How To Reset Epson Printer (Best 3 Methods)

An Epson printer is well known for household and industrial work. Without it, the production of laser and inkjet printers can never rise. While in a few situations its screen highlights the frustrating problems. Then resetting is a perfect way to bring back its original work. Thus the solution to the How to Reset Epson Printer issue has been compulsory for all Epson users.

By resetting, the ink cartridge works effectively and the paper jam and printer maintenance issues are destroyed. Let us fix the problems of the Epson printers by the given resetting methods:

Perfect Time To Reset Your Epson Printer

  • Reset the printer in case of problems
  • If the cartridge is not being identified by the Epson printer, reset it quickly
  • Sometimes, printer hardware gives blank pages then resetting is essential
  • If the wifi network is not coming towards the Epson printer, raise your hands on the reset button.

3 Effective Ways Of How To Reset Epson Printer

Control Panel

  • First of all, turn on your Epson printer
  • Click on its Home button
  • Take your eyes toward the Setup option
  • Enter into the printer’s lower portion for System Administration
  • Get the Admin Password from the printer’s bottom and add it in the necessary places
  • Now tap on the Restore Default Settings tab.
  • Remove the useless data through the Clear All Data option
  • Give a new life to the Epson printer just with the “Yes” button

Reset Button

  • Use the Power button of the Epson printer to shut it down
  • Take the Reset button through the Pin
  • Now start the printer by placing your hand on the Reset button for 5 seconds
  • If the printer prints the warning page, take out your hand from the reset button
  • Then the printer will use its default IP address for further printing
  • Make a configuration of the printer with the computer through its IP address
  • Thus the factory of your Epson printer has been reset in seconds.

Epson Adjustment Program

  • Use your computer for the downloading and installation of the Epson Adjustment Program
  • The next step is to open it
  • Take the essential selections from the Select Option
  • Choose the printer’s port and its model number through the Select Menu
  • Prefer the OK button
  • After it, you will watch the Adjustment and Maintenance Windows. While the Maintenance portion comprises the Waste Ink Pad Portion for your selection
  • Again apply for the OK button
  • Use the Initialize button after observing the Main Ink Pad Counter tab
  • Make an end to the reset process by the Finish button
  • Thus the printer’s settings will be changed just with its Restart button

For You Information

How To Reset Epson Printer’s Network Settings

  • Enable the Epson Printer
  • Join the Setup portion after clicking the Menu option
  • Then move to Restore Default Settings
  • Click on the Reset Network Settings tab
  • If a pop-up is on the screen, select the Yes button

How To Reset Epson Printer Cartridge Memory

If your Epson printer has a cartridge memory warning, go for the chip reset technique. The chip reset procedure makes a wonderful combination of signal with the printer. Many cartridge memory resetting techniques are on Google but paper clips are very simple.

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Their use will give you short pinholes. If your printer model is the best, there are chances of a second pinhole. In this situation, you must adapt both paper clips. If you have a single pinhole cartridge, the paper clip must be for seconds in it. While two pinholes also indicate these results.

How To Reset Epson Printer Paper Jam

We should enable the Epson Printer Paper Jam Reset if the printer is giving us a warning message: First of all, observe the printer whether it has remaining paper or not. If it has no remaining paper then everything is right.

How To Reset Epson Printer Complete  Details

After it, the tray must be with your paper in the correct location. Then press the start button. Through these steps, the paper jam disturbance can be clear. But if this issue has not gone till now, start the power button and take out your hand after 10 seconds. Surely, now the paper jam issue will not irritate you.

How To Reset Epson Printer Firmware

If firmware issues are in your Epson printer, be ready for further problems. The printer operating is always controlled by firmware code. Sometimes, we don’t identify the printer problems then a firmware update helps us. For Epson printer’s firmware resetting, you have to do the factory reset. Make your screen upward through the front panel lifting.

In the home screen portion, choose the “Settings” option. After it, move behind the “Restore Default Settings”. Then choose the “All Settings” tab present in the next menu portion. In last, the printer will show its original working.


Why do we need to reset the Epson printer?

We prefer the Epson printer resetting if it has lingering issues.

What is the Epson adjustment program?

The software which eases us against the countering of InkPad is known as Epson Adjustment Program.

Why is my Epson printer not printing?

If your Epson printer is not printing, its printhead has been clogged.

How to Reset Epson Printer?

For Epson Printer’s resetting, use the Home, Setup, Reset Network Settings, and Yes buttons one by one.

Final Verdicts

Today I gives you a full guide on how to reset Epson Printer. An Epson Printer is specially designed for industrial works but it also handles home doings. If an Epson printer is working right then there is no need for resetting. Remember that resetting is compulsory for the removal of hardware and wifi network issues.

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While you must adapt resetting in the poor working of the printhead. Unlike other printer techniques, the Reset process is easy. Only you have to obey the queue of buttons like Home, Setup, Reset Network Settings, and Yes.
Thank You!

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