How To Get Sublimation Ink Out Of Polyester? Removing Methods

We ever try to provide you with the most updated knowledge about sublimation, like how to get sublimation ink out of polyester (A Difficult Process). But if you give just 15 minutes, soon you will be a professional. Sometimes, sublimation ink removes hardly because of its incompatibility with other solvents.

If your polyester has ink spots, use the home products like moist cloth on the affected areas. Some spots consume too much time for removal, then show patience. Thus below are 2 great methods to remove the sublimation ink from the polyester:

2 Main Methods Of How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Polyester

Use Stain Lifter:

  • If the polyester highlights useless ink stains, remove them through the stain lifter method. But if such stains are for a long time, their removal will be difficult. Use a dry cloth on the spotted places so that they will be dry. Also, ensure that the dry cloth will not move on the clean portion of the polyester. Otherwise, the clean parts of polyester will be ugly.
  • To remove the ink from the polyester, rubbing alcohol is an amazing product. Just apply a few drops on the polyester surface. Now rub it with a clean cloth, and the ink will leave the polyester. Another best item for ink removal is borax, which uses a water paste. Put that paste where you need it, but it must be for 30 minutes.
  • Despite the above products, don’t forget to use strong soap for ink removal. In this technique, you don’t have to make any paste. Only you have to apply the soap to the dirty areas directly. Then start rubbing it with the other clean fabric. Here, lots of bubbles will also come. While a stain remover pen also works in the same way.
  • These polyester techniques can be used for fabric clearing as I have seen lots of polyester and fabric with each other. Oddly, the ink of some fabric removes without washing. While the stains of most fabric don’t leave them if we do not prefer the washing. The dry cleaning technique is also amazing for the ink removal of polyesters.
  • At last, place your dirty polyester into the cold water. Surely, when you take off your polyester, its stains will be absent. But unfortunately, if such stains are present on your polyester, then rub as much as possible.

Use Hair Spray:

  • The second method to remove the ink stains of polyester is using hair spray. Varieties of hair sprays are available on the market, but aerosol hairspray is the #1 brand. Let us adopt this hairspray to weaken the ink stains. Note that some hairsprays are not favorable for fabrics. So we should check the quality of such hairsprays before their use.
  • Prefer a bowl and add dishwashing soap, water, and white vinegar. But the amount of dishwashing soap must be ½ spoon, ¼ water, and 1 spoon of white vinegar. Mix these particles completely and move for the next steps.
  • Add a clean cloth to the bowl, but its color must be white. The reason is that the white colors have more attraction powers than the other colors. So when you rub this white cloth on your affected polyester, all the useless prints will be clean. But sometimes, rubbing clears only a few spots. Then repeat the process to clean the remaining spots.
  • In last, use cold water on the dirty polyester. Rubbing is the perfect technique for vinegar and soap removal. If you continuously use rubbing, then you will get a bright polyester. But if you don’t rub the cloth properly, vinegar and soap will not be removed, creating a bad smell and dirt on the polyester surface.
  • Some people easily clear the spots before entering the washing phase. While a few friends are not lucky as their ink spots only clean with the washing phase. Besides putting the polyester into the bowl, we can also get the washing through the washing machine. Remember that the washing machine is powerful machinery that also removes permanent ink spots.


Q: Does polyester melt when ironed?

If you have a high ironing heat, the polyester will automatically melt.

Q: Can you use a heat press on polyester?

The heat press is compatible with polyester so we can use it for polyester.

Q: What temperature do you heat press polyester?

The temperature that we use for the polyester pressing is 270F.

Q: How do you remove the lettering from polyester?

With the help of a hairdryer and sharp knife, I remove the lettering from the polyester.

Q: Can you remove an iron burn from clothing?

We can remove the iron burn from clothing through distilled white vinegar.

Q: How to get sublimation ink out of polyester?

By rubbing alcohol, the sublimation ink will come out from the polyester.

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After reading the how to get sublimation ink out of the polyester guide, you will be aware of everything. Sublimation ink removal from the shirt is simple, but in the case of polyester, it takes too much time. At the same time, the reason for this is its incompatible nature. So what should we use for the sublimation ink removal?

There are various products that we can prefer for ink removal. I believe rubbing alcohol is a simple and affordable technique where we have only to rub. While the use of a washing machine, cold water, hair spray, and strong soap also results in sublimation ink removal.

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