How To Make Sublimation Prints Brighter- Updated Guide

Sublimation is the change of state of a substance, directly from solid to gas state where no liquid state is formed between the transition. It uses heat to print the specific design on dresses.

In this process, the designs are posted on the fabric for a long time. You can design your T-shirts and dresses. We need a special type of ink to sublime the prints. The designs get fused and immerged into the clothes, and you can print the logo design or any item you want.

Sublimation is related to printing technology. After the designs are put on the cloth, they become the part, and you would not find whether that design is separately printed or not.

You can decorate your T-shirts with your favorite designs. You can also use the sublimation prints for mugs and other small items. The special ink is used for the sublimation, and you will easily get to know how to make sublimation ink brighter.

How to do Sublimation?

Sublimation is now the most innovative process; Clothing companies and brands most commonly use this process to make them beautiful. They use designs to stamp on their items. The process of sublimation printing is so easy. But it would be best if you had utmost care for the printing.

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There are always shortcomings, such as the print does not appear vividly or it becomes dull or faded. This article will describe sublimation tips and tricks; after following these tricks, you will get great benefits.

how to get bright sublimation prints

Sublimation printing starts with selecting a design. You have to select one design and get the print of the design on the blank paper. It uses a special type of ink that consists of different colors. You require heat for this process. Follow the guidelines on how to make sublimation prints brighter. Sublimation only occurs when heat or temperature is given.

First of all, select a design from software on the computer if you want to customize it. Change the shape and make what you want. You can add a logo or text. Then print out this design, and use the heat. Next, the heat pressure machine will do the entire process using heat and pressure. That’s all that happens in sublimation printing. You will get the idea of how to sublimate to dark colors.

Why Do Designs Get Faded?

The process seems to be perfect, but there are some limitations practically. Due to this, designs do not get fused into the cloth or any other item. There are some reasons in this case. First, the color you want to print on the t-shirt may not be pure, and in the sublimation process, its quality is reduced. You will find some reasons why sublimation not bright?

It should be remembered that all of your products cannot be sublimated; you can only print out the substances that consist of the polyester material or polyester coating. Sometimes, the designs are printed not clearly, and the image appears as a blur. You should know how to create sublimation designs clearly and then move on to the next procedure.

Tips To Make Sublimation Prints Brighter

We all want quality in everything or any field. When you do the long sublimation process, the result is not clear, and you are disappointed. We bring here some tips on how to make sublimation brighter, and we hope that you will like them.

Use High-Quality paper

The quality of paper matters a lot in the sublimation process. You must use high-quality paper to make the print more vivid and brighter. It would be best to choose the side of the paper, bright white. Don’t choose the off-white side of the paper. This makes sublimation prints dull. This is one of the reasons why color appears not bright. So, be careful in this regard.

Image Ghosting

If you see the print like the image’s shadow, it is known as image ghosting. It occurs due to paper moving. When you open or close the heat-press, a paper may move. For this purpose, you should use adhesive spray.

Also, the image size should be 300 dpi. Check that the image is in a centralized position. This way, you will know how to make my sublimation prints brighter. Remove the transfer paper immediately after pressing.

how to make your sublimation brighter

Try Different Color Combinations & Contrasts

There are always problems with sublimation colors. So, it would be best if you experimented with different color combinations and contrasts. If the result is not brighter, you should change the shade of the color.

Sometimes, shade creates a huge difference in results. You should also use different contrasts, change their intensity and see the results. You should be patient, and it always takes time for accurate results.

Color Adjustment

It is important to understand how the color is adjusted on the T-shirt. During the dying process, some of the colors are absorbed on the surface resulting in the reduction of brightness of color. It would be best if you used to increase the level of brightness, which could improve your color.

You can learn how to get bright colors with sublimation through color adjustment. It is always suitable to use bright colors for sublimation. You should use the 3D software to print on sleeves or torso. Otherwise, the design gets warped around these areas.

Use Heat Press

To certify the good results of printing, you should use the heat press with uniform pressure. Preheat the cloth and press it at the exact time to get smooth results. It would help if you also heated it higher to sublimate the products. Beware, not too high that it damages the printing. These tips will make you sure how to make sublimation colors brighter.


We hope that this article will sort out all your questions. We have tried to tell you all the problems regarding it and the solutions to these problems. Now you will learn how to make sublimation prints brighter.

Furthermore, it would help if you used standard pressure and temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure your substrate has no wrinkles, and its variety is also good. Then you will get the product of your desire. Further, if you find more problems, let us know in the comment box. You can also check is it worth repairing a printer for further details.


Q. What is the reason behind faded prints after washing?

The main reason could be the poor transfer of design from the page. So print is faded due to these reasons.

Q. What type of cloth or fabric is used for sublimation printing?

You need polyester fabric only for the sublimation printing. You can also apply it to cotton, but there are some complications.

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