How To Reset HP Printer – Resetting The Printer System

An HP printer prints letters, forms, and pictures. At the same time, the market is flooded with its latest models. If it leaves work, then you must go for its resetting. Thus, I am walking you through how to reset the HP printer without a screen. Some say this process is dangerous and can destroy the device’s warranty. But all this doesn’t seem right as resetting returns the everyday work of the HP printer. For resetting, you will have to use software, reset, power buttons, etc. A firmware reset is enough for all issues, but sometimes hard reset and factory reset become its alternative. While if you are a canon printer holder then also read our article on how to reset a canon printer.

How To Reset Printer To Factory Settings

Below are a few methods that will reset your HP printer’s factory settings. Let us notice them step by step:

Software Reset Method

The Software Reset Method adjusts the factory defaults of the HP printer’s settings. First, you will have to access the printer’s software and then go for the reset button. To complete the software printer reset, do the given tasks:

  • Raise your hand for printer software opening.
  • Pick Reset Factory Settings from the General icon.
  • Tap the Reset tab on behalf of the Reset Firmware.
  • Now the screen will pop up the message to clear whether you want to reset or not.
  • Then select the “Yes” option.
  • In last, the factory defaults will achieve the printer resetting.

Hardware Reset Method

By Hardware Reset Method, you can reset an HP printer’s factory defaults and ink levels. Thus follow the given lines so that the Hardware Reset Method will be performed flawlessly:

  • Let us activate the printer cover.
  • Take the reset button continuously for five seconds.
  • Pick the Yes icon after watching the pop-up on the screen.
  • Thus factory defaults have been adjusted for the printer.
  • Be careful, as the power button can sometimes give you a hard reset.

Network Reset Method:

Resetting resolves the printer’s printing, scanning, and IP address issues. Let us prefer the Network Reset through the following ways:

  • First of all, disconnect the power outlet from the HP printer.
  • Remain here for 30 seconds.
  • Again plug the power outlet with the printer.
  • Now enable the printer.
  • In last, do the printer booting up.
  • In the second case, you must use the Wireless and Cancel buttons.
  • Make sure to hear the beep after some time.
  • Thus the network settings of the printer have been reset.
  • While in a third way, do the activities with the LCD control panel.
  • Go for the Menu button.
  • Access the Network Setting through the arrow button.
  • Click the OK tab.
  • Again prefer the arrow button to reach the Reset Network Settings icon.
  • Touch the OK button from the screen.
  • Allow the Reset Network Settings by the “Yes” button.
  • Thus you have successfully reset the factory defaults of the printer.

Factory Reset Method:

The Factory Reset Method can reset the factory defaults and firmware of the HP printer. This technique comes in useful if you have explored the printer software and the factory reset button:

Reset The Printer’s Factory Through The Software

  • Take the printer software.
  • Make sure to explore the factory reset button and then pick it.
  • Agree with the screen’s pop-up.
  • The printer will be compatible with the factory defaults by the above three steps.

Reset The Printer’s Factory By using the LCD Control Panel

  • Go to the printer control panel and then choose the Menu button.
  • Ensure that the arrow buttons have navigated the Factory Reset menu.
  • Take the OK tab.
  • Select the Yes icon for the pop-up.
  • Congratulations! As the printer and the factory defaults are now favorable with each other.

What Does The Printer Reset Perform?

  • It enhances the printing quality of a printer.
  • By the reset, a printer shows good connectivity.
  • You can overcome the overheating of the printer.
  • It ensures that the printer will always print perfectly.
  • The error messages of the printer also become minimum.
  • The reset minimizes the print jobs and paper jams issues.
  • Through resetting, you can resolve the scanning issue of the printer.
  • A printer always gets the correct IP address, Wifi, and Ethernet connections.


Q: Where is the reset button on an HP printer?

The reset button is present within the Reset Factory Settings and General icons.

Q: What will happen if you reset your printer?

By resetting, the printer regains all its natural settings.

Q: Why is the HP printer in an error state?

If your HP printer is in its error state, something is wrong.

Q: Why do we need to reset the printer?

If the paper jam and queue issues are present, then resetting is a significant need for the printer.

Q: Is there a reset button on HP ink cartridges?

No, HP ink cartridges lack the reset button.

Q: How to reset the HP printer?

To reset an HP printer, ensure disconnecting the power cable, activate the product, take the Resume button and then leave it.

Final Verdicts

Let us learn how to reset the HP printer by analyzing some methods from here. These days, HP printers are widely used for direct document printing. While sometimes it does not work, we must use the reset techniques. By resetting, all the previous functions of the printers return in seconds. Moreover, paper jams and queue problems also die. Thus take the software, reset, and power buttons to start the reset. Indeed, all the printer issues will clear through the firmware reset; if not! Then go for hard reset and factory reset.

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