How To Sublimate On Cotton (4 Easy Steps)

You must read this article if you are looking for How to Sublimate on Cotton. Sublimation is the best printing method on the fabric, where heat is utilized to make a special bond between the dye and synthetic fibers.

While in sublimation on cotton, heat transfer vinyl creates a bond between the paint and the cotton. Using a special sublimation fabric sheet is also favorable for cotton sublimation. Sometimes, synthetic coatings are applied to the cotton, forming a bond of natural fibers and sublimation dyes.

Can You Sublimate On 100% Cotton Fabric?

Sublimation on 100% cotton is impossible because the sublimation converts its dyes into gas. While synthetic fibers open and slip the gas due to the heat press. But when these synthetic fibers become cooler, their dye changes into a stable condition.

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The sublimation on 100% cotton becomes possible through some special techniques. You can make actual chemical sublimation if sublimation dyes and synthetic materials are present. Using heat transfer vinyl and special coatings also results in sublimation on cotton.

4 Unique Methods About How To Sublimate On Cotton:

There are 4 methods for sublimating cotton. If you are interested, read these methods one by one and use them in a specific order. Vinyl is the mainly used item for the sublimation of cotton. While synthetic spray coating is also favorable for this process:

sublimation on cotton


Siser EasySbuli is one of the best types of vinyl for cotton sublimation. But you must choose the polyester surface to start the dye bonding phenomena.

  • First, use a graphic designer program and customize a design of your choice.
  • Now print the image by placing the SiserEasySbuli sheet.
  • After it, use a cutting machine and cut the design. If the additional viny is present, then weed it quickly. The squeegee applies its masking sheet for the masking of the vinyl.
  • Take the vinyl and put it on the shirt with the heat press of 311F, and the time must be 15 seconds.

Glitter HTV

The home printer uses the white Glitter HTV for sublimating the cotton. I like Glitter as its particles contain polyesters that result in the sublimation process.

  • At first, customize or download the SVG design that you like.
  • Now you have to use a mirror on the plan.
  • Then, place the design in the cutting machine and cut its outline.
  • Remove the extra vinyl and use the glitter vinyl in its place.
  • Give a heat press of 400F and press it for 60 seconds.
  • Moving towards the sublimation parts of the process is not simple. For this, you have to dry the cotton.
  • Now put the printed side of the transfer paper, and its direction must be downward.
  • Then use a heat-safe tape for the safety of the design.
  • Again use a heat press, but its temperature and time must be the previous.
  • Finally, you will have a stunning design on your fabric or shirt.

Spray Coating

The widely famous method for sublimation of cotton is spray coating with a useful Poly T spray. This process has two main applications. In the first application, the sizing is removed from the cotton shirt. At the same time, the second application works for the creation of synthetic surfaces.

  • First of all, use this Poly T spray and spray it on the whole shirt.
  • Now you must have to give the heat press of 330F. Then observe the lower platen and put a towel on it.
  • Use parchment paper to apply it to the upper side of the damp shirt.
  • The time for heat press should be only 30 seconds. So use a second coating on the shirt completely.
  • Give the heat press and the temperature of the previous amount.
  • Now use parchment paper on the lower side of the cotton shirt.
  • At last, use the heat press of 385F and press it for 70 seconds and get a beautiful design.
cotton printing

Fabric Sheets

In cotton sublimation, fabric sheets like Forever Subli are essential with a low weight. Due to this, the customization of thick barriers doesn’t make it possible. While here, you don’t have to cut the HTV through a unique process.

  • Before printing, let’s download a favorite design of your choice and mirror it.
  • Just watch the printer and put the empty side of the sheet downward. Then start printing the design.
  • Press the plan for 15-20 seconds and make it smooth. But you have to place it aligned.
  • Parchment paper is best to cover the fabric sheet, so use it in the process.
  • Now you have to give the heat press of 365F only for 30 seconds.
  • If it is hot, peel it quickly and use a finishing paper. While the pressing time for this paper should be 30 seconds.
  • Besides this, there is no ban on using matte or glossing paper.
  • So when using these sheets, you should also use the flashing designs of vectors and bold colors. But their CMYK color value must be 150%. If you have any doubt about their color value, then check them through the printer.


I have never seen anyone who becomes able to sublimate 100% cotton. But the sublimation on cotton can be performed through the HTV cutout and synthetic spray coating. Heat transfer vinyl cutting will allow you to sublimate on the cotton. But you have to seal and layer it on the glitter vinyl.

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Besides this, the spray coating technique is simple for making the printing designs on cotton. At the same time, you should also purchase new models of sublimation fabric sheets. Hopefully, you will get How to Sublimate on Cotton by performing this at home.


Q: What is the best method to sublimate cotton?

The best method for sublimating the cotton is heat transfer vinyl and dye.

Q: Can you sublimate on dark cotton?

Yes, the sublimation on dark cotton is possible, the same as the sublimation of fabric.

Q: How to sublimate on cotton?

The sublimation of cotton is relatively easy, and some methods for sublimation on cotton are mentioned above.

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