How To Make A Sublimation Mug Wrap (For Home And Office)

The sublimation on the mug is an easy procedure that makes attractive designs. Anyone can use the sublimation in their houses for making a couple of coffee mugs. While you can attract people through these eye-catching mugs. But the odd thing is that some people are still unaware of the sublimation of mugs. So there is a detailed blog on how to make a sublimation mug wrap for them. Through this, they can become experts in the sublimation of mugs and can make beautiful mugs for households.

Things You’ll Need

During the sublimation of the mugs, you have to use some essential items which are given below. So don’t skip them and know their benefits in the process:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Mugs wrap
  • Thermal heat-resistant tape
  • Transfers
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Oven
  • Drill

Besides it, some other accessories can happen. If you know or find any accessories related to this topic then mentioned its name in the comment section.

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steps of to make a sublimation mug

Basic Steps Of How To Make A Sublimation Mug Wrap

  • First of all, choose an image that you like and put it onto the transfer paper. As a result, you will get its printing and the transfer.
  • The transfer should cover the whole mug which is done only by the trimming.
  • After it, make sure that you are cutting the thermal tape for making its two pieces. While the length of each piece must be 1 inch. Now place both pieces in the mid of the transfer for holding its both sides.
  • The transfer should be on the mug surface and the tape must be below. Now use your hands across the vessel to make it tight. But its tightness should be greater than the tightness of the mug. At this time, use the tape on the bottom of the second corner.
  • While the wrapping of the mug is done only around the mug surface. Then transfer the image onto all sides of the mug handle. Now use a drill or a nut driver and tight the mug wrap as you can. Take care that the mug wrap edges do not join the mug handle.
  • After it, use the convection oven of 400 degrees and put the mug inverted into it. If you are creating more than one mug then place them equally in the oven. Thus you have to give heat to these mugs from 15 to 18 minutes.
  • Now, wear the gloves on your hands and remove the mug as fast as you can. The advantage of the gloves is that they protect your hands from the hotness of the oven. So before using the oven, you should use these safety hand gloves.
  • After taking the mug from the oven, arrange a fan to cool the mug. Give some time to this fan, so that it will cool and dry the mug fastly. But if you don’t afford the fan, the mug will consume a lot of time for cooling.
  • Thus now you have completely understood how to make a sublimation mug wrap as you have created the mug by yourself.


Q: Do you have to use sublimation paper for mugs?

Yes, the use of the sublimation paper is necessary for the mugs because it has special coatings for ink absorption.

Q: What temperature should a sublimation mug be?

The temperature of the sublimation mug must be 400 degrees.

Q: Which printer is used for mug printing?

The printer used in mug printing is the sublimation printer.

Q: How to make a sublimation mug wrap?

The formation of the sublimation mug wrap is a bit difficult. But if you read this guide then nothing will be hard for you.


If you are performing how to make a sublimation mug wrap then you must have sublimation paper and a sublimation printer. The absence of these items will not give you better results. At first, select an image and add it to the transfer paper. Now, trim the transfer for improving its covering.

Then cut the thermal tape into two halves of 1 inch. Put the transfer onto the mug surface. After that, use the oven for 15 to 18 minutes with a temperature of 400 degrees. Then take out the mug with the help of the gloves. So use the fan for the mug cooling. Thus the whole procedure is simple as you are looking for.

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