How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt? 6 Different Methods

Sublimation has addicted many people because of its smooth printing. Due to our customer’s demand, we have already given various articles on it. But sometimes, we get unwanted designs on our t-shirts which looks very ugly.

Everyone lacks knowledge of sublimation because of busy life routines. It means how to remove sublimation ink from the shirt is out of our thoughts. In this worry, our given procedures will tell you how you can remove the useless spots from the t-shirt. Thus make a new shirt and wonders the friends in seconds:

Is The Removal Of Sublimation Ink Possible?

Yes, the removal of sublimation ink is possible, depending on the nature of the products. It means sublimation ink will be removed with suitable substrates, not with all. Polyester and polymers are not eligible for sublimation and contain ink permanently.

While if you use the sublimation ink on the cotton, it will leave the cotton surface after 2-3 times washing. So sublimation ink is favorable with cotton. The heat press removes the sublimation ink from the hard surfaces. But you must apply it to the authentic ceramic (Heart Of Hard Items).

how to remove sublimation ink from t shirt

Methods Of How To Get Sublimation Ink Out Of A Shirt:

Cold Water

The mistakes in sublimation cause evil designs on the fabrics. For this, the quick removal of prints is essential. Just take the material and put it in cold water for 15 minutes. The baking soda is only for white fabrics because of its abrasiveness. But sometimes, it is used with light-color fabrics.

Ensure the water quality is safe for the material, and rub the shirt with this cold water. After some time, the random ink spots will be clear from the shirt. But if marks are present on the shirt, then repeat the process.

Heat Treatment

Sublimation ink is suitable for all prints and does not remove in seconds. But if you want that to come off the shirt, use the heat treatment procedure. First, explore the place from Google Chrome, where all ranges of classes are available. If a location fits your choice, then purchase it quickly.

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Add your t-shirt to a wild place like an oven with a temperature of 200C. After it, the ink will change into its liquid form and leave the fabric in seconds. Now your t-shirt is clean from unwanted prints.

Denatured Spirits

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt is attainable by the denatured spirits. So add the garment into denatured spirits within the given time (15 Minutes). The dye will be dissolved, and the t-shirt will be safe from the risks.

But the residue after the sublimation and degreasing will be absent. If the 15 minutes have been completed, place this garment into the mid of two towels. But these towels should be clean, not dirty. In this way, the shirt will be holy from the useless residues.

Soda Treatment

Removing the sublimation ink is a compelling phenomenon; the scrubbing does not clear the useless ink spots from the shirt. So now you want to ask: what is the best method for sublimation ink removal? Then prefer the soda Treatment method because of its easy use.

But the accessories like soda bath, 1-litre hot water, 1 for soda must be in your hand. Take a bowl and add these items to it. Then insert the pulp into the bowl, and the time must be 5 hours. Indeed, you will also get guidance about how long sublimation ink lasts on shirts.


With a bleaching agent, you can remove the sublimation ink from the t-shirt. There are various bleaching agents, but our team only prefers chlorine-based bleach. First, turn on the washing machine and put the shirt into it. But before it, your t-shirt must be dry, not wet.

At the same time, the temperature should not affect the t-shirt’s other sides. After it, take a spray bottle and add 1 part of bleach and water to it. Let’s start spraying on the affected areas of the t-shirts for 10 minutes. Indeed, the spray particles will make your shirt new.

Pressure Washer

The pressure washer also decides how long does sublimation ink last on the t-shirt. This is an automatic process where unlimited water is released on the dirty shirt. First, take a bucket to add the dish soap and hot water. Use anything for making their mixture in the form of suds.

The following function is to put the affected t-shirt into the bucket. The rag takes 10 minutes to dry completely, so wait here. Just use the pressure washer on the t-shirt so that the shirt will look like a new one. But hold it only for 10 seconds and save the already printed designs.


Sublimation printing is an undefeatable way of printing and has a variety of fans around the world. You can get the desirable printing of mugs, fabrics, and t-shirts. But sometimes, useless prints appear on the shirts, and their removal is complicated. So obey the guidelines on how to remove sublimation ink from the shirt.

My team has already checked these methods and their results are also there. If you get results similar to ours, you are doing perfect printing. Otherwise, your functions are wrong. So say bye to wasteless ink spots and wear the cute shirt without shame.


Q: Is sublimation printing a long-term solution?

Yes, sublimation printing is a long-term process because of its inks.

Q: Do you remove sublimation hot or cold?

Yes, you can remove sublimation, hot or cold. When you receive a signal like a hot peel, make the process cool by removing the transfer.

Q: How to remove sublimation ink from shirt?

There are several methods for removing sublimation ink from the shirt, each with distinct limitations.

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