How To Reprint Something From Printer History?

Sometimes, the reprinting of precious documents is performed to fulfill the needs. The office worker can never attain the experience of the old records. But if you search the old files, you should transfer them into the printer for reprinting. Thus today, I want to introduce you to how to reprint something from printer history.

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Well, it is true! After hearing this line, some people will also ask how the reprinting of documents is possible. So keep reading all the basic steps and become a reprinting master.

Easy Steps Of How To Reprint Something From Printer History

How Can I save And View The Print History?

Before reprinting any item, that material should be saved into the logging system of your printer. Here are some steps for protecting and watching your recent history:

  • First, use the Windows button to explore the “Event Viewer.” Then you will see an option for “Application and Service logs.” Now click on this option.
  • After clicking, you will get the links to “Microsoft and Windows.”
  • Now you will see a drop-down that will help you select the “Print service” and “Operational.” You can get the operational option by clicking the right side.
  • Thus move your hands and click on the option of “Properties.”
  • Now other options of “General” will be in your front and be surrounded by the “Enable logging” box. Thus make sure to click on the “Enable logging” box option.
  • Finally, you have to click on the “Apply” option that will give you the “Ok” button. Now click on this “Ok” button and save the settings.

How To Reprint Recent Documents From Print History?

Everything is simple using a PC, Tablet, or Android device. Now make sure to change the printing preferences.

  • First, you have to tap on the windows option. Now you will be able to choose printers and scanners.
  • Then you have to click on the “Print server properties.” After clicking, you will get the “Advanced tab” option. Then click on this option and achieve the list of printer tasks.
  • Moreover, you must also click on the option of “Spooling.” You will get the link to the “Use reprint” checkbox option. Now raise your hand and tick this box with a single click.
  • At last, select the “Apply” option and get the “Ok” chance. Now save the changes to the system by simply pressing the “Ok” button.
how to print from printer memory

Printing From The Printer History

Thus the printer’s system has saved your login, which can be watched at all times.

  • First, open the search bar option and search the “Event viewer.” Now an “Open saved logs” option will appear, and you have to tap on it.
  • By tapping, you will see a list of printing jobs. At the same time, all these printing jobs are ultimately saved in your printer’s settings.
  • Select a printing job and start reprinting by the “menu” option. Printing is possible only when it appears on the screen. Otherwise, you can not perform it.
  • So use the “print job” option and press the “Ok” button. Through this, you can get various copies in a short time.
  • Thus explore the printers in the range of 150 and 200$. But if you afford the high printers, then there is no need to use the cheap printers. So carry on and do whatever you want.

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Some Essential FAQs You Must Need To Understand

Q: How do I reprint the last print job on my Canon printer?

First, find the “Device Tab” option at the bottom of the “Advanced Tab” option. Now solve the printer’s functions using the “Job spooling” option. While you can also get an overview of the “Reprint checkbox.” Thus you will get the printed documents of other printings.

Q: Can you reprint from print history Canon?

Yes, you can reprint from the print history of the canon printer. But you have to click on the “Save history” option, which is present in the File menu.

Q: Can I reprint from my printer history?

The reprinting from the printer history is possible with the Lexmark and HP printers because such printers store the print job.

Q: How do I view my printer history?

If you want to view the printer history of your printer, then click on the “Windows” option. The context menu option will give you the “Devices and Printers.” After it, you can watch the printing of all prints from the printer history.

Q: Do Canon printers have a print history?

Yes, canon printers contain their print history. You can watch this print history by pressing the “Details” option. You must use the print list option if printing the job from the list.

Q: Can you view the previously printed documents?

The printing starts only by pressing the “Menu” and “Event Viewer” options. This “Event Viewer” option has “Event Viewer Functions.” Through these functions, you can watch the printed files of the PC.

Q: How to reprint something from the printer history?

Yes, the reprinting from the printer history is possible by the following method. At first, open the printer’s folder by clicking the “menu” option. Now click on the first option, which is present on the screen. Then you will get a list of printed jobs and have to choose a printed job from it. At last, the printer will start the printing of your desired position.


So there is an article on how to reprint something from printer history. If you want to reprint something from the printer history, you must do the following tasks. First, find the printed job of your desire. At the same time, you can watch the saved, printed jobs through the “Menu” option. If you click on the “Select” option, you will see the active users of the published jobs.

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In the second, you have to use the “Menu” option again to select a particular function. Then click on the choice of “Go” to start the print job. Besides, you can also use a code to protect any print job. If you have Windows 10 then check this article for more details.

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