How To Find Wps Pin For Printer (Complete Guide)

If you have purchased a new printer, how to find WPS pin for printer should be your first job. WPS technology ensures a wireless connection between the WPS printers and other devices. Its speed is appreciable and privacy is secure from errors. In comparison, a Conventional USB Connection is full of bugs and has minimum speed.

The side panel of printers gives the WPS pin. Moreover, the printer’s network settings also access us to the WPS pin. Let us gain further about the WPS pin through the manufacturer experiments presented here:

What Is WPS PIN?

WPS is a Wifi Protected Setup and contains 8 digits. Most printers generate it for wireless networks. While the routers have no activity in the accumulation of WPS PIN. Modern technology says it is a wireless network program that builds the connection of wireless devices.

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If your router has a small speed then use the WPS PIN to maximize its speed. The absence of a wireless network means that the WPS will not show effective working. If a wireless network works with the password then the WPS will encrypt its password and connection.

Find Wps Pin For Printer

Where Do I Find The WPS Pin On My Printer

The best way to find WPS PIN on a printer is the use of the control panel. I am shocked to know that modern printers offer the PIN in seconds and have large screens:

  • Enable your printer
  • Join its control panel to tap the “Settings” tab
  • Use the Wifi Protected Setup option
  • Obey the instructions present on the screen
  • Press the “WPS PIN” button to get the 8-digit PIN
  • Lastly, add this PIN to your device within 90 seconds. Otherwise, you will have to do all the work from the start
  • Connecting A Printer With A Network Through WPS Technology:


Use the wireless button after joining the Control Panel. Make sure to tap on the “Settings” tab.
Now your hand should click on the “Wifi Protected Setup” option and do all the work according to the screen.

  • Achieve the WPS PIN after pressing the PIN tab
  • Come to the “Configuration Utility” option and finish the setup with the entry of the WPS PIN
  • Steer the “Printer Setup and Software” from the All Programs portion
  • Do the installation of the “Network Printer Driver” after the selection of Connect A New Printer tab

WPS Push Button

  • Stay on the “Control Panel” tab
  • Click on the Settings button to blink the printer blue light
  • Obey the screen prompts just with the selection of “Wifi Protected Setup”
  • Access the WPS button and apply it from the router
  • Get the wireless network only from the “Continue” option

If your printer lacks a big screen and a control panel, use the WPS Push button as:

  • First of all, activate your printer
  • Make use of the “Wireless Button”
  • Get access to the Wifi Protected Setup
  • Click on the “Push Button”
  • Enter into the wireless router and get the WPS button
  • If you like the blinking of the WPS light, use the WPS button for at least 4 seconds
  • After 3 seconds, the blinking of the printer and router will end. But without connection, WPS Push Button will never work


Where to find WPS pin on printer?

WPS PIN only depends on the printer quality and has no permanent place. Its formation takes place in the printer’s control panel.

What is the WPS PIN code?

The eight-digit code which makes a stable connection between two devices is known as the WPS PIN code.

What is the WPS button?

The button which results in automatic connection without the interface of wires is known as the WPS button.

Do all routers have a WPS button?

Yes, the WPS button is present in all routers.

What are the numbers in WPS PIN?

WPS PIN contains just 8-digit numbers.

How many numbers are in WPS PIN?

If you want to know the numbers in WPS PIN, enter them into the Wifi Protected Setup and tap on the WPS button.

Is WPS secure?

Yes, WPS technology is safe from dangers.

Final Verdicts

Don’t hesitate how to find WPS pin for the printer as a step-by-step guide is there. WPS means Wifi Protected Setup that includes 8 digits. While the WPS technology gives wireless connection to the WPS printers.

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By WPS, your printer’s activities will be hidden from strangers. I believe 100% in the strict privacy of WPS and its speed catches my all attention. But it works only due to the availability of the wireless printer.

While lots of wireless devices have been generated by it. Thus find your printer’s WPS just with the use of the WPS PIN and WPS Push Button.

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