How To Connect A Printer To iPhone (Complete Guide)

In this post, you will have to master how to connect a printer to iPhone. Through this, your iPhone device will print documents and photos in seconds. If a printer supports the AirPrint, its connection with the wifi and the iPhone will be immediate.

This prepares your IOS device for wireless printing. Today printing apps are also wonderful for the connection of the printer and the iPhone. Let us come to the lower portion of the blog where some basic methods are present:

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Method 1:

If you use the AirPrint of the Apple company, your iPhone device will be ready for the wireless printing of documents. But you will have to install the latest version of IOS. In addition, the wifi connection should be awesome, so that the printing will not stop anytime. For further information, you should visit the Apple Official Website:

  • Ensure the same wifi connection for the iPhone and the printer
  • Start your iPhone for app printing
  • After it, the iPhone will highlight the print button. But for this, you will have to choose the Share icon
  • If the Print option is not coming, go to the Help Section
  • Choose an AirPrint-enabled printer through the “Select Print” tab
  • Then you will have the opportunity to pick the copy number and further functions
  • In last, use the “Print” option to print the desired things

Method 2

If your AirPrint is not compatible with the printer, make sure to use the printing apps and then pick the given points:

  • Use your iPhone to join the App Store
  • Access the Search bar to visit the “PrintCentral” app
  • Prepare your iPhone for downloading and installing the Printcentral app
  • Take a USB cable for the iPhone and computer connection
  • After it, insert the server key into the browser bar
  • Through the PrintCentral app, you can access the desired printer
How To Connect A Printer To iPhone in 2022

Canceling The Print Job Of iPhone

If the printing jobs are not impressing you, cancel them through the following steps:
Press the Home button two times.

  • Get the assigned print jobs from the Print Center
  • Get rid of wasteful print jobs through the Cancel Printing tab

How To Connect A Canon Printer To iPhone

  • The wifi network of the Canon printer and iPhone must be the same
  • Link the internet cable with the Canon printer’s panel
  • The wireless router has an internet port and you have to attach it to the cable
  • Then explore the iPhone Settings for the Printer option
  • Design the Printer Station through the Drop-Down button
  • Take a Canon printer from the printer’s list and get an idea of how do I add a printer to my iPhone
  • Do a print check to observe the Canon printer and iPhone connection
  • Complete the phenomenon through the Save button
Connect A Printer To iPhone

Printing With AirPrint

  • Connect the Canon printer to LAN after its activation
  • Go toward the Operation icon on the iPhone
  • Access the displayed menu for Print
  • Pick the Select Printer tab for the Canon printer
  • Choose the Printer option and make the desired settings
  • Make sure to touch the Print tab
  • Thus get the printing according to your preferences

Printing Without AirPrint

  • First of all, download the SELPHY from the AppStore.
  • Visit the Search field of AppStore and write SELPHY into it.
  • Then activate the Wifi as well as iPhone Settings.
  • Now, your device must be free of USB drives.
  • Touch the Menu button of SELPHY.
  • Choose Wifi settings through the up arrow and down arrow keys.
  • Use the OK tab.
  • Again use the up arrow and down arrow keys for Connection Settings.
  • Pick a Canon printer and then go with the OK button.
  • Use the EDIT button to make the printer name of your need.
  • Visit the Direct Connection as well as the OK option.
  • Get the Password from the screen. If the system password is hard to remember, use its Edit button.
  • Communicate your iPhone with the screen’s network
  • Join the iPhone wifi settings for the Network name
  • Use the Canon Print Inkjet SELPHY icon from the Home Screen
  • Select photos for printing
  • Let us prefer the Print tab
  • Make desired settings from the Change Settings icon
  • Don’t be late to pick the Print button from the picture beneath
  • In last, ensure that your iPhone will not disconnect from the network and the printer


How does iPhone recognize printers?

An iPhone recognizes the printer if its network is similar to the printer.

Why can I not print from my iPhone?

If your iPhone has a different wireless network from the printer, you will not be able for printing.

How do I print a document?

For document printing, you will have to choose a file and then click on the Print button.

How do I get pages on my iPhone?

To get pages on an iPhone, you must adapt the iPhone settings, iCloud Drive, and pages.

How do I change printer settings on my iPhone?

If you want to change the printer settings, turn on the app, choose a file, prefer the Share icon, and use the Print option.

The Last Conclusion

Surely, you have managed how to connect a printer to an iPhone because of our perfect research. Some normal devices do not connect to the printer due to their low space. But IOS devices are above them because of their mindblowing functions and controls. Before printing, you must take care that a smooth wifi connection is available.

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If it is not then the printing will be full of complexities. An iPhone will give you the pages through its Settings, Share icon, and Print option. Then create the Printer Station, choose a printer and AirPrint option to connect the iPhone to the printer.

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