How To Make Money With Sublimation (8 Major Tips)

The demand for sublimation printing is increasing with time. Many old and new people are using this technique in their homes and industries. They are investing their money in it. Through sublimation, the printings on the shirts, wood, etc are possible.

While these sublimated products can be gifted to anyone. If you love sublimation printing, you will be happy to learn that you can make money with it. Thus read the blog about how to make money with sublimation and learn new tips for increasing your sublimation business:

Accessories For Sublimation Printing:

The foremost item for sublimation is the sublimation printer and without it, sublimation can not be achieved.

  • Note that the heat Press Machine is an important factor on which sublimation depends. It uses heat transfer for the transferring of paper prints to the substrates. The market is full of these heat press machines.
  • Some heat presses are suitable for flat heat transfer. While the others suit only the round-shaped substrates. But I suggest you use the flat heat transfer machines as they have various options for sublimation.
  • The printing of the design is possible only with the creation of the design. It means you have to create a design before starting the sublimation. Software like Photoshop and CorelDraw are best to create designs.
  • If you don’t have an idea for the design then don’t panic as Amazon and Etsy are offering readymade designs. While you can also use the basic editing through the Canva.
  • If you are new to sublimation printing, you should know that the substrates are also essential. So purchase a substrate to start the printing on the tiles, photos, ornaments, and shirts.
  • Before moving into the sublimation, items like heat-resistant tape, gloves, lint roller, etc are compulsory. These accessories are not enough for the sublimation. It may possible that other accessories will be present anywhere.

8 Major Tips For Making Money With Sublimation

Below here are the basic tips for making money with sublimation. So take a deep look at these tips and make money whenever you want:

  • First, take a spreadsheet in the order of the print job. Remember that the recreation of an order is critical and gives correct specifications. The Corel Draw and Illustrator have the best quality font styles. While figuring out the fonts is time-consuming. So you should record the fonts of Corel Draw and Illustrator during their use.
  • Before starting any project, you should purchase the extra substrates. Sometimes, the order becomes short which is worse. So in this situation, using the next piece of order is only a waste of time. While the supplier is present outside of the stock and you have to use the extra blanks for determining the colors. In some cases, the screen results and printed designs do not the same as each other. Thus use the ink manufacturers.
  • The ink manufacturers are best for documents and have extensive results. So use their setting in the process. Johnson Plastics allows you to check the various sample without paying. Besides this, it also finds out the users’ issues.
  • The Sawgrass Virtuoso is best for learning how to make money with sublimation. Their ink products are appreciable. In comparison, Chinese ink off of eBay is not a good option. So here your one batch will work effectively but you can not get desired results by the second batch. Moreover, the matching of colors is time-consuming. The Chinese inks do not show compatibility with the print settings. So the chances of achieving consistent final products are very low.
  • If you want to get prints of high volume then explore the print-demand shops on the internet. Their benefit is that they work nicely in the sublimation and we can go on the trips without tension. So join their community and get new printing experience.
  • Make sure that your printer is “On” at all times. After it, the printer will work automatically and you don’t have to do any function. But if you do not “On” the printer and keep it “Off”, then printed nozzles will be dry. While keeping the printer offline is a waste of ink, time, and money.
  • It is compulsory to observe your budget as well as the cost of the process. So make a call with the ink manufacturer to find out the ink usage per square. The advantage of google ink is that it tells the total bill of the process. It means you have to also pay money for the electricity.
  • Thus, if you want to increase the lifespan of your printer and save money then only follow the printer’s cleaning schedule. The use of technicians is expensive because the ink has spread everywhere. While you can stop the breakage of equipment with its help. During the printing, make sure your printer is fixed because their movements can damage the prints. But if it is compulsory to move the printer, then take it safely and leave it in the level position.


Can you make money with the sublimation?

Yes, you can make money with sublimation because it is a rewarding technique.

How would you describe sublimation to customers?

Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid directly changes to the gas without going through the liquid phase.

How to make money with sublimation?

Making money with sublimation is an easy process and some tips about it are present above.

Final Thoughts

Here is the blog on the topic of how to make money with sublimation. First of all, you have to sublimate the substrate by printing the design on the sublimation paper. All this work is performed through the sublimation printer.

make money with sublimation

So the presence of a sublimation printer is compulsory and without it, no one can make the best printing designs. After design printing, don’t forget to use the heat press machine as it increases the life period of the design. While you can also adjust its settings. So use this technique on all scales and earn a lot of money.

Further Details in Video;

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