How To Remove Sublimation Ink (Top Methods With Ultimate Guide)

Clothes are an essential thing in the life of every rich and poor man. Without clothes, there is no life in our society. But sometimes we need to make some changes to our favorite clothes or shirts. In this era, there are a lot of designed full shirts with different posters and stickers. But some of us want to make some changes to our shirt design and stickers.

You must know that all these stickers are made with sublimation ink. So when we decide to change our shirts, a question arises in our mind: how to remove sublimation ink from the shirt? First of all, you will be happy to know that sublimation ink is a removable thing.

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And the removal of sublimation ink from the shirt is also a relatively straightforward process. If you want to remove the sublime ink from your shirts or any clothes, then here is the method you can remove the sublimation ink easily from any clothing.

5 Methods To Remove Sublimation Ink From Clothes

  • By using Bleach (Quite a simple and easy method)
  • By Using Cold Water
  • Removal of sublimation ink through a heat process
  • By Soda Treatment
  • By using a pressure Washer

These are the processes by which we can easily remove sublimation ink from our clothes. But this is not the end because we must explain these processes in detail, which will help you from A-Z for removing sublimation ink from garments. So let us move with us to get complete detail about only applying these methods.

quick way to remove sublimation print

Bleaching Powder Method

An easy process to remove sublimation ink from clothes is using a bleaching powder on the clothes. Bleaching agents are available in every average store. You have to coat the clothing with a bleaching agent for 30-40 minutes for this method. After it washes the clothes with regular soap or surf.

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By this method, the sublimation ink will remove altogether from your shirt or any other cloth. Most people ask us, will bleach remove sublimation ink? Then the answer is yes, and the above in this para, we have described the removal process of sublimation ink thoroughly through a bleaching agent.

Cold Water Method

If you are a sublimation master and made a mistake or accidentally put the sublimation ink on your t-shirt, then asap put your shirt into cold water. This cold water will help you to freeze the sublimation ink quickly. Then after 20-30 minutes, use the spatula and press it down fully on the surface of the clothes till the ink is fully pressed inside the clothing material.

Heat Process Method

Heat treatment is another method by which you can remove the sublimation ink from your favorite clothes. Put your clothes into a dryer and then leave it for 30 minutes into a done run. By the heat, the sublimation ink melts gradually, and when you see the sublimation ink is melted completely, stop the dryer and put out the shirt. After this, wash your sweater to make it more clean and clear.

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Soda Treatment Method

In this method, you have to prepare a chemical powder in your home to remove the sublimation ink. Take the 1 part of water with six pieces of soda and mix them both in a bucket perfectly. After mixing it thoroughly, dissolve your clothing into that bucket and leave it for half an hour. You should need to mix it every 10-20 minutes to get better results.

Pressure Washer Technique

The last and another quick and easy technique to remove sublimation ink is a pressure water technique. For this, simply fill the tank with normal water. And then wash your clothes through a pressure nozzle. The pressure nozzle is the main component that removes the ink quickly. Through this process, you can remove the ink entirely from your clothes.


Is sublimation printing permanent?

Not! You can remove it anytime, anywhere, with the help of the required sources.

Can you remove sublimation ink from shirt?

Indeed everyone can remove the sublimation ink from any cloth by using one of the above methods.

Will acetone remove sublimation ink?

Acetone is a powerful chemical solvent. When we tried to remove sublimation ink, we noticed that it was also damaging the clothing surface. That’s why we have not mentioned it above here. Acetone can remove sublimation ink, but it is not a good practice because it damages the cloth surface also.


We have mentioned the complete detail about how to remove sublimation ink from the shirt. All the methods described above are useable and passed through our hands. After processing these personally, we told these methods in front of our audience.

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The rapid and easy method to remove the sublimation ink from clothing is using a bleaching agent. When we apply this method, it shows 100% more results than all other methods. And by this process, the sublimation ink is entirely removed from the clothes. If you are still confused then check how to get printers ink off your hands.

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