How To Find Printer History (For All Devices)

If anyone wants to learn how to find printer history on windows, give our address to him as soon as possible. The checking of printer history provides us with all of our details. It also gives us old printed files which are used for our business purpose.

Moreover, it also highlights if anyone has used our printer without telling us. But for these results, we have to enable the logging option of windows. While we have to also turn on the printer’s settings. After it, the printer history on different windows will be open smoothly:

How To Find Printer History On Windows 7

  • First of all, ensure the opening of the control panel and then tap on the Printer’s icon.
  • There is a “History” Tab given in the printer windows and you have to click on it.
  • After it, all the old documents of your printer will appear in the form of a list. Remember that the list not only gives the documents but also highlights their name, date, and sizes in detail.

The above method will work just for a single printer. But if you want to learn the printer history of multiple printers then obey the following tasks:

  • Use the search menu option to explore the printers and faxes.
  • Open both printers and faxes just with a click.
  • Choose a printer for watching its print history.
  • A toolbar is there to highlight the properties button.
  • Tap on the “Details” tab from the properties dialog box.
  • Open the print history just by the job’s title option.
  • Now select a document for which you are here.
  • All these functions will be deleted by the “Delete” button.

How To Find Printer History On Windows 10

For how to find printer history, make sure to turn on the print history feature and get the printer history quickly. If you don’t give importance to this option and don’t enable it, you can never analyze your printer’s history. While the printer will automatically remove all of your data if it is not being used.

How To Find Printer History

Then use the print history feature and access the old printed items. This process is not immediate as most of us think because here every action needs time for its completion. While the two effective methods for finding the print history of windows 10 are as follows:


  • Select the “Start” button available on the right side of the screen.
  • Start Menu has a settings icon that you have to apply.
  • Move towards the “Printers and Scanners” through the “ Devices” option.
  • Click on the printer from the given list.
  • The printer’s name highlights the “Manage” button for you.
  • Join the print queue window for enabling the printer tab.
  • The dropdown menu accesses the properties option.
  • Activate the “Advanced” tab from the new window.
  • Now analyze the “Keep printed document” box.
  • Raise a click on the “OK” button.
  • Finally, the print history feature has been activated by you.

For watching the print history feature, do the following tasks:

  • Reopen the Settings.
  • Enter into the “Devices”, and “Printers and Scanners” one by one.
  • From the Devices option, you can explore your printer because of its list.
  • Carry on the “Open Queue” from the printer.
  • Thus all of your data has been saved forever through this simple method.

Event Viewer

Generally, Event Viewer is present on all kinds of Windows 10 computers. But if you have any doubt about its presence then find its location:

  • Open the app and explore the options: “Applications and Service Logs”.
  • The folder icon comes with an arrow and you must tap on it.
  • Participate in the “Microsoft” folder.
  • The left screen bar ensures the Windows option to you.
  • After it, various folders will be on the list but your target must be “PrintService”.
  • Click on it and make your way to the Operational.
  • Proceed towards the properties.
  • Make use of the new window and choose “Enable Logging”.
  • Observe the “Overwrite events as needed” box.
  • Use the apply and OK buttons respectively.
How To Find Printer History 2022

How To Find Printer History On Windows 11

If you want to troubleshoot the problems of windows 11, just read the given points:

  • Let us click on the control panel to open it quickly.
  • Enable the Administrative Tools Icon as soon as possible.
  • Now tap on the Services Icon two times.
  • Move downward for searching the Print Spooler Service.
  • Choose the Properties from the Print Spooler Service.
  • Now press the given “Log On” button.
  • Use the “OK” button for the selection of a Local System Account.
  • Remove all these functions just by closing the Service Window.


Do printers save history?

Yes, printers save history and its simplest example is the documents present in our offices. They also ensure their eligibility, so that we will use them in the future. But if anyone is not satisfied with the printers, he should use another item for printing.

Do Home Printers store information?

The answer to this question is in doubt because some home printers are effective in information stores. While a few home printers don’t follow this rule. So the information storing capacity of the home printers depends on their nature and settings.

How do I recover a printed document?

You can use tons of methods for recovering printed documents. Let’s open the hard drive of your computer and find the document. While the printer history is also friendly in document recovery.

Final Verdicts

How to find printer history looks like a hard phenomenon because of its steps. But if you ensure reading this blog, everything will be clear to you in a blink of seconds. None can explore his printer history without reading anything. That’s why I always think of your ease and advantages so that you will make awesome printing jobs.

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Thus act upon the key points of printer history on windows one by one. If you miss any procedure, your process can be damaging. So make sure to perform the process completely, so that damaging chances will not remain and you can achieve a perfect job.

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