How To Sublimate A Pen? (Basic And Easy Tutorial)

Sublimation is a huge process because of its too many applications in all fields. Undoubttfully, we have used it on mugs and t-shirts. But today we will use it for pen sublimation. So are you not excited? I have learned about pen sublimation for a long time but I don’t give importance to its sharing as no one has questioned me about it. But now as this question is on trend, I feel compulsory to share it with all of you. Then know about how to sublimate a pen and its accessories right from this platform. Surely, this attempt will make your mind fresh:


Without the accessories, the sublimation process is incomplete. That’s why the accessories for pen sublimation are as follows:

  • Sublimation Printer
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Heat Press Machine
  • Heat Resisting Tape
  • Heat Gun
  • Blank Pen
  • Small Shrink Wrap
pen sublimation tips and tricks

Guide About How To Sublimate A Pen:

If you ensure the following of these steps, you will get the vibrant and bright pen:

  • First, start the design printing just by the ink addition but the image and pen size must be according to each other.
  • If the printed design is highlighting the extra paper, cut it as much as possible.
  • Now open the pen, so that the printed paper will take place on the tape sides.
  • Then take the shrink wrap and put the pen into it. For wrap shrinking, make sure to use the heat gun. After it, add your shrunk pen into the oven.
  • The oven should ensure the 350-370 temperature just in 3-5 minutes for your pen.
  • After the completion of these steps, leave the sublimation paper, shrink wrap, and tape as pen sublimation has been done.

Basic Tips About Pen Sublimation

  • Your pen should contain the normal tape pieces. Otherwise, the tape removal will be time taking.
  • If you face problems during blank pen searching use the mysublimationsuperstore whose link is already given here. Surely, their amazing products will be perfect for your pen sublimation.
  • Before the sublimation, you have to open the pen one time.
  • The printed design should show similarity with the pen length and width. If you prefer the huge or very small printed design, the pen sublimation will be useless. Thus choose a perfect printed design for the pen blank.


Q: Pens for sublimation where to buy?

If you don’t know any platform for sublimation pen purchasing, only enter into amazon or mysublimationsuperstore. On these platforms, you will get the perfect products for your pen. Moreover, the new generations of shrink wrap and sublimation blank pens are also there. Thus in the absence of any sublimation products take guidance only from these two websites.

Q: How long do you bake sublimation pens?

All the sublimation lovers bake their sublimation pens for 3-5 minutes in the presence of 350-375 temperature. While you can also judge it from the blank pen nature. Only your sublimated pen should remain in the bake phase for 3 minutes and the 1-2 minutes in the oven. In last, a perfect sublimated pen will be in your hand.

Q: What temperature do you use for sublimation ink?

The temperature that all of us use for the sublimation ink is 400F.

Q: What materials work best for sublimation?

Polyester is only a material that is perfect for all types of sublimation.

Q: How many times can you use a sublimation transfer?

The sublimation transfer can never be used again and again because of its different nature.

Q: What removes sublimation ink?

If you want to remove the spots of sublimation ink from your pen only use rubbing alcohol.

Q: Can you sublimate printing on a pen?

Yes, sublimation printing on a pen is an easy process. While the use of a heat press machine and the addition of shrink wrap is the main step.

Q: Can you sublimate the pen in a regular oven?

Yes, the sublimation of a pen in a regular oven is possible. But for better achievements, hire a separate oven.

Q: How to sublimate a pen using this guide?

Undoubtfully, you can do the pen sublimation only by reading this guide and its steps.

Final Verdicts

I assure you that how to sublimate a pen guide will take place into your mind just in one reading because its accessories and tips are not hard as other sublimation processes.
First of all, add the ink into the printer, so that it will continue its printing jobs. Make sure to remove the extra paper from the pen. Otherwise, these extra pieces will be a source of distortion in the process. The tape will contain the printed paper only with the opening of the pen.

Now increase your hand to take the pen into the shrink wrap. But you have to purchase a heat gun (A necessary item for the shrink wrap). Place the pen into an oven at 350-370 temperature. After passing the 3-5 minutes, again take the pen to remove its extra materials like sublimation paper or tape, etc. If the shrink wrap is looking odd then also ensure its removal. Thus the pen sublimation has been done just in 5-7 steps. If you like this blog, share it right now. Thank you!

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