How To Get Printer Back Online? Troubleshoot The Problems

In our work life, we do a lot of paperwork. We type the documents, scan them and get their hard copies through printers. We connect our computer with a printer and select the paper or document we want to copy. Usually, the operations are simple, and we can easily print out all the writings. But sometimes, we turn on the printers, but it does not respond. When we check the status, it shows offline, which means the printer is not working.

There are many reasons behind the issue. But, it does not mean your printer is destroyed and will not work again. There could be an error between the computer and printer. First, check the printer thoroughly. Maybe, there is a minor issue. Check the internet connection and cables. The problem also arises due to :

  • Outdated drivers
  • Settings Errors
  • Computer issues

Here are some of the recommendations by which you can get printers back online. I am sure you will get tips on how do I get my canon printer back online.

get your online printer with simple steps

Cable Chick

Firstly, you should check that all cables are firmly inserted. Make sure the Ethernet cable is present at its place if your printer is networked. Most inexperienced people don’t fit the primary things. However, when you use wireless printers, you should check the internet supply. Also, the check printer is linked with the router. Restart the router or use a different ethernet cable. Moreover, you can attach the USB cable to check whether your printer is working or not. Clean the printer thoroughly and remove all the dust inside the ports.

Remove All Pending Works

Select the start button and go to Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners. Choose the printer and open pending works or queue. You will select all the documents entangled in the printer and remove them. This step removes all the jobs, and your printer is free from all the chores. Try to cancel all the appointments and again select “Printer Online”. Many people resolve the issues and get back the online status of printers. It is the most common issue that can happen anytime.

Power Off Device And Restart

Turn off the printer and turn off the computer. You should also remove all the cables and unplug the printer for at least a minute. Then, reinsert the electrical cord and power the printer. Wait until the printer is finished starting up. You must check all cable connections and turn on the computer. See if the printer is still showing up offline or not. Disable the “power saving mode” and turn on the printer thoroughly. Some technical faults in the printers are not resolved so quickly.

Remove Printer Driver & Packages

Sign-in in the windows or log in as an admin, open the search bar and type CMD. Also, open the “print properties” window and remove the driver and all the packages. After that, re-add the printer from Devices & Printers. This operation is repeated, and the online status of your printer is shown. In this article, you will learn the guide on how do I get my hp printer back online. Most of the hp computers open after doing this step.

Paper Jam

Sometimes, the paper gets stuck between the printers, and removing the article or its parts is difficult. The printer may go offline due to a paper jam. Print a test page using the control panel or the properties. You can check if the printer works or not. If the printer doesn’t print the test page, there is a hardware problem. So, you should check out the hardware or go to the expert. Paper jam is rare, but this issue has been reported many times. For further details, you can also read how to unjam the printer.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Go to the start button, and choose Printers & Scanners from settings. Choose the printer option and select manage. Push “Run the TroubleShooter” and follow the rules to detect the issues. There can be issues regarding the Firewalls. You can also find out if the printer is blocked intentionally by someone. If the network printer does not show anything, you should go to an IT expert for troubleshooting.

Disable The SNMP Port

SNMP is the abbreviation of Simple Network Management Protocol. With SNMP, you can check how many devices are connected to your network. Disable the SNMP port and discover the status of the printer. The solution has resolved the problems of many users. It may work for you; try it once. Select the printer properties and open the Ports tab to disable the SNMP.

Print Spooler

Windows print spooler is a part that powers the discovery of the printers and executes the print jobs. If the print spooler does not work on a device, your printer may not work. From the “Start menu”, select Run and type services. MSC in the box and click Ok. Search the print spooler and restart it. You can instantly launch the service. Now check if your printer shows online status or not. In most cases, the printer starts working. I hope you will know how to get my epson printer back online.

Try Printing From Another Device

Remove your printer and use another device ( laptop or PC). Maybe your device is not working correctly. So, I suggest that you should set the printer on another machine and check whether it works or not. For more details you can also watch this video.

Last Words

I have described all the standard tips, issues, and solutions. Read these procedures and apply them to your device. Still, the printer does not get On, so you should buy a new printer. Because, in some cases, the fixing costs are much higher. If you are working in a business company, you will need a printer many times a day. So, resolve the issues or buy a new one. Don’t waste your precious time refining outdated devices. If the information was helpful for you, please motivate us in the comment section. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover Windows 10 with these tips?

Yes, you can recover Windows 10 and change the status from offline to online.

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