How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer (Complete Details)

Be ready as now I am apprising how to print from iPhone to HP printer. After reading our extensive research, you will not feel any complexity about this project. Today iPhones and iPads have become the most preferred way of printing.

While their printing is possible just through the Apple AirPrint technology. So now you will not have to move anywhere else as you can do printing from home as well as the office. But without a printer everything is impossible. Let us purchase expensive printers from the market to complete all sorts of printing:

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer in 2022 Full Details

Methods To Print From iPhone To HP Printer

Some methods are there to prepare your iPhone and HP printer for printing. Let us keep an eye on them:

Set Up Network Connection

  • Use your iPhone to activate the Wifi connection
  • Your HP printer must be connected to this network
  • Visit the Touchscreen Control Panel of the printers
  • Enable the Network Settings menu from the Wireless icon
  • Analyze the Network Connection status
  • If the Control Panel is not supported by the printer, use the Wireless and information buttons respectively.
  • Choose Start Copy Black tab for status view.
  • Now the network will be connected or ready. But if it is the opposite of this, go with the following steps.
  • If a Touchscreen Control Panel is present in your printer, select Setup, Wireless Settings, and Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Then type the password just through the network selection.
  • If your printer lacks the Touchscreen Control Panel, use the Wifi icon to flash the wireless light.
  • Start the connection process by just holding the WPS button. If the connection is achieved, the light flashing will end.

Print From The iPhone

  • First of all, run the printer to ensure the cartridge installation.
  • Place the paper into the desired paper tray.
  • Choose a document for printing and then use the Share tab.
  • Select the Print option from below.
  • Observe the printer list and then get the desired ones.
  • You are also capable to change the paper ranger and paper size.
  • Go to the screen’s right side to select the Print tab.

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer With AirPrint?

  • The network for iPhone and Printer must be the same.
  • Access the desired Wifi network through the built-in display.
  • Now pick the Wireless icon and the Network Settings.
  • You can freely change the Wifi Network through Settings.
  • Take the desired item and then print it on the iPhone.
  • Nowadays printing is supported by all apps. Thus print whatever you like.
  • Touch the Print tab. Every app has its Share icon which resembles the Arrow and indicates the Box.
  • In the Menu bottom, the Print icon is also present.
  • Go for the printer selection and Print tab.
  • Ensure changes in the paper size for satisfaction.
  • If the iPhone printer list does not indicate the printer, AirPrint is not compatible with the printer.

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer Without The AirPrint?

  • AirPrint feature is not supported by all printers. But if the wifi connection is coming to the printer now, use App Store and print the documents quickly:
  • Access the App Store for HP Smart App downloading.
  • Use your iPhone to install the HP Smart App.
  • Ensure a connection between your iPhone and the HP Smart.
  • Activate the HP Smart from the iPhone.
  • Go for the print type selection.
  • If you get any prompts, tap your hand on the OK to connect the HP Smart with your iPhone.
  • Prefer a picture to start the printing.
  • Ensure Print Settings through the Edit icon.
  • Hold the Print option.

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer Through USB?

  • Besides the HP Smart or AirPrint, USB cables also ensure printing from iPhone to an HP printer. While a few printers support it:
  • Start the HP printer.
  • A USB cable has two ends and you will have to connect its first end to the printer. While the second end should be linked to the USB OTG.
  • By this, your iPhone will access the USB OTG.
  • Now the iPhone will provide you with a pop-up and you will have to pick the OK tab.
  • After selecting the document or picture, prefer the Share Tap Print.
  • Take the Print tab to analyze the Printer Options and Connection.


What is the Home button on iPhone?

The button which unlocks the device is known as the Home button.

What kind of printer can I use to print from my iPhone?

Canon PIXMA MG3620 and HP LaserJet M140 are the printers that you can use from your iPhone to start printing.

Why is my HP printer not printing from my phone?

If your HP printer is not printing from the phone, go for the printer firmware update.

Can you print directly from iPhone to a printer?

Yes, you can print directly from iPhone to a printer just through AirPrint.

Why can’t I print from my iPhone to my HP printer?

If you are not becoming able to print from iPhone to an HP printer, there are some problems with the network connection.

Final Verdicts

Indeed this talk about how to print from iPhone to HP printer will solve your hesitations. These days printing from iPhones and iPads are very common. Even ignorant people know about this technique. But Apple AirPrint Technology is compulsory for all printing projects.

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Let us start the printing from desired locations such as home or office. Through AirPrint, printing from iPhone to HP printer becomes quick and easy. While printing can also be done without AirPrint. But you will have to download the HP Smart App from the App Store.

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