How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs (Simple Ways In 2023)

Before it, we have already published a blog about how to remove sublimation ink from shirts. But now, we will guide you on how to remove sublimation ink from mugs. Sublimation makes designs on all things. With the use of cheap ink, these designs start fading. But this fading is minimized by an expensive ink.

That’s why sometimes our wrong methods from the mugs do not remove, and people comment that it is impossible. Thus today, we must prove such people wrong by removing these durable designs. So join this journey and act upon the practical methods as follows:

Causes Of The Stains On Mugs

Many things can result in mugs stains, and some of them are given as follows:

Low-Quality Ink:
The first reason for stains on mugs is low-quality ink which highlights fading in minutes. This ink is temporary and enters the other surfaces. In comparison, the expensive ink sticks to the mouth and doesn’t stain it.

Minimum Heat:
Sometimes, the stains on the mugs highlight due to the use of minimum heat. The ink’s bond is not permanent with the mouth and can fade randomly.

Maximum Heat:
Using the maximum heat can also cause stains on the mug because the process doesn’t bear the high heat. That’s why the sublimation expert always mentions favourable heat for the procedure.

Wrong Cleaners:
The last thing which causes the discolouration on the mug is the wrong cleaners because such cleaners are not suitable for mug sublimation.

Tasks For How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs


A dishwasher is a simple technique that removes the sublimation ink from your mugs. Let us observe whether your profile is dishwasher safe or not. If it is safe, the chances of removing the unwanted prints are maximum. Otherwise, the unwanted images will not separate from it. So place the mug into the dishwasher that should be “ON”. Note that the dishwasher has high temperatures for the continuation of the cycle.

remove sublimation print from ceramic mugs

Mug In Vinegar

Sublimation ink mix with water because of its water-soluble characteristic. That means the removal of unwanted prints is possible. Put the mug in the vinegar and soak it only for 24 hours. Then use the soap to wash the dirty face.

After it, the ink will fade in seconds. If it’s not? Then take the toothbrush and start scrubbing the mug. Remember that scrubbing is a safe technique that doesn’t affect the mug shape. At the same time, you have to need elbow grease for it.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is essential for removing sublimation ink from a ceramic mug. Just add the baking soda and water paste to a bucket. Then take a clean piece of cloth to mix them thoroughly. After it, put the mug into that mixture and use the clean cloth on the affected surfaces. If the spots are still there, carry on the 100% mug cleaning process. Baking soda is a safe item that obeys the direct method. Indeed, it will not dishearten you.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is the easiest method for removing the ink from the mug. Let’s try this technique on a cotton ball by transferring some drops onto cotton ball. Then rub the affected area of the ball to become stunning.

In seconds, the ink will leave the cotton ball. So this technique is quick and suits our attitude. At the end of the phenomenon, you have to wash that mug so that the nail polish remover’s particles will leave its surface.

Dish Soap And Water

If you want the unwanted ink spots to leave your mug, use dish soap and water collectively. Let us take a container and place the previous items into it. They should be mixed so that the container will highlight the soap bubbles.

The following process is to add the mug to that container. Now scrub the affected places of the mouth with a scrub brush. If the useless spots have been cleared from the face, then apply clean water to them. At last, clean the mug with a smooth towel.

Paint Striper

The paint striper is not a wrong choice for how to remove sublimation ink from mugs. It comes at different prices that depend on your budget. I think its use is essential because it removes the paint concisely. The details of every paint striper product are always given on its top, like the sublimation ink.

Let’s sprinkle the paint striper on the mug that will sit on it in seconds. Then utilize the scraper for quick ink removal. Indeed, this technique will delete the evil designs in its one attempt. For further details, you can also check this video.


Q: What ink is used for sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing uses a particular type of ink known as dye sublimation ink. This ink has various advantages and works in all printing projects.

Q: Is it possible to sublimate over a sublimation mug?

You can surely sublimate over the sublimation mug because sublimate is favourable for already-cleansed items.

Q: How to stop sublimation printing from fading in the wash?

If you want to stop the fading of sublimation printing, use chlorine-based detergents. Besides it, keep the mug in cold water to avoid the substrate’s heat.

Final Verdicts

Sublimation is a superb process that makes us delightful. Our sublimated item will be destroyed if we don’t follow experts’ guidelines. The inexperienced people should try the sublimation in specific places where they can do all the basic steps. While how to remove sublimation ink from mugs is also trending.

Various platforms are not ready to guide on this topic. But we always face danger for our users’ knowledge. So the best process for sublimation ink removal is dishwasher and vinegar solution. At the same time, don’t invent a new method for fun.

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