How To Sublimate A Shirt With Cricut (Complete Overview)

Cricut is one of the best items that make awesome printing on shirts. When I used it in t-shirt making, I got wonderful results and ideas. Cricut is also used for making spice jar labels. It allows the Cricut machines. Thus now I am sharing how to sublimate a shirt with cricut with you.

So there is no need to explore the beautiful shirts, as you can create them through the Cricut machine. Feel free because sublimating the shirt by the Cricut machine is very easy. And I am also here for expanding your knowledge. So are you ready for making wonderful designs?

Difference Between Sublimation And HTV

Sublimation and HTV are two different terms. In the sublimation, the colors directly infuse into the fabrics. While the HTV makes a thin layer on the fabrics. Sublimation on the shirt removes the extra layers. It shows working only with the fabric pieces. And you can not get your attractive design on everything.

While in the case of HTV, you will see vinyl on the fabrics. There are different qualities of HTV. If you purchase and use the good quality HTV then the vinyl on the fabrics will be smooth and soft. I also suggest HTV to you as it is cheap and smooth.

Making A Shirt With Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Putting the heat transfer vinyl on the shirt is similar to the regular vinyl. Hopefully, you are familiar with it. There are two options for you. The first option is that you can use the HTV rolls for making single or multi-layered designs. While the second option is that you can use the printable HTV for printing purposes.

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And also you can cut it through the print cut method. Make sure when you are using the HTV on the shirt, your shirt will contain only one layer. And it is a very easy phenomenon. During this method, every printer can be used. But I only suggest the Epson ET-2720 printer to you as it has perfect functioning.

Making A Shirt With Sublimation

If you want to make a shirt with sublimation then use a sublimation printer like the Epson ET-2720 printer. In addition to this, the necessary items for the sublimation are sublimation ink, sublimation blanks, sublimation paper, and a heat press. The blanks on shirts and mugs are known as sublimation blanks.

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For sublimating the shirt, a high percentage of polyester is necessary. While in the case of mugs, acceptance of the sublimation ink is needed. The use of iron for sublimation is sensitive. So if you are a beginner then don’t use the sublimation as it is expensive.

Use your Cricut to make Shirts With HTV

Decide On your design

In the first step, you have to select a design of your own choice or create a new one.
After it, import an image. Here, you can resize the design. If you don’t like the first design then select the 2nd design. It seems helpful to you and you should click on the template button.

After clicking this button, the shirt starts templating. Besides this, cut the image so that it determines the size. Note that the cutting of the shirt template does not occur completely. It is only for the help of the users. And learn how to sublimate a shirt with cricut.

Cut the HTV vinyl with your Cricut

After the selection of the design, you have to cut the vinyl. If you don’t like the layering of the vinyl, you should use printable vinyl. And it is possible only when you have many colors. But if you are a newcomer then use the single-layer vinyl.

how to sublimate a shirt with cricut

After it, you have to use the print cut method. Now click on the options “ Make It” and “Mirror It”. And your vinyl will become mirrored, which is best for single-layer type of vinyl. After it, add the vinyl into the standard grip mate. But the shinny portion of the vinyl must be down.

Weed the Extra Vinyl

The weeding process for all types of vinyl is the same. So weed the HTV like the normal vinyl. Always remember that you can not cut clear plastic. But you can easily cut the HTV. The weeding of the regular vinyl is very difficult because the useless items get stuck to the transfer pape.

This wedding is known as “ Reverse Weeding” and it has more resistance. A light box is a good option for watching the cut lines and finding the essential items. I always give preference to it as it solves all the hard weeding phenomenon in less time.

Place The Weeded Design Directly onto your shirt

If you give maximum heat to the heat press then it will apply the design fastly. So now take a shirt and put the shiny portion of the Heat Transfer Vinyl on it. Then use parchment paper on the top of the shirt. And make sure that you have given a great temperature to the shirt.

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There are different brands of HTV, so before using them read instructions about them. And check whether the removal of hot or cold plastic is necessary. The putting of vinyl on the shirt is also necessary and it should not burn the shirt. But if you use this method on a table then the table will burn.


Is Cricut Design Space free?

Yes, the Space for the Cricut Design is free. So take your time and enjoy its offering products.

Why is my vinyl cracking on my shirt?

If you are not washing the shirts carefully then cracking appears on the shirt. It also happens due to the inferior quality of HTV.

How to sublimate a shirt with Cricut?

The sublimation of a shirt through Cricut is very easy. And its all methods are above in detail.

Final Verdicts

Do you know how to sublimate a shirt with Cricut? If not then take it easy. Because this is only a platform where all the essential items are present about this topic. So read it and learn about the sublimation of Cricut.

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First of all, select a design that you like. Then use the Cricut and cut the HTV vinyl. After it weed the extra vinyl. At last, directly put the weeded design on the shirt. If you do so then the sublimation on the shirt is completely done by the Cricut. And don’t forget to write your reviews about this topic.

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