How To Print Stickers On Cricut? Creative Tips & Tricks

Before learning how to print stickers on Cricut, you must know the stickers. So stickers are handmade items having a versatile nature. They are present in different sizes and shapes. In the business, they have great importance because of their brand recognition ability.

Creating stickers is simple, and you can do it with adhesive paper. After it, the stickers are printed for cutting their sizes. At the same time, you can get various stickers from the cutting technique of Cricut. Besides it, vinyl, PVC and foil also make stickers creation possible.

Now you should check the list of the best Cricut machines present here. Note that “Cricut Print Then Cut Function” is a popular Cricut which always requires an inkjet printer. The best Cricut pens will allow you to draw various designs. Before performing this method at home, you must use sticker paper, a Cricut machine, an Inkjet printer, a Cricut mat, etc.

Thus now we are giving preference to the images of the “Cricut Access”. At the same time, you can customize the photos from Canva or other platforms. Thus read the article more to find out the best Cricut software.

A Cricut printable sticker paper smoothly works with the “Cricut Print Then Cut function”. First, you should observe the sticker’s size and use the Cricut maker. You must know that “Cricut Print Then Cut Function” is an image formed in the design space. But don’t forget to cut the shapes for printing with the inkjet printer.

If you change the line type of the image, then the image will be transformed into printable pictures. By this line type, your machine gets the information of materials and then starts working. While if you wanna print something from printer history then read this whole article about how to reprint something from printer history and then enjoy.

Some Steps Of How To Print Stickers On Cricut:

Open The Cricut Design Space

If you want to know how to make stickers on Cricut, open the Cricut design space quickly. After it, you have to click on Canvas for the new project. The Cricut access will allow you to upload the designs.

At the same time, the top-rated SVG files for the Cricut are given. After uploading the image, make the surface of the image flat. The size of the Print Then Cut is “6.75 x 9.25 inches”. At the same time, the shapes library will prepare you to get sticker sizes.

how to print stickers on cricut with simple methods

Note that you can get squares from this library which will help you resize the “Print Then Cut”. So now you are capable of arranging the stickers. While the deleting of squares and filling of the space is in your control.

At this time, you have to highlight the image and then select “Print Then Cut” for the operation section. The “Print Then Cut” selection is only possible from the Top bar. At last, use the “layers panel” option for moving into the subsequent phases.

Set Up The Printer

After receiving the image, the next step is to set up the printer. You must choose the “top menu” option to give you the machine. Now apply your hand to use the “Make It” choice. After it, a black-lined box will start the rotation around your design. The black box is a printed box scanned by the Cricut sensors. Thus click the “continue option” for sending the design to the printer.

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Clicking the print option will allow you to choose the “Add Bleed function”. If you use this Add Bleed Function, the ink level will rise on the image. At the same time, you also can choose a white margin around your picture. But for this, you have to “turn off” the lined black box. Besides that, the “System Dialog” will be “Turn On” with a single click. With it, you can adjust the settings of your printer.

Print And Add Mat

Without the printer, you can never be attached to the steps to print stickers on Cricut. So using an inkjet printer is functional. If you use it, you can become a part of the process. Otherwise, you can never perform it anywhere. So choose an inkjet printer from the list and click on the print option.

After the printing of the sheet, add the mat to the sheet. Now attach the paper top with the left sides. A carpet is fundamental as it is compatible with intelligent machines. Thus prefer the LightGrip mat because it has simple removal.

Select A Material And Scan It

Now select a material and sends its detail to the machine. We got a material: “Cricut Printable Sticker Paper” from the search bar. But if you do not get it, you should use the sticky note settings.

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I advise you to save your favourite material on the list. From this, you do not have to search anymore. At the last of how to print stickers on Cricut, put the mat above and click the “GO” option. By this, you can achieve the length of the carpet. Thus now your stickers are ready from all angles.


Q: Does Cricut print colour?

Yes, Cricut prints colours of all kinds. So now you can quickly get the printing in white and black colours.

Q: Does a Cricut need ink?

The Cricut doesn’t need ink because it can not print the inks.

Q: Is Sticker paper waterproof?

No, some sticker paper and printable labels are not waterproof.


Hopefully, now you have all the guidelines for printing stickers on Cricut. So the sticker paper is a sheet that contains adhesive blacking. At the same time, its popular name is release liner and backing paper. First, place the design into the design space through the black canvas.

Now you have to add the offset to the process. Then take a welding tool and fill the empty spaces of the compensation. Thus leave the image in the centre and use the balance on it. Now give specific orders to the stickers. At last, you have to cut the stickers from the design space.

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