How To Clear Printer Queue Complete Guideline

Mostly, a print job doesn’t leave the printer because of some reason. The #1 cause of this issue is the disturbance in the printer queue. During the printing of a document, a device disconnects from its network and does not come out of the printer.

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But if we arrange a proper internet connection or minimize the disconnecting errors, the document will not live under the printer queue. So it’s your good luck as several solutions are present about it. Then clear the bugs in the printer queue of Windows and macOS just through the how to clear printer queue guide:

How To Clear Printer Queue in Compete details

Is It Necessary To Delete A Print Job?

Yes, the deleting of a print job is necessary as sometimes we select the print jobs without thinking. This is why the printing results are also bad. Deleting the print job clears the below problems:

  • Unlimited or Limited copies are found in the Print job
  • Incorrection of the document
  • The print queue contains the Wrong File
  • Disturbance in the Printer Settings
  • Blocking problems of failed jobs

How To Clear Print Queue With The Keyboard Shortcut

For quick clearing of print queue errors, Windows Keyboard Shortcut includes two methods:

Windows Key + X

  • Apply hand on the Windows Key + X and the Device Manager
  • Get the Print Queues tab from the Device Manager portion
  • Press it two times as well as the printer’s queue
  • Cancel the print job from the queue just with a right click.

Windows Key + Pause

  • Access the System Settings through the Windows Key + Pause tab
  • Make sure to adapt the “Device Manager” for administration
  • Get rid of unfavorite print jobs just by the “Delete Button ”

How To Clear Printer Queue Of Windows

To clear the printer queue of windows, there are two methods:

  • Command Method
  • GUI Method

Command Method

In the command method, you will have to do the following things:

  • Pick the Start tab
  • Keep in Touch with the Command
  • Choose the “Command Prompt” and “Run As Administrator” icons
  • Use Enter, after typing the Net Stop Spooler
  • Again make use of the Enter tab and write the del, System 32, Printers
  • Do all as point 4
  • Thus the command method has cleared the printer queue of windows
  • Leave this method by just pressing the “Exit” tab

GUI Method

  • Use the Windows Key and R, so that the Run dialog will come in front
  • Click the Enter button but before it, you will have to write services
  • Join the list to access the Print Spooler and choose the Stop option
  • The Services Windows should be open every time and again take the Run dialog box
  • Click on “Enter” as well as write Systemroot/Spool/Printers
  • Use CTRL and A buttons to capture all sorts of files
  • Click the “Delete” button to get rid of useless files
  • In the last, choose the “Print Spooler” and “Start” buttons from the Services Windows

While the data presented below is also favorable for the cleaning of the Windows printer queue:

  • Visit the Start portion
  • Choose the Control Panel as well as the Administrative Tools
  • Tap again and again on the Services Icon
  • Choose the Print Spooler Service from downward
  • Be sure to connect with the Administrator
  • Move in front of Windows/Spool/Printers
  • If the configuration of the C drive is not done, use the address bar of the internet browser for its typing
  • Tap on the Delete button and remove the junk files from the printer queue

How To Clear Printer Queue Of Mac

The clearance of the printer’s queue of Mac also depends on two methods:

Method 1:

  • Turn on the Mac
  • Get the Printer’s icon from the Dock and its IP address by cursoring
  • Access the Printer Utility
  • Choose the “X” button as well as the “Print job” to clear the queue
  • So the print job has been removed from the queue
  • While you can also ensure queue clearance by the Command+Delete button

Method 2:

  • If the Dock doesn’t highlight the Printer Icon, use this method
  • Enable the “Apple Menu” to join the System Preferences
  • Get the printers from the list
  • Prefer the Active Printer as well as the Open Print Queue tab
  • Clean the Printer Queue by the Selection and Deleting print jobs.


What is the print queue?

The data of printer devices, printer options, and printer messages is known as the print queue.

Where is the print queue?

Access the print queue through the “Windows Key”, “Printers & Scanners”, and the “Open Print Queue” Option

What are the applications of the queue?

There are many applications of the queue, its most common use is that the Printer, CPU, and Disk use it as a waiting list

How do I change the printer queue?

For changing the printer queue, choose the Change Properties, New Informations, and the OK buttons

How do I clear my printer’s memory?

To clear the printer’s memory, you will have to utilize the provided menu

Final Verdicts

You know that print job issues are becoming common day by day because of the print queue. That’s why reading the how to clear printer queue guide is compulsory. Otherwise, our printers, print jobs, and the print queue will be destroyed. A speedy internet connection minimizes these problems.

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But due to the lack of resources, we should prefer the simple methods for the printer queue. Like the print queue of Windows, the print queue of Mac also depends on two methods. While your print queue will be free of junk files if you use the “Keyboard Shortcut” methods.

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