How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler?

Someone is using cheap ink if the prints on a tumbler are not clear. At the same time, the guide on how to remove sublimation ink from tumbler resolves the misconceptions in seconds. The mugs and tumblers are dependent on the ink nature. So the use of cheap ink causes their fainting.

These results are also repeated through the wrong techniques. But a branded tumbler will come if you remove the useless ink spots from the tumbler. Then don’t delay for the verification of sublimation inks and get whatever you want from here:

Tumbler Sublimation

The process where the ink is directly printed on the tumbler is known as tumbler sublimation.
It means the ink is essential for the tumbler and is available in the liquid state. Remember that a polyester material combines with the ink to form a sublimation tumbler. Below are some instructions for the tumbler sublimation:

  • Don’t put the tumbler in a freezer or cold place.
  • Don’t use a scrub on the affected sites of a tumbler.
  • Avoid soaking the tumbler in rough areas.

Methods Of How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler:

Someone can prefer various methods to remove sublimation ink from a tumbler. The simple technique to remove the sublimation ink from a tumbler is the use of apple vinegar. Besides it, white vinegar is also more friendly than our expectations.

Now catch the bowl and put it in a peaceful environment. Then take your dirty tumbler and put it into that bowl. After it, ensure that your tumbler will be in the bowl for 60 minutes or more. Use a scrub and rub the tumbler so the useless spots will disappear.

easy methods to remove sublimation ink from tumblers

Applying Epoxy To the Sublimation Tumblers

Epoxy can be applied to the sublimation tumblers simply. During removing the tumbler from the oven and SubliShrink, allow some time for cooling. If the tumbler is thoroughly relaxed, epoxy glitters’ application is suitable. While wrapping a coating, I prefer the pressure because of its design aligning ability.

Sublimation Ink Eco Tank

If you are exploring a suitable ink for the EcoTank, only use Hiipoo sublimation ink.
Some people use syringes for filling the EcoTank. But the Hiipoo ink does not work with the application of needles. It means syringes are not compulsory for their use. The gloves are the best option for your hands’ safety, so use them consistently.

At the same time, the bottle should be opposite the ink whole. There are four ink wholes, and each works with specific colors. First, add the ink in the first whole, and then use a particular ink for the last total.

Sublimation Of A Tumbler In A Convection Oven

Let us place the tumbler and use a soft cloth for its cleaning. After it, you must adopt a favorite design on all sides of the tumbler. Now join the design in SubliShrink and connect it with the convection oven at 350- 400F.

Then check how much time your tumbler has taken in the range. Note that the tumbler in the oven must be for 5-7minutes. After this step, your tumbler should leave the stove and SubliShrink. Before this process, you should wear gloves to protect your hands.

Sublimation Spray For Tumblers

Use a sublimation spray on the tumbler without leaving any place. After it, select a design for adding it to the mug. Remember that this design must be low from the mouth area. Then you have to cover the tumbler surfaces with the heat transfer.

Your tumbler should be super suitable with the addition of silicon zip ties. After it, join the oven for 5-7minutes. Now place out the tumbler by removing its transfer wrap. Then your tumbler will highlight a super cool design.

Sublimation Coating For Tumblers

If you want the sublimation coating for the tumblers, then make sure to coat it with polyester.
Sublimation coating for each surface is unique, which is present here. This coating may be liquid or solid. Use a brush to spread the layer if your sublimation coating seems like a liquid. Some sprays follow the direct transfer method and inform how to remove sublimation ink from a tumbler.

Sublimation Tumblers Vs Epoxy Tumblers

Sublimation tumblers obey the powder coating because of their limited production of insulation. Their designs are created in the oven with a heat of 5 minutes. At the same time, they can also become a piece of the dishwater.

In comparison, the epoxy tumblers result in a glass-like appearance. Their insulation is more than the sublimation tumblers. Epoxy tumblers work with all designs and don’t join the dishwater anytime.

Sublimation For Powder Coated Tumblers

Most people believe that none can sublimate the powder-coated tumblers. But the sublimation on powder-coated tumblers is always possible. Ensure cleanness of the tumblers with a smooth cloth.

Let’s choose a design, and an adhesive coating must be with it. The application of an adhesive layer like SR2000 can happen on your tumbler. Then add an adhesive layer around the tumbler. After it, spread this coating to join the powder-coated tumbler.


Q: Do you need special ink for sublimation?

Yes, the working of sublimation is always according to the ink quality. So if you use special ink, sublimation ink transfer will attain relevant results.

Q: Can you sublimate a tumbler twice?

Yes, sublimating a tumbler can happen because a material accepts the sublimation more than once.

Q: Are sublimation tumblers dishwashers safe?

Yes, sublimation tumblers are dishwashers safe, but there is no guarantee that their colors will stay forever.

Final Verdicts

Removing sublimation ink from a tumbler is an easy technique you can do whenever you like. The printer and a convection oven print the desired designs. Note that the sublimation ink for a surface is specific, spread by the sprays. This blog tells that you can remove the printed designs from the tumbler.

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Remember that tumbler is formed by polyester and works with special sublimation ink. The shrink wrap also attains the sublimation on the stainless steel tumbler. At the same time, the main functions are performed by the vinegar and oven.

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