How To Connect Printer To Mac (Complete Guideline)

If we don’t add a printer to the Mac, we will not be able to print. Have you tried how to connect printer to Mac? Then use the Macintosh printer. Every printer demands a stable approach like Mouse and Keyboard for the mac connection.

All these instructions are specific to the printer types. Reading the printer documentary is another interesting job. Most documentation has 300 pages which is why their reading is time taking. But modern printers connect to the mac because of their simple setup and the AirPrint:

How To Connect Printer To Mac Complete Guide

Adding Bluetooth Printer To Mac

Add your Bluetooth printer to the Mac, through the printer list as:

  • Use the most updated macOS version and run the Mac smoothly
  • Enable the printer without delay
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners tab from the system preferences
  • Go to the printer’s list and get your printer with the plus button
  • Thus do the printing with the Bluetooth icon and Bluetooth Preferences tab

Recognize A USB Printer From The Mac

  • Connect a USB with the printer and access the Printers and Scanners tab
  • Make sure to tap on the plus button
  • If a printer has a USB, choose that printer and then press Add option
  • After the USB printer’s connection, the screen will glow on the left side

Wireless Printing

For wireless printing, enable the Mac and get the information about your wireless printer. In the case of multiple printers, you should make a default printer. While the below points will tell you about the start of the printing:

  • Use the File, Print, and Command + P options from the text editor
  • Adjust formats and copy numbers through the pop-up window
  • Use the print tab and place the document in the printer queue
  • If your wireless printing has been completed, turn off the printing by the Printers & Scanners, queue tabs

Adding A Printer To A Mac Through Wifi

Here, I am describing the printers’ addition to the mac through the wifi. This process is not easy as seems, so prepare yourself for complexities. But if your printer is expensive then the problems will not be a source of irritation:

  • Open your printer and click on its Wifi button
  • Activate the WPS button through the router
  • If this trick does not respond to you, read the documentation of the printer and router

Use the same wifi connection for the printer and the mac. After their connection, start the printer’s installation by the mac:

  • Activate the Printers & Scanners tab
  • Add the printer through the plus button
  • Open the list for the printer’s selection
  • If the AirPrint appears, it is already activated and will connect by the Add tab
  • But if AirPrint is not supported by your printer, use the Apple servers and download the driver

Adding A Printer To A Mac Through IP Address

The most prominent technique for Mac and printer connection is the use of an IP address. First of all, know the IP address of your printer and then connect it as follows. Otherwise, the printer list will remove your printer connection

  • Start your printer within a minute
  • Join the System Preferences for Printers & Scanners option
  • Place a new printer with the help of the plus button
  • Go to the IP tab
  • Now host the printer’s IP address in the web icon
  • Choose IPP, LPD, and AirPrint options
  • Write the printer’s name to get how to connect printer to Mac
  • Achieve a pop-up menu by placing the printer’s location
  • Click the “Select Printer Software” and get the favorite driver
  • Connect the printer by pressing the “Add to Connect the Printer” tab

Removing An Unused Printer From Mac

After learning the printer’s setup process, we should move towards its disconnect process. If you are not using a printer for some time, take the printer’s list for its removal. By this, the mac will be fresh every time as all of its burdens have been cleared. Below points are just about the disconnecting of an unused printer:

  • Click on the Printers and Scanners tab
  • Remove your printer by clicking the minus button
  • Again confirm the printer’s deletion
  • CleanMyMac X is a perfect software that removes useless data from the unused printer
  • Prefer the System Junk and Cleanup tabs
  • Analyze the unnecessary files just by scanning
  • After scanning, remove all the waste things


Why can’t I connect my Mac to my printer?

If a Mac is not connecting to your printer, its connection is not the same as the printer.

What cable do I need to connect my printer to my Mac?

USB cable is necessary for the connection of the printer and the Mac.

How do you print a document on a Mac?

From the Mac, use File, Print, and Command-P options to get the document printing.

What are two methods to connect to a printer wirelessly?

For wireless printer connection, WPS and Wireless Setup Wizard are two perfect methods.

How do I remove a printer from Mac?

Use System Preferences, Printers & Scanners to remove a printer from the Mac.

The Last Conclusion

How to connect printer to Mac is an essential question for all printer lovers. Without it, our printing jobs can not be completed. Every printer has a different setup on which they connect with the Mac. While the connection setup of the modern printer is straightforward.

Moreover, if you take AirPrint Technology within the process you will not have to download the drivers manually. A printer connects with the Mac by its Wifi and Wireless IP address. So you should prefer software like NetSpot, Toothfairy, and CleanMyMacX to manage the printers and Mac connection.

Video Guideline:

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