How To Print Sublimation On Dark Shirts? 2022 Techniques

Printing something onto specific items has now become the way of living for many people. All this become possible with the evolution of new printing techniques. Sublimation printing is a method for printing t-shirts, ceramics’, and polyester by utilizing the specific sublimation inks and printers.

In the sublimation process for printing t-shirts, usually, you find ideal results only in light colors. Most of the people wanted to print in dark colors but were disappointed because of improper outcomes. Here the point of discussion is how to print sublimation on dark shirts? Or is this possible to color on black color shirts?

Usually, it is a bit difficult or impossible to print sublimation on dark fabrics. Still, here we are explaining how you can print on black materials easily with perfect results. Not all this, you can complete this procedure with the inkjet printers. So by understanding this topic thoroughly, you will be able to learn the exact method of printing on black color fabrics.

How To Print Sublimation On Black T-shirts

Sublimation is the process of printing in which you transfer the design by converting solid form ink directly solid into a gas. This technique provides exact results mostly on polyester light color fabrics. But you can also dye other items with a special coating.

It is simple to print the sublimation in white colors but more challenging to print in black colors that you want. So to solve this, people try various ways to get the exact image in dark colors, but the often results are zero. You can find this type of printing machine from best sublimation printers for t shirts.

best sublimation printer for dark shirt

But with the availability of an ideal printer, white glitter HTV and other materials, now it is possible to get print in dark colors. The process of sublimation on dark ones is the same as on white color fabrics. But it would help if you had little things in consideration during printing on dark t-shirts. You can also pick a best sublimation printer by clicking on the link.

The Procedure of Sublimation Printing On Dark Color

Print your fabrics in your desired colors easily by understanding the steps that are given below. Let’s now move to the procedure of sublimation printing on black T-shirts.

Material For Printing

First of all, we need to collect the specific items for sublimation printing in dark colors. There is given the list of things for starting the printing on black t-shirts.

  • Sublimation printer for t-shirt
  • Heat press
  • Black or any dark color shirt
  • Scissors or vinyl cutter
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Lint roller
  • Parchment paper

So these are the primary material that is required for sublimation printing on the dark color shirts. You can also get an idea about dye sublimation printing for more perfection.

How To Print On Dark Shirts

Now we proceed to the steps that come in the sublimation printing on black shirts.

  1. In the first step of the printing, users need to design the image by utilizing CorelDraw or illustrator. During planning the image, keep the focus on the quality of print setting for acquiring ideal printing.
  2. We usually use the mirror image during the sublimation printing, but in the case of dark fabric printing, you never need to mirror your appearance because of sublimation vinyl.
  3. The second step is based on your proper way of putting vinyl into the sublimation printer. So before starting the image printing, users must have command of the vinyl placing technique.
  4. The sublimation paper for dark shirts, which is used, has two sides. One side of this paper is shiny, and the other is a bit dull side. So for the proper hold of ink, users need to print on the dull side, not on the shiny side.
  5. Now you come on the spot where you use scissors for weeding the print design. After this, take the lint roller to smooth the surface of the shirt. Then go onto the set of a heat press and keep its temperature at 360 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. In this step, users need to peel off the backing side of the paper. We peel this backing before heat pressing to get the ideal design. Then set your paper on the shirt.
  7. In this step, users require putting the parchment paper and setting the heat press at a temperature of 360 degrees for 15 seconds and keeping the pressure at 2-3 bars.
  8. After completing the given time, you get the print on the dark color shirt ideally.

So these are specific steps by understanding one can quickly get the perfect printing on the dark colors shirts. Moreover, if you’re low budget then you can find cheap sublimation printers as you want.

Wrapping up!

Printing is an art that you can now do with advanced techniques. Sublimation printing is the method of printing t-shirts and other coated materials. This topic is about that how to print sublimation on dark shirts. Here we explain all the terms and conditions that you need to consider printing sublimation on dark shirts.

I hope you like the topic. After all, sometimes we also want to wash sublimation shirts or want to remove our sublimation from the shirts. For this also check now how to wash sublimation shirts & and how to remove sublimation print from shirts.

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