How To Convert Hp Printer To Sublimation Printer? [Easy Steps]

Sublimation printers are the primary invention of this era. Due to these, we are wearing beautiful and designed full clothes and garments. In the design industry, it is so famous now. But the problem occurs with its price. Everyone with a sublimation business wants to adopt the sublimation printer, but all have not enough money to buy a sublime printer.

And a few times we bought a regular printer instead of a sublimation printer, unfortunately, but after opening it, we can sell it at that time due to its low price. So in this way to overcome these two problems we are giving you a brief detail about how to convert hp printer to sublimation printer.

In this article, I will discuss the conversion of the HP printer into sublimation because I have experienced it in my life. A year ago, a person was selling an HP printer for a meager price.

Because of its low cost, I decided to buy it, and then I bought it. I bought this printer to use it as a sublimation printer. But when I bring this printer into my office, I check that it is not a sublimation printer. At its original position, we can use it as a sublimation printer.

Then I go to the printer experts and tell them my problem. They told me that you should sell it at cheap rates because you can also convert your hp printer into a sublimation printer. But for this, your printer must have piezo technology instead of thermal technology. Printers work on two technologies.

One is thermal, and the second is piezo (pressure) technology. So if you are deciding to convert your hp printer into sublimation, then your printer must have piezo technology in it. By the grace of God, that printer was a piezo technology printer. And then, I follow these simple steps to make my printer a hp sublimation printer.

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Steps To Follow For Conversion

Below are simple steps that will give you an idea of how you can easily convert your hp printer into a sublimation printer. I have decided to tell you in stages for your ease. So don’t forget to support me in the comment section and now follow me to make your simple hp printer more workable.

easy steps to convert hp printer into sublimation printer

Start With A New Hp Printer

Every piezo technology printer has ink cartridges in it. Regular ink and sublimation ink is different from each other. So for this conversion, it is necessary to take a new printer.

Otherwise, there are a lot of chances of mixing up ordinary ink and sublimation ink for hp printer. This fixation will affect your sublimation result. And there are a lot of opportunities to destroy our product by doing this. So always use a new hp printer because of its neat and clean cartridges.

Now Fill The Ink Tanks

Here, the piezo technology helps us because we can quickly put these printers’ ink tanks in and out. Otherwise, thermal printers can not offer us this ease due to which those are not able to change into a sublimation printer.

Only a sublimation printer lets us easily remove and refill the ink tanks. Now fill the ink tanks with hp sublimation ink for high-class results, and then follow us for the next step.

Select The Image And Edit It

The third step is to select the desired image to print on your t-shirts or the mug. You can use google or famous sites like Shutterstock for pictures and then pick the good one you love most.

Then after selecting it, there is a need to edit that image. For editing the image, you can use adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, Silhouette Studio app, etc., to make some changes to the pic.

After making these changes, follow the last step, which is setting a perfect proportion of the image according to your product where you want to put this image. You can select any balance for your photo from the above Software, so don’t wait and just set its proportions for proceeding with the following process.

Print The Image

After setting the size of the image now, it’s time to print the vision; for printing, you do not need a particular type of paper. Just pick a letter-size sublimation paper and then set it into the printer.

Open the image, and in the above setting, click on print. After clicking on the track, it will offer you to select your sublimation printer. Then choose the sublimation printer and show your printout of the hp dye-sublimation printer.

Iron The Product

So now, before proceeding further, iron your fabric flawlessly. The ironic T-shirt will help you to get a smooth and perfect result. Non-iron fabric can show the lines on the shirt due to its un-smoothness. So According to my experience, I will recommend you iron your fabric before putting the printout image on it. It is necessary if you want to get high-class results.

Apply Heat Press

After it, it’s time to heat, press on the t-shirt. First, put blank paper in the t-shirt that is perfectly set where you want to print your image. This paper will save the other part of the shirt from coloring and offer a smooth and perfect location for better sublimation.

Then put that sublime paper on the upper part of the t-shirt and slowly iron this. By the heat of the iron, the whole dye color will melt on the t-shirt and then stay free for 2-3 minutes for perfect sublimation results. And now your shirt is ready, and your hp printer worked as a sublimation printer.

Final Discussion

The above process was the simple way to convert a hp printer into a sublimation printer. Most people search the list of hp printers that can be used for sublimation. So there is no need for a list. The simple answer is that you can easily convert every piezo technology hp printer into a sublimation printer.

But for this, follow the above steps carefully and first try it on a t-shirt to check its results, then use it for other objects. Rather if you want to convert any printer into a sublimation printer then check now how to convert a printer to sublimation.


How can hp printers be converted to sublimation?

Yes, you can convert every pressure technology ho printer into sublimation printing.

Why should we do this while there are many sublimation printers in the market?

This process is not necessary for all of us. It is for those who have bought the wrong sublimation printer or have a minimal amount of money for sublimation printing.

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