How To Connect Canon PIXMA Printer To Wifi (Step-By-Step Guide)

Today wireless printing is very popular in the world. A Canon printer attains a wireless connection due to the smart device. While it connects with the router through its Canon Print Inkjet App, WPS button, and WPS pin code. But plugging in and powering up the printer is compulsory in all cases.

If you are first time connecting the Canon printer to the wifi, you may feel strange. But if your attention is on this article, you will catch all data without any odd behavior. Then there is no need to be late for the blog of How to connect Canon PIXMA printer to Wifi:

Methods To Connect A Canon PIXMA Printer To Wifi

In this article, a few methods are presented to connect your Canon PIXMA printer to wifi:

  • Take a smart device for wireless connection of the printer
  • Make sure to use the Canon Print Inkjet App on your Android or IOS device
  • Get the signals of the nearby wireless networks through the WPS button
  • Also, type the WPS pin code

All the above techniques are dependent on your Canon printer model. So now you will not have to install any software into your CDs.

Smart Device Hookup

The first necessary thing for the wireless connection of the Canon printer is the Wireless device. Through direct cables, sending wireless information is complex. Then make sure to download the software installer into your computer. In comparison, android and IOS devices are also stunning to transfer wireless information.

How To Connect Canon PIXMA Printer To Wifi Complete Guide

But here, you will have to download trending applications, so that your Canon PIXMA printer will attain the wifi connection in the blink of a second. Thus download the Canon Print Inkjet app and SELPHY for android as well as IOS devices.

WPS Push Button

WPS Push Button is rare and is not found in all wireless routers. Through this button, you can notice the settings of the wireless router. But you will have to obey the given operations:

  • Press the Wifi button of the router, so that it will flash
  • Make sure to click the Start button
  • Again use the Wifi button
  • After it, the Wifi router will flash
  • Touch the WPS button
  • Now the panel will indicate a sync between the wireless printer and the Wifi indicator
  • If the sync is not successful, raise your hand on the Stop button
  • Again do the sync for How to connect Canon PIXMA printer to Wifi

WPS Pin Code

WPS Pin Code also results in the sync of the wireless printer and the wireless router. If you have failed in other methods then you are on the last option:

  • Ensure loading the standard paper sheets
  • Power up the printer
  • Adapt the Wifi button to flash the light
  • Again hold the Wifi button to print the preferred wireless settings
  • Flash the Alarm light just through the Stop button
  • Then take out your hand from the Stop button
  • Now make sure that your wireless printer is capable of connection
  • Use a wireless smart device for the router’s internal settings
  • In last, type the WPS Pin Code for the printer and network sync
  • Thus you have achieved a stable wireless connection

Why My Canon Printer Is Not Connecting To My Wireless Connection?

If your Canon PIXMA printer does not achieve a wireless connection then something is at fault:

  • Sometimes, the printer loses the network because of a weak connection. In this case, you will have to power down the gradients one by one. After this, make sure to power them up
  • If your printer is not activating with its plug-in, power it up so that it will catch wireless signals
  • Despite the above, your Canon PIXMA printer doesn’t receive sync because of its wrong network. Then ensure that your printer and PC are receiving the signals from the same network
  • You will also face connectivity problems if the wrong port is connected to your printer driver. Then you should connect a perfect spot with your printer driver
  • If your wireless printer is receiving problems now, get help from Canon’s technical support team. But before it, you should check the router quality
  • The defects in the wireless card can also give you printer network issues. Then you go for the printer replacement


What is the WPS button on a printer?

WPS is the abbreviation for Wifi Protected Setup. With this button, your printer can find the wireless network.

What happens when I press the WPS button on my router?

If you touch the WPS button from your router, the discovery of stable networks will start.

Why is the Wifi light blinking on my Canon printer?

If your Canon printer is blinking a Wifi light then it has got the wireless network.

Why is my Canon PIXMA printer not connecting to wifi?

There are various reasons behind the not connecting of the Canon PIXMA printer. But if you update the printer driver, the Canon PIXMA printer will connect to wifi.

The Last Conclusion

According to the schedule, today I will elaborate on How to connect Canon PIXMA printer to Wifi for you. With the presence of a smart device, a wireless network can come to your Canon printer. While the Canon Print Inkjet app and the WPS Push Button are also suitable for Canon printer’s wireless connection as well as for router.

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In addition, you can access the wireless network through the WPS Pin Code. But every time you will have to plug in and power up the printer. Thus connecting a Canon PIXMA printer to wifi is simple and is done in 2 minutes.

Complete Setup in Video:

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