How To Print Postcards On Hp Printer (Easy & Safe Methods)

Postcards yield time-to-time updates to the customers for the marketing of the business. They also have a big hand in the creation of invitation cards. Let us advance toward the easy topic: how to print postcards on hp printer. But it is imperative to use a printer, Thick cardstock paper, and Microsoft Word. At the same time, there must be compatibility between the printer and cardstock.

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The printer manual states the paper thickness that you have to check. At the same time, some cardstock stating does not work to our needs which can be known by comparing cardstock specifications. Undoubtedly, Deskjet and HP Laserjet series are used in postcard productions. Thus follow the simple settings given here and start the printing of postcards on the HP printer:

Accessories To Print Postcards On Hp Printer:

HP Printer:

The first material needed for postcard printing on the HP printer is itself HP Printer. While its compatibility with postcard paper type is essential. Note that regular printing paper has a small weight, but that postcard paper contains significant importance. So check the HP printer to ensure how many paperweights it can carry. While its adjusting setting method is as follows:

  • First, move toward the “Printer controls panel”.
  • Now enter the “Printer’s menu option” to enable “Paper handling”.
  • The printer’s menu option will access the “Tray” option selected from the “Cardstock” option.
  • Move on by applying the “Resume” option.


Paper is another factor in the printing of postcards on the HP printer. Only use the Cover Gloss or paper cardstock because they are friendly with the HP printer. Below are some specifications for the designing of the postcards: Also Checked:Change Ink in Canon printer


  • The shape of the postcard should be rectangular.
  • If the address of a postcard is readable, then you can place the postcard in all colors and fonts.
  • Note that the length of the postcard must be 235mm and its height be 120mm.
  • Their minimum and maximum thickness should be 0.178mm and 0.406mm, respectively.

Microsoft Word:

The last material for postcard printing is Microsoft Word, where the size of your document must be 24 inches. While you also have to finalize the design by adding images and text. Remember that MS word is editing software that can be replaced with Canva and other software.

Some Methods About How To Print Postcards On Hp Printer

Change The Size On Microsoft Word Or Adobe Photoshop:

Postcards have a distinct size and always contain a rectangular shape. Before using them in printing pictures, you should observe whether the size of your image increases or not. If not! Then it’s a good thing. Otherwise, you must adjust the postcard size to equal the picture size. Also, you have to adopt the following measures:

  • First, enter the page where a “Files” option is present. Now click on this option and choose “Page Setup”.
  • Directly change the card size through the “Paper” Tab option and enable the “OK” button.
  • After it, you will be the owner of a desirable document.

Adjust The Paper Tray

  • Open a menu by applying the “Select” option and entering into the “Control panel”.
  • Also, enable the “Paper Handling” option.
  • After the above measures, you must choose the “Tray” option.
  • Then a list will be on the screen where you will watch the cardstock, legal, envelope, letter, and other options. But our required materials are only the cardstock and paper. So I prefer these materials, not all.

Adopt Changes In The Printer Settings:

Now we can deal with the postcard paper because of the tray. While we have to change the printer settings by selecting a specific piece and size:

  • Use your device and access the desired picture for printing on the postcard.
  • Select the “File” and “Print” options available on the right edge of the screen.
  • A “Dialogue Box” will open automatically, and you must select its “Properties” option.
  • Note that a “Paper Quality” option is also there to prepare you for the selection of “Cardstock” and “Paper’s Weight”.
  • Now save the settings by tapping the “OK” option.
  • Changing the size of printer settings is an essential step. If your demandable size is not there, make desirable changes in the settings.
  • For changing the paper size, use the “Custom” option to make the length and width of your choice. But don’t forget to save them.
  • At last, close these tabs and get the desirable dimension on the screen. Make sure to open their list and apply the “OK” button.


Q: What is the best postcard size?

The best postcard size ranges from 6 to 11 inches.

Q: How do I Print a postcard size?

Select the “Printer Paper Size” drop-down menu to print postcard size. Then choose the printing size of “4 x 6”.

Q: how to print postcards on hp printer?

From here, you can know postcard printing on the HP printer.


How to print postcards on a hp printer is a disorganizing query because few people know what it is. So here my effort is to introduce this topic to all who don’t know about it. Thus give us a favor by reading from here. I don’t prefer the large postcard size on the HP printer settings without providing information to the printer because it is damaging.

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But if you give information to the printer about which size of the postcard you have selected, then the printer will not lose its functions. Always check the paper size and compatibility for achieving professional benefits.

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