How To Make A Sublimation Printer? (Create Cheap Printer)

Hello friends! Do you want to learn something new about Sublimation? Then stay linked to the post. You know that sublimation printing is an essential process in the world. Anyone can find it in the Cricut crafting. I always discover new ways of Sublimation, but the costly sublimation printer forces me to leave sublimation printing. This is also bad for beginners. But now, I have discovered how to make a sublimation printer from the Epson Ecotank: a cheap process. Thus, observe the article from top to below and read it thoroughly. Rather if you have an affordable price to buy a printer then I will suggest you to buy a sublimation printer for better results. You can check our top choices in sublimation printers to pick the best printer for yourself.

What Is Sublimation Printing?

Indeed, you know the loss and benefits of sublimation printing. So It’s time to be aware of the Sublimation of crafting. According to it, Sublimation occurs only by converting solid ink to gas. At the same time, the gas makes a layer on polyester materials. In comparison, the heat transfer design does not embed in the fabrics. Here, the Sublimation makes the design on the wine bag. At the same time, its essential items are Epson Ecotank Printer, Hiipoo Ink, Sublimation Paper, Sublimation blanks and the last Cricut mug.

Which Sublimation Printers Are Best?

There is no need to explore the best printer for Sublimation as Epson EcoTank Printers are between us. They contain ink compartments without using ink cartridges. But using the brand new Epson Printer is a fantastic job. So explore the best generation of Epson printers. The Epson printers on Amazon, Walmart, and Target are cheap and have lovely quality. If you don’t want to join these platforms, then Epson ET-2800 EcoTank Printer is superb. Its setup is straightforward and uses the cartridges ultimately.

Which Sublimation Ink Is Suitable?

The suitable ink for Sublimation is the Hiipoo because of its vibrant colour. It adjusts easily with the printers. There are two bottles of the Hiipoo Sublimation ink. The first ink bottle is “easy”, while the second ink bottle is “straightforward”. Due to this, the first ink bottle utilizes a syringe for moving the ink cartridges into the tank. While in the case of the second bottle, a unique tip is used to hold the printer tank. Let us use the sublimation printer daily because it protects the ink cartridges from clogging. Besides that, explore the sublimation ink from the Amazon.

make sublimation printer for all things

What Sublimation Paper Should I Use?

Sublimation Paper is the favourite topic of sublimation crafters. They ask each other which sublimation paper is now you are using. The sublimation papers of Hiipoo ink do not show impaired functions. But if the Hiipoo ink cartridges are removed from them, they are not very effective. The printing on sublimation paper is always one-sided. A-Sub Sublimation Paper is a good sublimation paper with logos asking users on which side they want printing. Thus use this sublimation paper and do printing on the front and back sides.

What Are The Perfect Sublimation Blanks?

The worst thing about Sublimation Printing is that it does not sublimate all items. While the “Sublimation Blanks” contain “Sublimation Coating”, which not only opens the pores but also works to absorb the Sublimation Ink. The easiest sublimation method is the Sublimation of fabrics which depends on the polyester percentage. A polyester percentage always offers a colourful and vibrant design. So use it in the process and makes desirable changes. Otherwise, the cotton fabrics will not absorb the sublimation ink. The absorption of ink is also on the amounts of cotton and polyester. If you use more cotton with polyester, the ink absorption will increase.

How To Make A Sublimation Printer (Conversion Of Epson EcoTank Printer Into A Sublimation Printer)

  • First, remove your printer’s box and peel off its plastic. At the same time, your printer must be off. Now do the same with the ink. If you use the Hiipoo ink, you will get gloves pair and syringes. Both these things will load the tank with the ink cartridges.
  • Now wear gloves on your hands and explore the ink tank. The black ink tank contains a blue cover, and you have to flip it up. Take a syringe and add black Hiipoo ink to it. After it, observe the “Hiipoo Ink Container” and remove its lid. Now tilt the bottle, but the ink must be on the top. Again, take the syringe into your hands and press on its backside to release the ink. But the ink should be towards the ink tank.
  • After it, observe the machine to check whether it is full of ink. Note that you have to release the ink of four syringes into the tank, not only the one or two ink syringes. After the black tank filling, you must take the yellow ink and yellow tank. So the ink colour must be according to the tank colour.
  • Now “Plug In” the printer and watch its card to catch full instructions. Then select the time and location for the printer. After it, check the priming of the printer. The sublimation ink will also be used there, and you have to lift the printer. Also, clean the syringes for using them the next time.
  • Then you have to start printing on the alignment sheets. For this, regular printer paper is not a bad option. So now you are capable of connecting the printer with the computer. Thus you have created a sublimation printer in a short time.


Making a sublimation printer is simple and secures you from purchasing other printers. In short words, you have to remove the box of your printer. Then you have to unbox the ink. Note that you have to add both these items into the tank. After it, use gloves on both hands and know the position of the ink tank. Take four ink syringes and add their ink directly into the tank. Now check the ink level of the machine. Turn on the printer and print the alignment sheets. Connect both the computer and printer. Thus your sublimation printer is ready now.

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