How To Sublimate On Wood – Simple Steps

Let’s start with a detailed note on how to sublimate on wood. It does not matter whether you have vibrant designs and colors; the sublimation on wood can be obtained easily. So here, a polyester layer is applied to the wood surface.

Besides this, the sublimation on wood is also possible due to the shiny side of the polyacrylic and lamination sheet. The polyacrylic is formed from polyester resin, and the lamination sheet is cheap and hassle-free. So I recommend you to move below as some special talks about sublimation on the wood are given:

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Wood Sublimation

Like the sublimation on a shirt, the sublimation on wood is a good process. Here, a polymer coating is necessary that makes a strong bond between the wood and the sublimation ink.

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But if there is no poly-coated wood, lamination of the wood is also possible. This layer always behaves as an additional layer to support the wood surface. At the same time, some woods like chipboard are unsuitable for sublimation.

simple steps to sublimate on wood

Material Required for Sublimation On Wood

The necessary items for wood sublimation are the printer, ink, wooden blank, heat transfer paper, and heat press machine. While all of them are present here in detail:


The first item necessary for the wood sublimation is the high-quality printer. Different sublimation printers are present in the market, and all of them are created differently. Some sublimation printers are affordable, while a few sublimation printers are expensive.

For wood sublimation, use a printer that is suitable for the sublimation. Some printers are best for other printings, and they do not show good results in the wood sublimation. Epson Workforce series and the Sawgrass Virtuoso series are the two best printers for wood sublimation.


For the sublimation on wood, ensure that you have selected a particular ink that will hold the wood surface and will not show work with other materials. This is a bit expensive, but it will provide good results.

Besides this, if you have decided to work in a sublimation business, you are doing a perfect job. Printers jack 400ML is one of the best sublimation ink. If you invest it in the business, then you will get more from the investment.

Wooden Blank

The third essential item for the sublimation on wood is a wooden blank. Sometimes, the sublimation ink destroys the wood surfaces, and we do not get the desired results. So you should select the wooden blank carefully. Always purchase polymer resin-coated wooden blanks because they strongly bond with the sublimation ink. While if you do not buy a wooden blank of good quality, then you will not get any strong bond with the ink.

Heat transfer paper

The A-SUB sublimation paper is the most suitable and affordable paper for sublimation on wood. You won’t believe many experienced sublimation workers design it with exceptional items. So using this sublimation transfer paper is effective as it is a high-quality item.

Heat Press Machine

If you want to sublimate all surfaces of the woods, then a heat press machine is a superb choice. You should select a machine that handles difficult jobs and contains unique pressure settings.

It will allow you to change the settings of all tasks and obtain desired results. However, if you do not find a heat press machine, use the best heat press machine of all time: Cricut Easypress 2. This heat press machine is designed only for getting excellent results.

Procedure for sublimation on wood

Here some procedures about how to sublimate on wood are given, which will be helpful to very much. So take a look at all of them to increase your knowledge:

  • In the first step, you must cut the design area’s wooden board. Many sublimation wood blanks sellers are also present that will offer you to purchase ready-made samples. So purchase a ready-made sample and increase the possibility of good results. In addition, make sure that the surfaces of your wooden amount are smooth for adjusting the heat press.
  • After it, start sanding the wooden pieces to become smooth. Then use a white cloth for the cleaning of wood surfaces.
  • If you want to achieve vibrant sublimation, apply the two white coats to the wood’s printable surface. Here, you should apply these coats on the wood surface and let them dry for the next 20 minutes.
  • Now, you have to set the temperature to 365 degrees Fahrenheit and the time of 90 seconds. This temperature and the time are suitable for the sublimation of wood.
  • After it, fit the wooden board by cutting the lamination pouch and avoid cutting the lamination sheet. At the same time, the size of the lamination sheet should be 1/8th inch for all sides of the wooden board. After doing this, you will see unprinted edges of the prints.

After all, take a butcher’s paper and put it on the heat press. Then place the wood on the printable side and laminate on the shiny side. Put the butcher paper on the laminate and set the time and temperature. Give some time to them for cooling. Finally, you have done the sublimation on the wood.

Final Verdicts

If you want to learn how to sublimate on wood, then don’t move from this page. The sublimation of wood is an easy process. If a polyacrylic is present, there is no need for a lamination sheet. Using a paintbrush is simple while cutting the lamination sheet is hard.

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First of all, create a wood blank and give some time to it so that it will dry completely. Then start the printing of the design on the sublimation paper. After that, prepare a transfer paper. At last, give the heat press to the sublimation on wood.


Q: Can you sublimate directly on wood?

Yes, the direct method makes sublimation on wood possible as its products are always exciting.

Q: How long do you press sublimation on wood?

The sublimation on wood is pressed for 60 seconds at the temperature of 385F.

Q: How to sublimate on wood?

Sublimation on wood is a convenient method, but you have to read this article as everything is present in detail.

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