How To Unclog Sublimation Printer? (Fix Clogged Printer)

Sublimation printing machines are in the market and have different sizes. They perform unique functions from each other. While desktop sublimation printers contain an integrated system and are mainly used for graphics printing.

The nature of sublimation ink is out of mind. That means it works smoothly in the printer. Never take hope from the printer because it works manually and does not know the ink’s characteristics. Thus today, we will learn about how to unclog sublimation printer in detail. So please read this guide in full depth and share it everywhere.

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Some Tips For Smooth Running Of Sublimation Printer

If you want to make your printer fast, follow the basic steps described here. After acting on these guidelines, you can find the problems with your sublimation printer. While it will help you to get high-quality sublimation results:

fix your clogged printer

Clean Nozzle Heads

Sometimes, the print heads of printers clog, which is a severe problem. This difficulty can be solved through the cleaning of the print head. If you use the printer regularly, then you should follow this act. During cleaning, ink is applied to the head of the printer nozzle, which clears the dirt particles from it.

But when proper printing is not performed, sublimation ink becomes dry and results in the head choking. So cleaning is an affordable process that increases the printer’s speed and gives desired results.

The sublimation system like Ricoh SG 3110DN follows a manual cleaning technique. But Sawgrass VJ 628 follows the automatic nozzle’s head cleaning. If your printer’s nozzle head is clogged, it will form streaks on the pictures. While the deficiency of ink level also repeats this problem.

After the cleaning of the printhead nozzle, you should check its cleaning. If the cleaning is not 100% accurate, then repeat the process until the dirt particles and other items are cleaned.

Stop The Wastage Of Ink

To maintain your sublimation printer, use a significant amount of sublimation ink as the above method. The cleaning of the machine is possible by the variety of sublimation ink. Otherwise, your printer will not only be clean, but also you will see other issues.

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In this situation, most people ask whether this ink can be saved or not. So the answer is yes! As you can collect it from the ink waste collection tanks. But some ink cartridges waste. Sublimation printer like Virtuoso SG400 does not waste ink cartridges because of their built-in tank option.

Affect Of Temperature On Sublimation Ink

Temperature and humidity have a significant role in almost all processes. Also, here both of them are needed for the sublimation ink. You can store the sublimation ink at a temperature of 15 to 25C and a humidity of 35%. So only follow the given ranges of these products.

Otherwise, your transfer paper and substrates will be the prey of moisture. So avoid the self experiences and save the image from harmful effects. If you still want to know how I can achieve a suitable temperature and humidity, use the air exhaust machine and read more.

Keep The Workshop Clean

At the printing time, the Printer and Transfer Paper must be clean, symbolizing the sublimation lover. If dirt particles are in the environment, your transfer paper will be poorly affected. Its high quality will be converted into inferior quality, making blurry images.

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The transfer paper is a sensitive item that becomes dirty through the minimum dust particles. So you can not use that transfer paper further. It means then you have to use the new transfer paper. At the same time, you can secure the transfer paper by only placing a container on the roof.

Refillable Ink Cartridges

Refilling refillable ink cartridges is smooth, and you must become broad-minded about it. Note that the ink cartridges become dirty by the entrance of dust particles. It not only gives poor results but also damages the sublimation printing machines and their ink delivery system.

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The dust particle can be controlled by using various methods. But air bubbles are more threatening in the filling of ink cartridges. At the same time, you can stop their entry through some techniques. So first, you should fill them into the container. Then shake these bubbles and remove them gently. For more details check this video.


Q: Can you use sublimation transfers more than once?

If we use sublimation paper, again and again, our print will be faded. So sublimation transfer can not be used more than one time.

Q: Can you sublimation print on polyester?

Yes, sublimation printing can also be achieved on polyester, guaranteeing the best results.

Q: What fabric material is best for sublimation printing?

The best fabric material for sublimation printing is nylon, lycra, polyester, spandex, and elastic fibers.

Q: How to Unclog Sublimation Printer?

You can only learn about the unclogging of sublimation printers by reading the article in detail.


If you want to know how to unclog the sublimation printer, then here are the answers to all your questions. So first, clean the print head of nozzles and remove their dust particles quickly. Now prevent ink wastage and check the effect of temperature. Note that you have to take the temperature between 15 to 25C.

At the same time, the place where you are performing the experiments must be clean. Otherwise, the printer will be automatically destroyed by dirt particles. Don’t forget to hold the modern sublimation techniques and maintain the process quickly. Hopefully, you will love reading the article.

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