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iPhones allow us for wireless printing by activating the wifi network. “Printer Options” are not in the Settings portion, but they insert the Printer into your device. At the same time, this Settings portion is full of the settings menus of other devices. Let us start the web page printing by adding the Printer and selecting the “Print” tab. Hopefully, you will understand the scenario of how to find Printer on your iPhone in no time. Then move down to start the process:

Adding A Printer To An iPhone:

If you want to add a printer to your iPhone, obey the below points as soon as possible:

  • Go to the Home Screen of the iPhone.
  • Make sure to touch on the Photos or Safari icon.
  • Choose an image for printing.
  • Overview of the web page.
  • Join the web page navigation and learn how to add AirPrint printer to iphon.
  • Select the “Share” icon, which has a rectangular look.
  • Visit the Menu Screen for the “Print” and “Printer Options” icons.
  • Thus your iPhone has achieved the desired Printer.

Why My iPhone Can’t find a Printer?

Now I will tell you why your iPhone faces problems with Printer exploration. Three essential components like iPhone, Print Server, and Wireless Router, are effective in iPhone printing. If any problem appears in these components, your iPhone will not find the Printer. Thus get the troubleshooting steps below and manage your iPhone to take the Printer at all times: We will also advise you to read also how to connect a printer to your iPhone.

Restart iPhone, Printer, And Wireless Router

Restarting iPhone, Printer, and Wireless Router means that the minor glitches of the iPhone will disappear. It depends on the printer model, and each model has a different restarting procedure. If your iPhone does not have any face id, use the power button and turn it off quickly. Do this just by swiping the power icon. Feel free to prefer the power button so the screen will give Apple Logos. In comparison, the Face ID iPhone will order you to use the side button to turn it off. Then take the power icon and the side button for Apple Logos.

Disable The Wifi & Bluetooth And Back On

Sometimes, disabling the Wifi & Bluetooth and Back on clears the minor faults of your iPhone:

  • Click on the Wifi from the Settings.
  • Disable the Wifi just by using the “Switch Wifi To Next” option.
  • If the Switch is white, the Wifi has been disabled.
  • Enable the Wifi again.
  • If the Switch is green, the Wifi is active.
  • Visit the Settings for Bluetooth.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth with a single click.
  • Tap on the “Turn On” button and enable Bluetooth.
  • Indeed, now the Printer will be found on your iPhone. If it does not happen, check your internet connection.

Update The iPhone

If your iPhone is not finding the desired Printer, move for its updating and get the latest software. I suggest you avoid outdated software to protect your iPhone from its minor glitches:

  • Overview of the iPhone Settings for Software Update.
  • If the latest software is present, use the Download and Install button.
  • Learn about the updates from the manufacturer’s web pages.
  • Note that the software of some printers is not applicable for the update.

Neglect The Printer And The Bluetooth Connection

The iPhone and the Bluetooth device connection means that the Bluetooth device data is saved in the iPhone. If anyone changes this connection, your iPhone will not explore the Printer through Bluetooth. But if you neglect the connection between the both, the iPhone will come with the Printer.

  • Hold on to the Settings for Bluetooth.
  • Explore a printer from the My Devices list.
  • Use “Forget This Device” and neglect the Printer.
  • Reconnect the Printer with the iPhone through Settings.
  • Get your Printer’s name beneath the Other Devices list.
  • Pair both the Printer and the iPhone right now.

Reset Network Settings

By the reset network settings, all the cellular settings of your iPhone will be erased. At the same time, these settings are stored in the factory defaults. Thus wifi connection or other problems will not capture your iPhone.

  • To reset network settings, you will have to visit Settings.
  • Then use the General and Reset Network Settings tab.
  • Confirm the reset by analyzing the Reset Network Settings icon.
  • Resetting also powers off your iPhone.
  • Then enable it for Wifi passwords and Bluetooth devices connection.


Q: Can all printers print from iPhones?

Yes, all printers print from iPhones because of their AirPrint.

Q: Why can’t I find my Printer on my iPhone?

If your iPhone is not finding your Printer, activate the Wifi connection from the Printer’s network settings.

Q: Can I print remotely from my iPhone?

If your Printer receives a stable Wifi connection, you can do the remote printing from your iPhone.

Q: Can not find a printer on the network?

Call the network administrator if the network is not providing you with a printer.

Q: How to find Printer on iPhone?

To get the Printer on your iPhone, activate the app, use the share icon, prefer the AirPrint printer, and select the Print tab.

Final Verdicts

Indeed, the how-to-find Printer on iPhone guide will be your favorite topic. Here, we are just talking about the iPhone and its suitable printers. For wireless printing, you will have to activate the Wifi network from the iPhone. By using the Printer Option, the Printer will be part of your iPhone. Moreover, you can do the web page printing through the “Print” tab. Your iPhone will receive the Printer by selecting the Home Screen, Safari icon, Web page, and Printer Options. Despite all, if your iPhone is not getting the Printer, update it and reset the network settings.

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