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Today technology is not working smoothly due to people’s burdens. If anyone says he is achieving perfect technology, he is joking. Printers are like wounds that have damaged people’s hearts. They work only on their mindset and refuse the owner’s orders. But despite all, we treat them gently and continue the work.

Achieving a stable wifi connection for a printer is hard. Then how to set up brother printer on wifi guide is to enhance your HP printer’s speed. But knowing the network name and password is necessary:

Resetting wifi Connection For Brother Printer

By obeying the following steps, you can achieve the wifi direct brother printer connection:

  • Start the Brother printer.
  • Enter into the printer’s Control Panel to tap on the Menu tab.
  • Use the OK icon with the Network selection.
  • Choose Network Reset and OK tab.
  • Push your hand on the Reset option.
  • Pick the Yes option present on the above of No.
  • Thus you have successfully reset the wireless card.

How To Connect Brother Printer To wifi Without Cable

  • First of all, activate the Brother printer.
  • Join Control Panel for the Menu tab.
  • Prefer OK as well as the Network option.
  • Move to the WLAN, Setup Wizard, and OK tab.
  • If the screen indicates the “WLAN Enable?”, enable the network by choosing the ON option.
  • Go for the selection of network name.
  • If “USE WPS?” is on the screen, prefer the No tab.
  • Start typing the Network Password.
  • Use your computer for the downloading and installation of Brother printer’s software.

Basic Knowledge About Brother Printer wifi Connection

  • The wifi name and password must be right.
  • Remove the interfaces of the device.
  • Overview of the network connection.
  • Use the Repair Tool.
  • Adapt the latest driver for the Brother printer.
  • Make sure to install Reimage.

Network Connection Repair Tool:

Network Connection Repair Tool is best for the recovery of the Brother printer. Let us use it and get the accurate location of the Brother printer in seconds. At the same time, you can update your printer’s IP address through it. The download link of this tool is available in the Brother’s download portion.

Latest Driver:

The working of a printer is dependent on its driver. So you should update your driver in time to maintain the printer’s speed. Thus the two basic steps for driver’s updating are present in the below section:


Learning computer skills is necessary for the downloading and installation of the driver. It will help you to find a suitable printer driver. The drivers of Brother printers are speedily updating. Let us join the Brother Driver Download Page and achieve the driver of your choice.

In my view, the driver, which is compatible with the Windows version, has fantastic work and speed. Then download such drivers as soon as possible and go for their installation with a double click.


Automatically is a rapid option; you can get the desired driver with a few clicks. Mainly busy people prefer this option due to lack of time. Here Driver Easy software overviews the driver and their systems for you.

It contains two versions, Free and Pro. If you download the pro version of Driver Easy, you will have to use additional two clicks. Thus Driver Easy disables the downloading and installation of the imperfect driver for you:

  • Let us tap on the Download and Install button of Driver Easy.
  • Scan the driver issues through the “Scan Now” button of Driver Easy.
  • Use the Update button to get the accurate and latest driver.
  • If your system does not support an outdated driver, tap on the “Update All” Icon quickly.

Install Reimage:

If your printers have corrupted files, use the Reimage tool for recovery. This tool is suitable for all printer setups and has automatic working. While it never damages the personal storage of your computer:

  • Go for the downloading as well as the installation of the Reimage.
  • Start the scanning by just opening this tool.
  • Then the list of issues will be on the PC’s screen. But you can eliminate such problems through the “START REPAIR” option.
  • Reimage is my favorite tool because of its 60-day Money-Back Guarantee feature. You can return this tool if it does not complete your work.


I know you have learned how to set up Brother’s printer on wifi and its wireless connection. Here, only basic steps are present, so you should move to Brother’s official website for detailed information. All the given steps rely on the nature of operating systems. It means such steps will not apply to the inexpensive operating system.

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A Brother printer also attains the wifi connection without the cables. Thus Power ON the Brother printer, select its Control panel and the Network option, and get the Password of its Network. If you brother printer is job then there is no need to worry you can also unjam your brother printer by reading our article on this topic. Brother Industries is the owner of brother printers company.


Q: Why is my Brother printer not connecting to wifi?

If your Brother printer is not connecting to wifi, then the printer driver and wifi connection are full of errors.

Q: How to connect the Brother MFC printer to wifi?

You can connect your Brother MFC printer to the wifi through the wires and wifi button.

Q: How to connect the Brother printer to the wifi network?

First of all, communicate the power plug with the Brother printer. Use its home tab as well as Network Settings. Write the password of the wifi network and get the wifi connection for the Brother printer.

Q: How to set up a Brother printer on a wireless network?

The wireless network will be applied to the Brother printer by the computer connection, driver installation, and setup buttons.

Q: How to set up a Brother printer on wifi?

To set up a wifi connection with the Brother printer, you will have to activate the Brother printer, Control Panel, and the Wireless Setup.

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