How To Make Sublimation Tumbler (Beginners Guide)

The flat glass that doesn’t have any stem but contains plastic and metal is known as Tumblers. It is involved in the sublimation process and increases the beauty of the printed items. Nowadays, it is being used for cold drink purposes. In comparison, the sublimation does not remain the same for all materials.

It depends on the quality of the materials. So today our talk is about How to Make Sublimation Tumbler designs. The sublimation of the tumbler is relatively easy. You just need to make sure that you have good quality items. Thus move below and learn the sublimation of the tumbler in detail:

How to Make Sublimation Tumbler

We know that sublimation is an easy process that does not consume people’s time. While sublimating the tumbler is also a convenient process. Here, you don’t have to use the heat press like the sublimation of printers.

Because there is no compatibility between the heat press and the tumbler. If you use a heat press for the tumbler then the tumbler will be destroyed in a few minutes. So here you can use the convection oven that will transfer your design automatically. A few methods for How to Make Sublimation Tumbler brighter are given below, so read them one by one:

Creating Design

Designing is an easy method and you can get amazing ideas about it from online platforms. Canva is the top-ranking platform for designing. And its user interface is amazing. So just open it with a single click and make a permanent account. Then select the designs for the tumbler through paper blank.

Now download the pdf print file and use the flip notion button without any payment. Besides this, you should use ready-made templates for making attractive designs. Unfortunately, if you don’t know about designing then watch the online designing videos.

Printing Through Sublimation Paper

After completing the design, use a sublimation printer and put the design on the paper. Then make sure that the printer which you are using is accurate. Never use old printers as they cause serious problems. It is also necessary that your printer has sublimation ink.

If your printer doesn’t contain the sublimation ink then first purchase the sublimation ink of good quality. Note that a good printer and ink are not enough, also you have to use sublimation paper. So that you will get colorful and accurate results for the tumbler.

Using Lint Roller to clean the image

After printing the designs, most people don’t follow the steps of the process. And they avoid the cleaning of images as they thought it is a useless function. So for those people, I always suggest cleaning.

The lint roller is a cleaner that removes dust and moisture particles. This is not only for cleaning, you can also use it if the hairs get stuck. Make sure that the place in which you are experimenting is neat and clean. Because the appearance of dust particles is not perfect for the sublimation.

best sublimation tumbler designs

Rolling the sublimation paper around the tumbler

When you have cleaned the tumbler from all sides, wrap a sublimation paper around it. Now take the tumbler in front of the printed side. Because this printed side will protect the tumbler through its heat-resistant tape.

But if you don’t fix the tape, the paper, and the tumbler will not join each other. And their results will also be bad. While if the tape is fixed then you can easily transfer the ink to the material. After it, put the tumbler and use the wrapped sleeve around it.

Turning the oven to a suitable temperature

After performing the above tasks, turn the oven “ON”. Then give a heat of 375F to it. But this heat is following the nature of the material. All the people follow the instructions of the material. So you should also take care of this.

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Besides this, it is also on you to judge the temperature of the tumbler. Because if you provide a suitable temperature to the tumbler, no one can stop your extreme results. And you can also find the suitable temperature of the tumble from the purchasing company.

Place the wrapped tumbler into the oven

If the oven is at full temperature, place the wrapped tumbler in it. And depart it just for six minutes. The temperature and the time of every material are specific. So if different material is present, contact the manufacturer and learn the exact time of the material. While the print becomes yellowish in the availability of higher temperatures. Thus you must be using the right temperature and time for the material.

Use heat gloves to remove the tumbler

After placing the tumbler for six minutes, remove it quickly. Heat-resistant gloves are also present by which you can remove the shrink wrap sleeve. Avoid all difficulties and remove the materials easily.

When you remove the shrink wrap sleeve, your design is completely ready. And you can use it for home, commercial and industrial purposes. In this way, you can also get the scenario of How to Make Sublimation Tumbler templates.


If you are searching for How to Make Sublimation Tumbler then it is a golden chance for you. Because today my team is providing a top-notch article on this topic. So stay connected and get new ideas about the sublimation tumbler. The sublimation tumbler is created in the following way. First of all, make a design.

Then print it on the sublimation paper. Now clean the image with the lint roller. After it, wrap the sublimation paper around the tumbler. Give suitable temperature to the oven and place the tumbler in it. At last, use the heat gloves and remove the tumbler from the oven. For more information also read how to clean the printer roller.


Q: What all do you need to make sublimation tumblers?

The materials needed for sublimation tumblers are Blank Sublimation Tumblers, Sublimation Ink, Heat Source, Sublimation paper, Heat Resistant Tape, and Sublimation Ink Wraps.

Q: How long does it take to make a sublimation tumbler?

The bottom of the tumbler is created in 9 minutes. While its top also takes 9 minutes for creation. So The total time needed for making the sublimation tumbler is 18 minutes.

Q: How to Make Sublimation Tumbler?

In the above, some methods are mentioned by which you can make a sublimation tumbler.

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