years.

Q: Does head cleaning use ink?

Yes, indeed, ink is used in head cleaning.

Q: How do you know if the printhead is damaged?

We can know that the printhead has been damaged by achieving spotty printouts.

Q: Can you clean the printer head manually?

Yes, a printer head can be cleaned manually through the printer and the computer.

Q: How do you clean printer heads automatically?

For automatic printer head cleaning, pick the Printer Software, Maintenance tab, Auto nozzle, Cleaning tab, etc.

Final Verdicts

Do you like the parts of a printer? If yes! Then you can answer how to clean printer heads. A printer gradient that surrounds the ink cartridges is known as the printer head. Its perfect location is the printer cover. At the same time, time is the main enemy that clogs it without being pitied. If you observe spotty prints, then the printhead has been blocked. In this case, move for Cleaning so the ink cartridges will usually work. Moreover, cartridge replacement is very dull. Thus clean the printhead and increase the cartridge’s life without any relief.

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