How To Make Decals With Inkjet Printer? (Latest Guide)

If your question is how to make decals with inkjet printer then dont skip the page. An inkjet printer is best for the production of the decals but it is not simple as looks. Here you do not have to spend big money like dollars. But the purchasing of a few items is necessary. So purchase a waterslide decal transfer paper from the crafts stores.

Then start the printing on it and transfer its designs to the mugs and windows. Now you have made your designs. If your design is beautiful then dont forgets to display it among your friends.

What Are Decals?

The transfer paper for the transferring of the design on, cloth and plastic is known as a decal. There are various types of decals present in the market. But a simple decal is best as it is suitable for all materials. Decals are being used for the decorations of walls and tables.

The DIY enthusiasts also use decals because decals help them in the completion of their ideas. Note that the decals do not look like stickers and can not be applied directly on the walls. Thus you can use them as a transfer paper for achieving the copy of designs.

how to printer decals at inkjet printer

Besides this, the decals are not reactive to huge amounts of water. So avoid using it outdoors and on unfavorable products. Due to their original designs, decals are best for the decoration of homes. While you can get a lot of experience from the decals as they give various graphics.

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Now I am giving an example of the importance of decals: Many engineers don’t get attractive designs from the market, so they only adopt the decals sheet. This means they save their money and make their homes like heaven.

Making Decals With Inkjet Printers:

The production of decals with inkjet printers looks similar to the printing of images. But it is completely different and the users have to take careful steps. So some methods are given for making decals with inkjet printers. Thus use these methods one by one and make the decals at home:

Start Your Inkjet Printer

The first step for the creation of decals is to start the inkjet printers. After it, check whether the inkjet printer is connected to the device or not. If it is not connected to the device then printing is not possible. Now ensure that its connection is direct with the device of your design. Besides this, you should observe its settings and cables. If the cables are attached rightly then everything is right.

Collect The Materials

It is a general thing that a process can never start without its essential items. Most people think that the essential material for the decal is only the inkjet printer. But they are wrong as the inkjet printer needs various materials for decals. So collect the all materials for decals and learn how to make decals with inkjet printer

Scan Or Download The Design

Make sure that you have downloaded your desired design and its graphics are superb. After it, you must wait for the print. If design size and decal sheets are compatible then decals can be prepared

Otherwise, these decals will not provide you with the desired results. It is compulsory for the design that fits with the transfer paper. Note that the high-quality design gives the high-quality prints out.

Insert The Transfer Paper

Aside from the above methods, now you have to take the inkjet printer in your hands. After it, start the insertion of waterslide transfer paper but it must be corrected. Now ensure that the paper’s coated side is toward the inkjet head and your printer has preferred settings. Before the creation of decals, you have to control the paper position. If you are printing many decals then your paper should be in the right place.

latest guide about decals printing

Use The Acrylic Sealent

If you want to get a high-quality decal design then use the acrylic sealant spray. The two times using the spray changes the quality of the decal design. Never use the designs immediately and give some time for the waterslide paper to dry. While you have to also respray the design, before printing it on the walls.

Put Transfer Paper In Water

After the drying of the decal sheets, you have to put them into the water. But note that the water must be 2 inches. If you feel that the paper can be placed in your fingers mid then immediately remove the water slide decal.

The final step is to cut the decal but the design should be safe. Thus making the decals with the inkjet printer is an quite easy process. If you dont have tried the wild transfer paper or inkjet printer, then the process will give you good results with the dry items.


When you read the article on how to make decals with inkjet printer, you will be able to make the decals in a short time. But the quality of inkjet printer and waterslide transfer paper should be good.

Otherwise, the process will become difficult for you. In my view, you can perform this process anywhere and anytime. While you will also get the good results of your desire. This process is enough for increasing the beauty of your homes. So read the above methods with full attention and give your feedback below the article.


Q: Can you use an inkjet printer for decals?

Yes, you can use the inkjet printer for the decals but it must be compatible with the paper.

Q: Do you have to have an inkjet printer to make stickers?

Yes, an inkjet printer is compulsory for making the decals and without it, you can not make stickers.

Q: Can I make a decal in a printer?

Yes, you can make the decal only by the inkjet printer, not in all printers.

Q: How to make decals with an inkjet printer?

If you want to make decals with the inkjet printer then you should read this detailed blog.

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