How To Print On Ceramic Plates Full Details [2022]

Have you experienced printing on ceramic plates? If not! then read the article about how to print on ceramic plates. Here, the effective methods for ceramic plate printing are in detail and you can not find these easy methods anywhere.

Both the beginner and experts can perform the printing on the ceramic plates. But the decal paper is favorable for ceramic plate printing. After it, acrylic spray is used which protects the design by coating the paper.

The customization of the ceramic plates can be performed by various techniques. But these techniques are not simple. So the method today I am introducing to you is the simplest of all and we have used it millions of times.

How To Print On Ceramic Plates In 2022 Full Details

We have selected this technique because of its fascinating results. While you have to use some accessories for making your project successful. So follow the guidelines mentioned here and get high-quality results only in a few minutes.

Ceramic Plate Printing:

Some essential accessories are present here for making the effective design on the ceramic plates. So take a deep observation of all one by one:

  • Inkjet printer
  • Decal paper
  • Printing design
  • Ceramic plate
  • Scissor

Before starting the phenomenon, make sure that all the above items you have. While don’t forget to check their quality and functioning. If any material is not working well then don’t use it in the process.

Through this step, you will come to know whether the durability of the design is right or wrong. You can use various factors here that must be eligible in the process. So move with us and get the easiest methods of ceramic plate printing.

Steps Of How To Print On Ceramic Plates:

Some steps of ceramic plate printing are described here. Hopefully, these will be helpful to you in the process:

  • The #1 item is the craft on which the design depends. While the selection of the design should be on the report of the plate shape. The Silhouette Studio has an easy dashboard and you have to open it. While its left side will allow you to select the shape. Surely, you will see the circular shape and you should select it as it is similar to the plate shape. Here, the choosing of accurate size and printed design is compulsory. So don’t become late in the selection of the favorable dimension. While Canvas and Pixlr will give you free and ready-made templates.
  • If the design is created, then start its printing with the help of the sublimation printers. If you want to get the expected results then use the applicable printer and avoid the printers of low quality. While you can also achieve the non-scrable result through costly ink. So the design on the ceramic plate will be superb. Here, you have to also use the decal paper and its printing must be correct. Never use the decal paper that offers incorrect printing. Now give 30 minutes to the ink particles so that they will become dry and the results will be of your desire.
  • After the above functions, you have to put the design above the ceramic plate. Then use the scissor and cut the extra paper. Cutting the right side of the paper is necessary. But before cutting, you should determine the correct shape and length. Through this, you can save your already created design from useless cutting.
  • If you are using acrylic spray for the first time, then you should read the decal paper coating in detail. After the reading, start the acrylic spray on the surface of the printed image. Then leave it for 15 minutes, so that it will become dry quickly.
  • After it, you have to put the decal paper into the hot water and the printed paper into the cold water. But the time of the printed paper must be nearly 1 minute. Before doing this trick, make sure to learn the instructions on the heat transfer paper. Then give only the mentioned time to the project. But If you give maximum time to the paper then your printed paper will be destroyed.
  • Now, you have to use your thumbnails for peeling off the transfer paper. Sometimes, the peeling off is not possible. Then you should put the paper again into the water. Thus the dipping in the water will make your paper smooth and you can peel off it easily.
  • The next step is to put the image into the plate. But the cleaning of the plate surface is essential. So before placing your image on the plate surface, you should check its surroundings. Besides it, also observe the dust particles of the plates. If you are not satisfied with the plate then don’t use this plate and clean it in the possible ways.

Finally, you are near to completion. So after the image placing, let it dry for 60 minutes. Through this, the image on the ceramic plates will be transferred completely. Thus you have performed the printing on the ceramic plates.


What are the three types of printing plates?

The three types of printing plates are Gravure, Aluminum, and Lithographic. While all of them have superior quality printing results.

What type of printing, uses printing plates?

Printing plates use offset printing for making the permanent image.

How to print on ceramic plates?

There are various methods to help you in the printing of ceramic plates. So read them and improve your knowledge.

Final Conclusion

How to print on ceramic plates is a great topic and all essential points are present here. If anyone doesn’t know about the printing of the ceramic plates then the reading of this article will prove legendary for him. First of all, you have to create the design through the printer.

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Then its printing is necessary. After it, put the design on the ceramic plate and use the acrylic spray. Then add the paper into the water and remove it after some time. Now peel off the paper with your hands. At last, place the image into the plate. Thus now you have become a master of ceramic plate printing.

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