How To Find Printer Ip Address (Simple And Easy Ways)

The Ip address of a printer solves all the network issues. Anyone who wants to enjoy a good network should know his Printer’s Ip address. The Printer’s Ip address is the same as the address of the streets. If you put the wrong Ip address, it will bring serious issues for you. And then you can not perform printing like usual.

So here, I am nominating a perfect note on how to find printer IP address. If you face this issue, this reading will clear your worries. Just expand your eyes and learn new ways to find the Ip address of a printer:

How To Find The IP Address Of A Printer On Configuration Page?

The configuration page has an effective role in determining of canon printer IP address. Note that the Ip address of one Printer is always different from the other. And the printer documentation is suitable for exploring the correct menu screen. So at first, turn on the Printer and hold the menu option.

Start navigation with the help of the menu button. Then apply the enter button for navigating the already present networks. After it, an option of wifi status will come toward you. Hold this button and select an Ip address of your desire.

what is my printers ip address

How To Find Ip Address On Printer (Windows 10)?

For Windows 10, finding the Ip address on a printer is not very difficult. So make sure that the control panel is on. Then move towards the hardware and sound. Now choose the Printer’s properties and use an option of right click. After it, three tabs of web services will appear on the screen.

Then you will see the five tabs of Port tabs. So it is on your Printer whether it selects three or five tabs. When the Printer uses tabs, you will see them again in the mini window. If you have done these functions, you will find the Ip address on a printer soon.

How Do I Find My Printers Ip Address (Mac)?

If you want to find the hp printer IP address for mac, open the system preferences very fast. But you have to move towards the left corner of the screen where an option of the Apple logo is present.

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Click on this option and then click the button on printers and scanners. Use your left hand for the selection of the Printer. Press the button of Option and Supplies. At last, you will see that the Ip address of your Printer is 12 digits.

How To Find Ip Address Of Hp Printer By Using The Command Prompt?

Command prompts are also best for exploring the Ip address of the Printer. You can utilize them at different times when you need them. At first, hold the Windows key and open the Command Prompts fastly.

Then Write the netstat- r, and cmd very fast. Click on the enter button, which is present near you. And use it for appearing on other networks. In this way, you can easily find your Printer’s Ip address. But if your Printer’s IP address is not working well, you should use another network.

How To Find Printer Address By Using The CUPS Webpage?

With the help of the CUPS Webpage, you can easily get your Printer’s IP address. So move towards the folders and open the application. After that, click on a button to open Utilities and Terminal.

Give a command to the Printer by typing cupsctl WebInterface=yes. Then click on the Enter button to enable the CUPS Webpage interface. Use your favorite browser like Safari and type localhost:631/printers in the address bar. At last, you will get the full information on how to find printer Ip address.

how to find my printers ip address

How To Search Ip Address Of A Printer From The Router?

Generally, where the IP address on a printer is an annoying question. If this question is disturbing you, then use this masterpiece method. Just log in to the router setup menu. Put the bar code into any browser.

Then add the password and username of your router account. If you don’t remember the password, then the admin can tell it you again. Open a DHCP Client Table where a list of clients is also present. This list will provide you with the Ip address of the Printer.

How To Find A Printer’s Ip Address From The Printer’s Menu?

The use of the Printer’s menu is also best in describing the Ip address of a printer. Always read the details of wireless before starting the process. There is an option for the home button, and you must press it.

After pressing this button, you will get two other options of preference and wireless settings. The Ip address of the Printer sometimes appears on the next box. And this box is always present on the corner of the Printer. So you can become the master of how to find printer IP address.

What Are DHCP, BOOTP, EtherTalk, And Manual?

If your question is how do I find my Printer’s IP address, then the following modes will be best for you. The basic configuration is known as DHCP. If you set the network on DHCP, the Printer will achieve its settings automatically. And also, you can find its Ip address completely.

The second mode for finding the Ip address of the Printer is BOOTP. It is similar to the first mode created before it. While EtherTalk is a very old method, applicable for printer communication. The final mode is Manual, by which you can design the printers’ settings manually.

Final Verdicts

Read this article in detail and learn how to find printer IP address. Let’s solve all the issues with printers in a few seconds. Use the Prompt Box as it is the best for network fixation. Sometimes, your strong connection can become dull. Then it would help if you explored a new connection. Put the Ip address of your Printer into the other network. Connect to a network and make awesome designs by the Printer.

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