How To Connect Laptop Or Computer To Printer? Beginners Guide

In the presence of a wifi network, the wireless printer prints through the laptop. At the same time, the laptop leaves its connection with the printer cables and continues the print production. We will also get the printed files in the case of a weak wifi connection. Thus how to connect laptop to the Printer is an essential process that we should learn. The methods of connecting printers are the same for Windows and Apple Computers.

You can connect the Printer and the laptop just through the two methods. Using the USB cable method is very easy as our Printer connects to the laptop in seconds. At the same time, the Wireless connection method is complex because of its additional steps. So it’s your decision whether you prefer the USB cable or the Wireless connection method, but I will tell you the basic steps for quick printing.

Connecting Wireless Printer To The wifi Network:

Without the network connection, the wireless Printer does not work. The home connection is known as a wireless internet connection. At the same time, the official wireless printer connection is named office network. If you want to access a smooth connection for the wireless Printer, use the manufacturer guidelines:

Prepare Printer For Internet Access

  • By the following steps, the wireless Printer will achieve a stable wifi connection:
  • Enable the laptop and the wifi router.
  • Make sure to start the Printer.
  • Visit the Wireless Setup Settings option through the Printer’s control panel.
  • Choose SSID from the wifi network.
  • Type the password of the router: “WPA passphrase.”
  • If the Printer is glowing the wireless light, it has a wifi connection.

Wireless Connection Between A Printer And The Laptop

  • If the wifi network has been achieved, give a wireless printer to the laptop:
  • Turn On the Printer.
  • Write the Printer into the Windows Search text box.
  • Pick Scanners & Printers tab.
  • Visit the Settings window for Adding a Printer or Scanner option.
  • Take the Printer.
  • Choose the Add Service option.
  • Now the essential drivers will be set up by Windows.
  • In need, you will have to install extra software. Thus the Microsoft Store will give you software through the “Get App” icon.
  • After it, the wireless Printer will receive the prints from the laptop.
  • If Windows has not recognized your Printer, go to Printers & Scanners.
  • Two options, like Add a Printer or Scanner, will be on the screen; let us pick one of them.
  • Type that you have to get your favorite Printer.
  • Choose the Add a Bluetooth, Wireless, and Next options from the Add Printer box.
  • After taking the wireless Printer, tap on the Next button.
  • If everything has been cleared, shut down the Settings.

Printer’s Addition To The Windows 7 And Windows 8

  • The process of adding the Printer to Windows 7 and Windows 8 is a bit different:
  • Pick the Printers and Scanners from the Start icon.
  • Prefer the “Add a Printer” tab.
  • Choose Wireless and Add a Network from the Printer wizard.
  • Pick the desired Printer for how to connect the laptop to the Printer.
  • Use the Next tab.
  • Click on the Install Driver for Windows.
  • Don’t skip any step from the Wizard.
  • After all, use the Finish tab.

Printing Through A Wireless Printer Via wifi:

  • The printing of wireless Printers is similar to the other printing process of laptops:
  • Ensure the enabling of the Printer.
  • Give suitable connection and paper to its paper tray.
  • Choose the document from the web browser and then open it.
  • Pick the Printer icon.
  • Adapt the wireless Printer from the screen.
  • If there is a need, switch the changes.
  • Use the Print option.
  • Go to the printer output tray for printed pages.

Is Wireless Printing Possible With A Weak wifi Connection:

  • Email Print Service is available in the market, which makes our printers an email address. With this address, we can send all types of documents from the Printer. Thus wireless printing is possible if we are far away from a wifi connection:
  • Turn on the Printer and the wifi router.
  • Access to the desired email platform.
  • Let us generate a simple email message.
  • Get the email address from the Manufacturer and put it into the “To Text Box.”
  • Use print job description now.
  • Connect to the document which you have selected for printing.
  • To print individual sheets, you will have to write the message.
  • Make sure to prefer the Select button.
  • Thus the wireless Printer has done the printing of the file.


Q: How can I connect my laptop to my Printer wirelessly?

If you want to wirelessly connect your laptop to your Printer, hire the wifi Connection and explore the Printer Settings.

Q: Why can’t my Printer connect to my laptop?

Sometimes, our Printer does not connect to the laptop because of the latest software and operating system update.

Q: Why can’t my laptop find my Printer?

If your laptop is not finding the Printer, restart it quickly.

Q: Why is my Printer offline?

In most cases, our Printer becomes offline due to incorrect communication with the laptop.

Q: How do I print through wifi?

You will have to choose the Wireless Printer, Web Browser, and Document for wireless printing.


Have you any knowledge about how to connect laptop to Printer? If not! Then a detailed guide is here. Wifi is the main thing for the connection of the laptop and the Printer. Without it, both can never become compatible at any time. The connectivity of your laptop depends on two procedures as USB Cable and Wireless Connection. I believe a USB Cable technique is better because of its inexpensive rate. In comparison, a Wireless connection is costly and hard to understand. So do the wireless printing by activating the Wireless Printer and the Printer icon.

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