How To Connect Hp Printer To Wifi – Easy Steps & Guide

About twenty years ago the printing process was challenging and people didn’t take an interest in it. But now with the help of modern technologies, HP printers have become more accessible than ever.

Experts have added many wonderful functions to it, by which all users can easily print their documents from their smartphones. Let us come to the point if you are exploring how to connect hp printer to wifi? Then you are absolutely on the right page.

There are several ways to connect an HP printer to wifi but today I will explain to you only those which are unique in the world and a few people know about them. So it is an honorable thing for you because you are one of them learning modern skills about hp wireless printers.

The first method is called HP auto wireless connecting, 2nd is a Wireless setup, 3rd is known as Push button connect and the last is connecting to an HP printer without the router. So now move below and learn very much about these methods in detail.

Auto Wireless Connection

HP auto wireless connection is the first method for connecting an HP printer to wifi. Here, the wireless network automatically connects with the printer. The interesting thing is that you will not have to connect any cable or put the password of any wireless network. But for using this option you have to first install the software for the printer and you can get this software from the HP support page.

The way to use a wifi direct printer is very easy but first of all, you have to click the button for turning the printer on and for running the software. When you move for network connection type then select a suitable wireless and click on the option for getting send my wireless settings.

It will take some minutes but when it is completed then click on the finish button. So now your printer is ready to use and you can get perfect printing from how I connect my hp printer to wifi. If you are a sublimation printer user then also read about can you use sublimation ink for regular printing? This will help you a lot.

Wireless Setup

For connecting hp printer to wifi, a wireless setup is the best way for controlling printer panels. But this method is only applicable to HP printers and it will highlight the graphics on the screen. For using this modern method, just click on the printer and switch on to it. Keep in mind that any USB will not be connected during the printing. Then click on the network menu for checking the speed of the connection.

connect hp printer through wireless system

After doing the above functions, you will feel that I am moving on the right track. So then click the button of wireless settings and after it just clicks on the device screen for applying the wireless setup wizard.

Now the time is to find the network or use the WPA key option. When you do such functions, you will learn everything about how do I connect my printer to wifi. By bad luck, if you do not get the option of your wifi from the list then you can apply the new network manually.

WPS Push Button

WPS is the abbreviation of Wifi Protected Setup, you can use this option if the both HP printer and router support it otherwise it is not applicable. When you click on this button, you can connect your HP printer with wifi and it will take only two minutes. For using this key option, you have to first click on it.

Unfortunately, if there is no option of a physical push button then the hp printer won’t connect to wifi. But there is no need to worry, you can move toward the control panel that will allow you to use the WPS push button mode.

First of all, click on the wireless menu option and then apply the wifi-protected setup. If you want to use these options faster then you should read the guidelines on how to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi which is always present on the screen.

The second step is that you have to click on the WPS button in two minutes. Note if your PC device demands a Pin then move towards the printer. Besides it, if you don’t get any Pin from the printer then you can get it from the WPS push button.

Connecting To An Hp Printer Without Router

In fact, there is no need for an internet connection for finishing the printing. Because there is an HP Wireless Direct which is helpful for the printing of documents from your mobile or PC devices. But for this, you have to connect your device to the wifi of a printer. In this situation, many people ask how to connect my HP printer to wifi, so my suggestion is to use Wifi Direct or HP Wireless Direct.

There are many differences among them which causes problems for the users. If you use Wifi Direct, you can maintain the internet connection on your device. On the other side when you are using an HP Wireless Direct, you can not connect your device with a suitable internet connection. So in accordance to me, a Wifi Direct option is hundred percent better than the other one.

How to connect to Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct?

Many people want to learn about how to connect printer to wifi, so if you are one then read this article in detail. At first, click on the screen button and turn on your Wifi Direct or HP Wireless Direct. You can efficiently perform this function from the control panel.

Click on the HP Wireless Direct for navigating the Network Setup and then click on the screen for turning the connection on. If you are a PC user then connecting to Wifi Direct Or HP Wireless Direct is similar to other wireless networks.

connect your printer with easy wireless setup

If you are using Wifi Direct or HP Wireless Direct then the system will ask you for the WPA2 password. After it, you should click on the device screen and open a document or a picture, and then click on the printing button of a file.

While in the case of mobile you can start printing from the app menu. In addition to it, if the app does not allow printing for you then you should download the new version of the HP Printer Service Application. Thank You!

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