How to Convert A Printer to Sublimation? Easy Steps

Sublimation is currently one of the quickest developing trends in the field of crafting. Sublimation is famed for its top-line quality and outstanding printouts, but it isn’t inexpensive.

The astonishing fact is that by transforming a regular printer into a sublimation printer using a minimal amount of money, you can still experience the same quality of sublimation printing performance.

So the point is how to convert a printer to sublimation? You do not need to worry because we are to give you the answer. Or if you have a handsome amount of money in your pocket then we will suggest buying a new sublimation printer. Best sublimation printer review will help you to buy your new outclass printing machine.

Requirements For Conversion

Often people wonder if can I turn my printer into a sublimation printer and how it is possible. So it’s to inform you that you can quickly turn your printer into sublimation by using the following mentioned things.

  • Your ordinary (inkjet) printer
  • Sublimation ink
  • Pair of gloves
  • Set of cartridges or refillable cartridges
  • Syringes or needles to insert the ink

Conversion Method

You can convert your brand new as well as used inkjet printer into a sublimation printer. Do not forget to put on hand gloves before the conversion procedure.

Conversion of Used Printer

If your printer is previously installed with another ink, then you must remove all previous ink from the printer’s lines before introducing Sublimation ink.

steps for conversion of used printer into a sublimation printer

Step 1-Before beginning the conversion procedure, print a nozzle check to ensure that the printer is in good functioning order. You should not try a transformation on such printers that are not printing properly.

Step 2– Before proceeding, make sure that you have an extra maintenance tank or a maintenance tank re-setter on hand.

Step 3– Insert a set of cleaning or refillable cartridges in place of the existing ink cartridges. Remember to double-check that the cartridges are properly placed and locked.

Step 4-Clean the previous ink from the lines using the initial fill technique; after that, replace it with purge fluid. To eliminate all remains of previous ink, perform the first fill technique once again.

Step 5-Insert the sublimation ink after removing the cleaning cartridges.

Step 6-Fill all lines with sublimation ink to print using the first fill method.

Conversion of a New Printer

If you have a new printer and you have not used it before, and you intend to turn it into a sublimation printer, you are allowed to begin using sublimation inks straight away immediately. In this case, the cartridges that came with your printer do not require to be installed. Use a set of suitable sublimation cartridges or a pair of refilling cartridges with bottled ink instead.

Can you convert any Epson printer to sublimation?

Inkpot enables you to obtain sublimation printing by converting any Epson printer into a sublimation printer. Remember that ink should not get into touch with any other ink while you deal with Sublimation ink. By reading and following the steps mentioned above for conversion, either for new or old, you can easily understand how to set up an Epson printer for a sublimation printer.

Interestingly, Epson Eco-tank printers allow you to use your ink as they have Fillable ink tanks. But the noteworthy point is that Eco-Tank printers can utilize sublimation ink only if they are new and have never been supplied with some other ink.

Pour the sublimation ink into your Eco-Tank printer by using included syringes to convert Epson Eco-Tank to sublimation. These printers use Piezo technology, and once you transform them into a sublimation printer, they void the warranty. We will also suggest you to check how to print sublimation on dark shirts.

Can I print sublimation paper on a regular printer?

The most crucial query that must be answered is Can I print sublimation paper on a regular printer? You cannot because a Sublimation paper is a technical paper that can only be used for sublimation printing. The paper is made from a substrate that is similar to regular paper. The dye sublimation inks are held in place by a specific coating applied to this paper which shows that they cannot be used on a regular printer.

Sublimation printing problems

  • “Moisture” introduced into the sublimation process might have unfavorable impacts.
  • If you get bulk or burst of ink beyond the picture area, another problem is called “gassing out.”
  • If you get a hazy appearance, it’s called “ghosting,” which is usually characterized by a shadow effect across or beyond the boundaries.
  • When you see lines of vanishing ink in your outputs, you’re likely dealing with a problem known as “banding.”
  • Sometimes you end up with faint lines on your fabric; this problem is called “Transfer lines on apparel.”


Whether you create crafts for yourself or for the purpose of selling, sublimation plays the role of a game-changer that generates a world of new creative opportunities. Although sometimes the sublimation has to meet some problems, as mentioned above, these problems can easily be resolved as the demand for sublimation increases day by day, so the use of sublimation printers has reached the top.

Some people buy the sublimation printers directly, while some find it difficult because of their cost. Such people want to convert their inkjet printer into sublimation. After reading the article, you will understand how to convert a printer into sublimation.

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