How To Make Sublimation Coating (Various Techniques)

Let me tell you how to make sublimation coating. Sublimation printing is a good process while sometimes it is not useful for all products. This happens as 100% polyester materials are accepted by the sublimation printers. The sublimation of coated material is easy and is achieved in a few hours.

But the sublimation of uncoated material is difficult and takes more time than the coated material. So if you want to sublimate your uncoated material then coat it for sublimation. Now move below as some key points are given in detail:

How To Make Sublimation Coating At Home?

Before we start the sublimation coating you should learn the necessary items for the process. The materials needed for the sublimation of coated materials are a sublimation printer and a heat press.

While uncoated materials like tumblers, wood, metals, fabric, ceramics, etc are also there. The necessary items for the preparation of fabric are fabric sublimation coating spray and a spray bottle. While the important items for ceramics are sublimation ceramic liquid and brush.

Sublimation Coating Of Fabrics

First of all, select a fabric of your desire and put it in the front. Now make sure that it is the fabric on which you want to print the design. After it, put the paper piece beneath the fabric portion.

Remember that if you have a shirt or trousers then you have to put them in the mid of the article sides. So after placing the shirts, the sublimation coating will not be spread on the other sides of the clothes.

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After the selection of the coating items, you have to choose the fabric sublimation coating liquid. A spray bottle is a good item in the process that spread the coating solution on all fabric.

Besides this, if you don’t use it then the coating solution will be collected at a specific point. So I suggest you use it as early as fast. Now start spraying on the complete fabric and make sure that the coating is done completely.

how to make sublimation coating

After it, give some time to the liquid so that it will dry. Note that the drying period of every material and product is specific. It only depends on the quality of the materials. Good material has a good drying duration and so on. While after the drying of the coating, move toward the printing process.

Then you will see the transfer of design and pressing of heat press. So after the complete transfer of the design, take out the heat press. This designed fabric is the result of your effort.

Sublimation Coating Of Ceramics

The sublimation coating of ceramics doesn’t appear directly like the fabric. This means you have to create it with your hands. First of all, use a syringe to measure 10 mL of the sublimation coating liquid. After it, place it in a mixing bowl, and so on.

The package with the coating will show another solution. Now take a bottle and again use a syringe to measure 0.5 mL of liquid. After it, place it into the mixing bowl where the sublimation coating liquid is already present. Mix them so that everything in the mixture will distribute completely. A wooden or plastic spoon is good for mixing. So avoid mixing the solution with your hands.

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Before performing the process make sure that you wear gloves. If you do so, then your skin will be safe from the chemical effects. While this picture also gives a strong smell, so use safety measures for your health. Work in an open environment place and live a happy life.

Ensure the cleaning of the mug before its coating. If you do it, then the coating will be clean and the solution can be applied easily. In the second, make sure that you are very close to the mug as you use it for drinking and various purposes. It is also necessary that it will not affect the other drinkers.

After mixing the solution, you can apply it to various products. This can be done through the brush. Sometimes the process gets messy so you should place the paper pieces. Now take a mug or cup and put the sublimation solution on it. In this way, the coating on the mug is performed.

If the coating of the mug is done then the next process is drying. So let the mug dry because without the drying the printing can not be done. From this, it is clear that the sublimation is not completed till now and it will also appear in the reapplication of the coating.

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Now check the condition of the mug. If its coating is good then put it into the oven. After it, start the baking of the mug while the temperature and time duration are also given in its instructions.

Through this, you can check whether the coating is permanent or temporary. If the mug is cured completely then you will see shiny appearing on it. Now you can print the designs through the mug. At last, put a print design on the mug surface and give a heat press to it. Thus you have coated the mug correctly.


What is sublimation coating made out of?

The sublimation coating is made of resin, solvent, dye, and a few others.

What coating is needed for sublimation?

The coating needed for the sublimation is Subli Glaze through which you can print the designs on the materials.

How to make sublimation coating?

If you are interested in making the sublimation coating then give your maximum time to read this detailed article.

Finally Thoughts

Here, is a detailed note on how to make sublimation coating. So pre-coated products are always better than the DIY Coating process. While some sublimation printers have errors and don’t give the desired results to their owners. If you have a pre-polymer coated shirt or mug then this process is a good option for you.

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While if you don’t have these two items then try the DIY step-by-step method. So don’t think a lot and try your luck with the customization of different products. Hopefully, you have understood everything from here.

Complete Procedure in Video:-

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